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Sunday, September 30, 2007


With some renovations and planning underway, my husband has decided to use metal garage cabinets to help keep his tools organized. While browsing through this site at I came across a great selection of metal cabinets that I think will be suitable for the garage space. These full metal cabinets will transform our cluttered garage into an organized and functional workspace and storage area. We can now make maximum use of our garage.


Although we had a pretty quiet day, I am feeling quite tired and will be heading to bed EARLY! That's right I won't be browsing through blog catalogue tonight...that keeps me up late every night even when I do plan on going early. We honestly didn't do much and the house is a mess to show for it. The kids enjoyed playing outside, getting in some street hockey before the cold hits and I packed away their summer clothes to make room for warmer ones. The kids are tucked in bed and I am finishing up this post and heading there myself. Have a great night everyone!


Now that my house is unpacked and organized I can help my husband get things organized in the garage. It would be a whole lot easier if we knew where to start, we have so much stuff. But hopefully with some help from we can get started. They carry over one thousand products that will help us make the garage a great workplace for my husband with florescent lighting, workbenches and toolboxes and to get rid of the clutter, great garage storage to keep it all organized. Now that we have the ideas, let's get to it!

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I would like to thank Tammy from Mom Knows Everything for giving me this I'M FABULOUS AWARD. She is such a FABULOUS person herself.

I am going to pass this award along to 5 bloggers that I think are totally FABULOUS!

Friday, September 28, 2007


So any of you out there doing blog ads for PPP has probably come across some $50 opps. Well I have and do you think that I would ever be able to get one reserved....forget about it. I figured if it's to good to be true then it probably is. I mean come on $50 for what 300 words. NOT LIKELY! Well it really is true! I was fortunate enough the other day to get one reserved and submitted it and yesterday it came back approved! I couldn't believe it, it sure beats all the $5 opps I've been getting. Now if I am only lucky enough to catch another opportunity like that.


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I have just recently added Ana from Filipina Isle to my list of blogging friends. I came across her blog the other day through PPP on the "blog of the day". She loves to blog and enjoys meeting and making new friends. I enjoyed my time over at her blog and it's always nice to have another friend to add to my circle in the blogging community.


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It's raining, it's know how the rest of it goes!? What a miserable dreary morning and it's going to stay with us for the day. I can't really complain to much because we haven't had rain in a long time. At least the kids don't have school today and we aren't walking back and forth in it. We will take advantage of the rain and have some inside time together, maybe get out some board games, make cookies, make a mess with the playdoh and what ever comes to mind.
Looking forward to a nicer weekend!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


It has taken a long time to finally make this decision, with years of devoting and centering our lives around our four children we are making plans to get away just he two of us. This has been a long time coming and we are very excited! Neither one of us has ever travelled to far from home and this is the trip we have been dreaming about for ever! At last our honeymoon! As of right now a trip to Hawaii is tip of the list. With all the arrangements that need to be made it's a little overwhelming, that's why I have turned to My cousin recommended this site to me a while back when she was making plans for her honeymoon. She said that booking online through them made things so much easier and booking with Hotel Reservations saved her up to 70% off. With their great competitive rates and with great discounts they offer on world wide destinations this will help us save money and they also guarantee they have the lowest special Internet rates online.

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Well Kim here you go a "blowie flower" from Blakie...he is actually sitting on my knee right now to make sure you get this! It is so funny, he is so excited to be doing this and he even picked out the picture himself...
The other day while we were cleaning up the back yard he had called me over to see something, it was a blowie flower. He wanted me to get down to his level then he told me to help him blow his blowie flower. His exact words were " lets blow them to Mim see if she gets em" Too cute so if you see any blowies in the air you will know that they came all the way from Cape Breton from your buddie Blake. This little guy will never forget you and by the way he is always picking flowers for you and I mean ALWAYS!
(I just read it over to him and he gave me two thumbs and he told me "good job")

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Oh my my....What am I going to do with the kids going to all these birthday parties???? Trinity came home with a party invitation for Sunday and Jay came home with another invitation for Friday afternoon ( no school) and all these parties are up the road at the bowling alley...great no problem but it is starting to get expensive. I can only imagine what it is going to be like when Kohl starts bringing home party invitations...where and when do you draw the line????????????!!!!!!!!!!! But is nice to see them getting out with friends.


