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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A golden opportunity

There are so many choices when thinking about what investment choices to make to help secure you financial security. There are different options that you can make depending on where you are in your investing lifestyle. A fairly secure option has always been gold and precious metal, it has proven over time that it can be a very stable growth investment with little risk of failure. It has always been a sign of wealth and works as a form of beauty, jewelery, as well as monetary uses too. It truly is a great time to buy gold coins with the opportunity to see your investments grow.

Vacation Flood

Kohl has been away visiting with Grandma and Grandpa for 2 weeks now, he was lucky it was only going to be 1 week but everyone was having a great time so we agreed to the extra week. The other day we got a report of some heavy rain from the vacation report and sometimes you need the picture to appreciate what really happend. As you can see there was certainly lot's of rain. We are going to pick him up tommorrow, it will be great to have him home again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Farmer Blake

We had a visit home last weekend and the kids always love exploring Grandpa's farm. There are fields, a garden and the barn full of animals to keep them busy. A new addition is Grandpa's Antique Tractor parked in the front yard. The kids took turns trying out the seat and pretending they were working on Grandpa's farm with the tractor. Lot's of fun.