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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Well the kids have almost finished their first full week in school and everyone is happy! They love going and that makes getting up each morning so much easier. It has been busy week here at our house with getting the kids back and forth to school and spending quality time with Blake, which he just loves and yes renovations, there doesn't seem to be an end to things getting done around here. Yesterday we started Blake's bedroom, we are going all out puppies, the walls are painted and the wallpaper is up. He just loves the puppy border. Today we are putting down the new click flooring and hopefully putting his room back together. So it will be yet another busy day at the Smith house.
After school I promised the kids that we would take them around the corner from their school to Robin's Donuts for a treat for being so well behaved yesterday. I was amazed by how well they were playing with each other. It was so nice to see!
Well I must get going if I want to accomplish anything today! Have a good one!

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