With being fairly new to the blogging community and having a few new sites on the go, I thought that looking into more ways to raise my page rank would be beneficial. Sproose is a great site that will help make this happen. Sproose introduces a human powered search engine where users can vote to improve results for web and video search. This will influence the index ranking of the search results. The more users that vote for a site the further up the index it will go! If you are interested in trying out a new age search engine then click here to try sproose.


With Blake's birthday fast approaching I took the time this morning and gave him a hair cut then took him in to Walmart portrait studio to get his birthday pictures taken. We were there for hour and the girl taking the pictures was awesome! Blake's pictures turned out adorable as always and we had fun getting them taken. Well forgetful me, in all the excitement of getting there I forget to look into what the picture package consisted of, and after we were finished I then realized that this package DID NOT include the 10 x 13 sheet. That is the only picture I need to go on the wall with the rest and I wasn't about to pay another $20 for the one sheet. I ordered the pictures anyway since they were just so darn cute and only cost me $3 and I will take him back next week when the new package starts and yes this one does have the sheet size I want....


Get ready and let's all go to Vegas! Vegas you are wondering, what's going on there? Well get ready,PostieCon Vegas is a one of a kind blog conference with targeted sessions with the focus to help bloggers market themselves. I am so excited to here about this! The most exciting part of all, is that Posti Con Vegas is FREE! But the space is limited and you need to get registered now. This conference is being held November 10th so hurry up and fill the space before someone else does!

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I am most interested in hearing Michelle Madhok from Turning your passion into Dollars. I think this will be a great session. I feel that why let your passion just sit there when you can make something of it or even make some money at it, so put your passion to use. I enjoyed reading her blog and appreciate her experts in online shopping. I am really looking forward to what she has to say and offer.

Other great speakers at the conference will be speaker David Ponce from, his session will be on Turning Visits into Cash. Sherry Heyl from What a Concept will be doing her session on Why live life online? Also speakers Jim Kukral from, Lena West from, Shirley Frazier from Gift Basket Business Blog, Kristie Tamsevicius at and Paul Lewis from Internet Marketing will be doing a session Connecting with Advertisers.

I think that this blog conference will be a great experience fro all of us bloggers out there. There is so much to learn that will benefit how we look at blogging and can help improve our work tremendously! That's not all! The day will end with a ROCKIN' PARTY where winners of the Blogger's Choice Awards will be recognized! Get ready for the experience of a life time!


This morning my oldest son wanted to walk him and the other 2 kids off to school by himself. So since it is just up the road I let him go , he was so proud and the big grin across his face said it all. I watched as they walked up the road hand in hand. It was so cute...I am looking forward to seeing them after school. I am missing them already and maybe it's because I didn't walk them to school. They grow up so fast don't they?!


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So with my husband out of town for a few days my children will take it hard as they always do. So their dad had bought them a surprise so when they started to miss him it would be there for them. Well not longer after supper and they were settled into their PJ's some water works started. I had the perfect cure for that...DADDY'S SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! Ice Cream and their favorites at that (thank god it was on sale at Sobeys..) Well that got rid of the tears, they enjoyed their ice cream and are now fast asleep in bed!


I have had the opportunity to get to review some online dating sites and this one in particular dating site reminded me of my sister because of her love for tattoos. It's a tattoo dating site and since she is single I thought this would be a great site for her to look into and maybe find someone who shares in her interests.

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So with not having any new opportunities from PPP for the past few days things are getting a little frustrating around here and to top it all off my computer hasn't been working all that great and I have been wanting nothing to do with it lately. My hubby sat down last night and played around with the computer and seems to have it working better so back to work I go! And great news ... finally today I have had opportunities to grab from PPP! I am glad to see that things are turning around. I was starting to feel really discouraged.


My grandmother has been pretty lonely the past few years with the passing of my grandfather and having to put her dog down a few moths ago. She has her family around her but it's not the same. She needs a companion to share her feelings with and to have someone to hold her when she needs a hug. We all need love and affection!

I got her onto a site for senior dating where she can browse through many profiles of senior singles who are looking for a special companion as she is. When she finds that special someone of interest all she needs to do is send a message or just send him a flirt! My grandmother is a very kind and loving lady who deserves to have someone special in her life!


So now that we got the grocery run taken care of now comes the problem of find enough room in the freezer for all the frozen foods, the fridge isn't as bad and the cupboards, well forget about it they will fit in in the next couple of days. My husband loves watching me month after month making room for everything, he is amazed at how well I jig saw puzzle anything and everything to get it to fit. As a matter of fact he wouldn't leave for his meeting today until I had everything in the freezer just to see if I could once again figure out the puzzle. I should give myself a pat on the back....I managed to do it again this month but I don't know how I did it this time! I was starting to sweat this one but wasn't going to give my dear hubby the chance to laugh at me! Here is a picture of the fridge and freezer just after getting groceries...keep in mind we only by the bulk of our groceries once a month on pay day!


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***ON MY OWN...

Well we spent the morning getting groceries before my husband heads out of town for his business meeting. He will be back later Thursday night which will leave me alone with my four adorable and very hipper children with lots of work to get done around the house, but hey I'll survive. So we got home at the last minute before my husband had to meet his travelling co-worker but with a little rushing he gathered his things and was out the door. So now here I am on my own for the next couple of days and what a great start I'm off to 10 minutes after he left I got a call from the school saying that my daughter wasn't feeling well with a sore throat or something of the sort, so I headed to the school to pick her up then had to wait around for my little guy to get out of class...she seems fine now, I'm just hoping that I don't have to take her to get her throat checked because I will have to take along the other three kiddies with me. We will ride it out as long as we can. So that 's the beginning to the next couple of days, lets see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, September 24, 2007


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Today I am spending the day at home to get some much needed housecleaning done. I am going to go through the house one room at a time, cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, moping, the works. Now that most of the renovating is finished and the dust has settled I thought it would be nice to finally have a clean house and our white socks will appreciate the clean floors...I have a big job ahead of me but with my hubby out of town this week I should be able to get things done by the time he gets back.

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Fall is definitely in the air here in Cape Breton...felt more like winter this morning with the wind, it was a tid bit chilly and time to get out the mitts and gloves. It's my first time having to walk the kids to school, they are use to taking a bus so this winter will be a little different and I think it will feel a lot longer with the cold trips back and forth to school.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I have been looking for other ways to make money online using my own website. I checked out this great site and I can start making money online with my website. How, you are probably wondering? Well let's get to it. It's simple, first I sign up to make money online. What I have to do is place banners on my website then I can watch the sales and commissions I've made. Through their affiliate/reseller program they pay 5% commission simply by placing links and banners on my website. What a great way to earn some extra income. I will be able to monitor my progress with access to my online account.

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Table Tennis

One of the things my older children are wanting for Christmas this year is a pin pong table for their new games room. My oldest son is starting to show and interest in table tennis and I think this would make a great addition to the games room. I have no clue on how to play table tennis or what the rules of the game are. Something I will have to look into if I stand a chance against my son.

While looking into table tennisonline,I came across this press release about the site at, ping pong master turns table on wannabe protege. Tao Li was a professional ping pong player for eight years before becoming a coach. If you are looking fro ways to master pin pong then Tao Li's DVD's forehand loop mastery and forehand smash mastery can be purchased on the website. I will need to master something if I'm going to take on my son at a game of table tennis.


So now the busy day is almost over and 3 of the 4 kids are tucked in bed watching their last TV show of the day and Jay is off to youth group and will be home around 8:30ish and then he is headed off to bed which leaves some time for me and my hubby, yes just the 2 of us! Nothing exciting happening here just a late night craving fix for our Kenny's donair....MMM! Then getting some laundry caught up for my hubby as he is leaving me alone with the 4 kids for a few days while he is away for meetings. This could be interesting! It looks like the kids are getting hot lunches at school because he is the one who makes and packs their lunches, I can so frustrated with making them because of all the foods that they aren't allowed to have at school. I gave up on it and Matt took over...god love him...

***I'M IN A SLUMP...

O.k. so what in the you know where is going on here with PPP. There hasn't been any new opps (o.k I missed 3 but they were overnight while I was sleeping) since Thursday, this has been the longest ever since I've had nothing to do, I hope the opps get better and more of as my page rank goes up, this is discouraging and I'm finding myself wasting my days running to the computer looking to get an opportunity. The weekends are usually slower so I will see what tomorrow brings and for right now I am going to walk away from the computer until the kids are in bed. (watch I'll miss some opps!)

Home Medical Supplies

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One of the down falls to moving is finding a new doctor (almost impossible), and for me a great hair stylist. I use to go see Kristine back home to get my hair done and she was fabulous! Well since we've moved I feel like my hair has been butchered and I'm not satisfied with how my foils are turning out. Now I am looking at almost if not more to get my hair fixed....between the cut, the all over color and the foils. It's frustrating and because Kristine is the first person I trusted in doing anything she wanted with my hair and I was always happy with and now I feel that I'm wanting to run to the hair salon all the time to get what I had back....


So I changed things up a little on our walk root and I took Blake to the play park by the ferry terminal. We had a great time and he tired me out! We were all through that play equipment, up and down, over and through and I even went down the slide with him. I am glad to be able to spend this one on one time with him. He is such a joy! Here we are enjoy a trip down the slide, it was a tight squeeze...just look at that smile on Blake's face...

Hair Schools

I am known as the the hair dresser here in my house. With having a large family I take this opportunity to cut their hair myself to help save money. I have been told my many family members and friends that I should look into doing hair dressing as a career and that I should seriously look into going t a hair dressing academy.

One hair school I am looking into is Regency Beauty Institute. Regency was founded over 50 years ago in Minneapolis and is now the fastest growing beauty school in the U.S. As part of the training, students provide high quality, discounted salon services to the public under supervision. Regency has great placement relationships from salons to Cruise ships and runways. Graduates from Regency are recognized and sought after throughout the U.S.

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I have always made fun of the way my husband vacuums the floor ( I know don't complain but I'm not really it's just funny) I have NEVER said anything to him I just usually leave the room before breaking out into laughter. He always looks like he is posing or most times doing a dance. He does however to a great job on the carpets, got to give him credit for that. Well today I broke down first asking "are you ok? Do you have a headache? ...It was just the way he was holding his head. He said he was fine then realized what he was doing and laughed! Thank God I had the camera handy to catch the pose. It's just to bad I didn't video the dance he did afterwards!



The kids enjoyed our movie weekend last week so we thought we would do it again last night. Yup, we couldn't agree on one of our home DVD collection (I think the kids have caught on to how to get a rental...) so we headed up the road to the movie rental store. You should see their eyes light up when we said " get ready kids we are going to the movies store!" They were filled with excitement. Pyjamas and all they were out the door.

We were in for even more excitement than we had planned and the boys well, this was right up their alley. Cop cars, flashing lights, the works. A young, I would have to say kid was pulled out of the drivers seat just in front of the rental store, not sure of the situation but by the time we got our movie and left the store they had the "kid" in the back of the police car and a tow truck there for the car. Then my 11 year old son Jay turns and says to me " Say it mom, don't every drive a car until you are old enough" I said " no Jay , never drive a car until you have your drivers license! That got us talking all the way home....

Saturday, September 22, 2007



I would just like to take the time to thank Tammy from Mom Knows Everything for another great award. I got her comment this morning and I tell you it was a great start to my day. She is an awesome mom and a great blogging friend.
  1. I would like to pass this award on to 3 other bloggers, I can't give you all one so it makes it hard to choose.

1. Hip Mama Blog

2.Flowers on a Friday

3.It's a Woman's World


I am happy to say that I have more blog links to add to my site. I am just enjoying the blogging community and getting to lean more about other fellow bloggers and sharing their ideas. I have recently had the pleasure of browsing through one of Jocelyn's sites Hip Mama Blog. This is where she puts her thoughts and ramblings on her everyday mother-hood, family , hobbies and anything else that comes to her mind. And if you are looking for ways to make money then you will no doubt be interested in her Money Making Ideas 4 You blog. I hope you enjoy her blogs just as much as I do.

I would also like to mention another site I enjoy visiting, it's Flowers on a Friday. It's a site I like to visit on my what I call my down time from the computer. It just seems so calming and I enjoy reading her sharing thoughts.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Walking is something I have been doing a lot of lately since the kids went back to school. I walk at least 2 hours a day sometimes more and boy let me tell you my feet are taking a eating with blisters. So with the discomfort I have looked into different blister treatments to see which option would be the best.

This particular Blister Treatment I looked into is a blister prevention patch. This patch prevents blisters, it's long lasting, it provides immediate relief, it's easy to use and it's guaranteed! These patches are applied to your footwear, insoles and socks, not your skin. This will provide easier, long lasting protection and relief. Walking and exercise should be enjoyable not painful, don't you agree!


My husband is in a Survivor Pool at work and he drew Amanda's name. If she wins the million at the end then he will win a whopping $80. Anyway we sat down together last night and watched the Survivor China's first episode. It looks like it will be a great season and we still aren't sure how Amanda will play it out but at least she is around for next weeks show and maybe we will get a better idea how she is going to play the game.

  1. I am still undecided....
  2. For my hubby at 1 Males Perspective it's Amanda ( name drawn...)
  3. Tammy at Mom Knows Everything it's James

Thursday, September 20, 2007


It has been a busy couple of months since we moved but we are now just getting settled in nicely. The kids are happy at their new school and they are making lots of new friends. Dance has begun and basketball camp starts this weekend.
We new that this move would be harder on the kids where they are older and had more friends to leave behind but they have adjusted so well. We were most worried about Jay our 11 year old son. Him and my husband Matt spent most of their time butting heads. Nothing I said or did would make things easier for the two of them, so I am happy to say that with this move our lives have definitely changed for the better, Matt and Jay have become friends and they are really enjoying their time together and Jay is becoming a responsible young man. It is so nice to see how happy he is. Although it is hard moving even further from our family, living here in Cape Breton is really starting to feel like home. So with this I would like to invite you to check out the touching post my husband recently put on his blog at 1 Males Perspective.


The banging sound in the dryer, this can't be good. My feeling was right! My husbands mobile phone had been washed then dried and it no longer works. the timing couldn't have been any better since his contract was about to expire and he was going to start looking into other mobile phone deals . So since he no longer has a phone he was quick to the computer to start looking for alternative mobile phone contracts that will work best for him. Through he found great Sony Ericsson s500i deals that fits h is needs as well as Nokia N95 deals. Now all he has to do is choose which deal he is going with.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My son was very excited that this year at school he will be doing a real art class. He brought home a picture of a pumpkin patch that they had to draw to work on their shading techniques...He was so proud of his drawing that he wanted me to do a post about it on my here it is! I think he is going to turn out to be like his artist!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Be Your Own Boss

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O.K so I need a little help here with this one. My very excited 11 year old Jay came home from school today with an invitation to a birthday party for "Gabby" yes it's a girls birthday. It's at our local bowling alley just up the road from us this Saturday afternoon. Great no problem there....but what do I get her? I don't want him showing up with a cheesy gift. Any suggestions would be great! As of now I am thinking of putting money in a card...who doesn't like money right!


Today my son brought home a registration form for basketball camp that starts this Saturday. He is so excited....Basketball is his favorite sport and he is trying out for the school basketball team this year, so this camp will good for him. It is so nice to see him getting involved with sports and getting out making new friends.

Frigidare Refrigerators

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I spent some time yesterday baking cookies with Blake. We had a great time and I even let him roll the cookie dough into balls all by himself. What a proud moment! I took this little video clip and thought I would share it will you so you can all see just how darn cute he is! He is my little cookie monster....

(hit the play button twice...)


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With the cooler temperatures coming we took some time this morning to get the yard cleaned up and some toys put away for winter. What a job! Anyway that's all behind us until next year when we get to do it all again. The yard looks great and we will no doubt have to mow the lawn at least a few more times and hopefully the apples will stop falling off the tree.
Now that this is done it's almost time to start getting ready to decorate for Thanksgiving and Halloween. I just love to decorate for the holidays. It's so pretty!


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Oh yes it is a chilly morning and there is frost on the ground. It is now 5 degrees out and we are grabbing the sweaters before heading out the door. I find it hard to dress the kids with the cool morning and the warm afternoon temperatures. Anyway it is that time of year and this kind of weather is expected.

Monday, September 17, 2007


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