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Monday, March 30, 2009


The kids got up this morning and got off to school as usual. I curled up on the couch with Blake with a movie while waiting for the guy to come give us an estimate on putting in a new door, well he was suppose to be here at 9am but didn't show up until 10:30. Anyway I was falling asleep on the couch earlier so I thought I would have a nap for a bit. Well it wasn't long before I got the call that school was canceled! What is up with that, so I look outside and this is what I see.....NO SNOW, nothing.
They did this one day last year and we were out running errands and wasn't listening to the radio because there really was no warning of any snow (that day the sun was shining). Well the kids were left at the school with the principal until 1pm. I will never forget that day...they were quick to get in touch with us this time LOL

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cutting back

When considering improving my web-sites format I decided to look into different options for my web site hosting. The big concern for me was which service to get to use for my website. Before I could make a decision I found a comparison site that compares all the different offers from the industry leaders in web hosting. This site not only ranks the different companies it also recaps the hi-lites of their offers. This is a really nice feature because you can easily compare the different hosts quickly on 1 visit All the sites reviewed on this site come with a minimum of 1 free domain names and a 30 day money back guarantee. For me I tend to upload a lot of video's and pictures onto my web-site so it was important for me to have a host that provided unlimited storage. Also I find that I am becoming more comfortable using the computer but I still wanted to be sure to have a web host that would be there when I really needed them for support.170At this point in time it appears that I will be switching over to BlueHost provider. The site is definetly a worth while company and I am always checking back to see the latest reviews and their special offer.

Camera Critters

To participate click HERE!

A couple of weeks have passed since we took our beagle pup Breigh off for her "no puppy" surgery. This is a shot of how impressed she was with us the first night home. Of course she was very tired from the proceedure and couldn't jump up with the kids at bed time for a few days which really bothered here. She would walk back in forth at the bottom of their beds just trying to get the gumption to try and jump up, but she knew better. She is back to normal now and we couldn't be happier to have her.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tax Season

It's tax season again, what an exciting or scary time of year for everyone has to file taxes. Every year, we all have to figure out what we owe the government for the privelidge of working all year. This is the first year in a long time that I had anything to really file as I haven't worked outside of the house for a long time. If you are not confident enough to file your taxes yourself there are many Tax Relief Specialists that you can use to help you with your tax filing to ensure everything is filled out properly and that you maximize your deductions. There are so many in's and out's when it comes to taxes it's easy enough to make a mistake. Sometimes when you are dealing with a spouse or ex-spouse for example you might get caught up in their filing mistakes when they claim you. If this happens to you, you can qualify for IRS innocent spouse relief as long as you can prove you were unaware of the error and file the appropriate form, it will remove your responsibility of any interest or penelty involved from their mistake. Another common tax mistake comes from small business owners whom are responsible to deposit the collected taxes from their employees and make a 941 payroll deposit every quarter. If they don't make the deposit it is basically considered to be stealing from the government and interest charges start. If it goes unpaid for some time your business and property can be seized to pay the tax debt. It is so important to know what you are doing with you taxes because as the saying goese there is only 2 things certain in life...Death and Taxes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weight loss journey

As you can all see with my recent posts I am back on the weight loss program. I am working hard on cutting back the types of food I am eating and back into getting exercise. It has take a few years but I am getting really close to my weight loss goal. Diet and exercise don't work for everyone and there are alternative methods that can work wonders for these people. A new form of surgery called lapband surgery is available to people that have struggled with traditional weight loss programs. Lapband or Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is a form of surgery that is completely adjustable and reversible for life and can have a dramatic impact on your life. Check out the site on information to see if this type of program is for you and to schedule your free seminar to get more information. They can even line you up with doctors in your area that can perform the surgery and follow up that you will need to ensure your success. Weight loss can be a dream that is full-filled for everyone you just need to know where to look for the help.


Well if all the packing and cleaning I have going on today I did manage to get on the treadmill and the leg magic machine. So far I am off to a good start but we will see how I make out the next 5 days with being away????

30 minutes
241 calories burned
1.83 distance

Leg magic...
50 reps x 3

Food Journal wheats

Lunch...2 hot dogs

water (glasses)x2

The Maniac Mansion

It is so funny, my husband has a friend from work that bought this old (derilect) home, my hubby refers to the "Maniac Mansion" This is a giant of a home that in it's prime had 11 bedrooms, but in it's later life was changed into 4 apartments. Anyway his friend always loved this home growing up as it has a beautiful view of the water and for its shape and character. They spent all last summer gutting out the interior of the place right down to the studs and the plan this year is for them to renovate enough for him to be able to live in it my fall. The biggest issue for that to happen is to fix up the outside, the roof is in desperate need of some Roof Repair 22183 as it is very old and actually leaks in a couple of spots. They needed to find a service that could do not only the roof but the siding too as it is old rotton wood siding that looks terrible. We went looking for a specialist and found Roof Repair in Woodbridge, VA which also has many affiliates around the country that can line us up with an expert in our area that can do the siding, the roof and also add some sky lights into the roof to let natural light into his area that he is planning to live in. With me working this year it will be interesting to see how much time hubby will have to help out but I know he feels really obligated to help out his non-handy friend through the project. If you find yourself looking for Roofing Contractors in Springfield, VA I found a great link to a team of experts that can help you with your project.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Vacation Options

We have been talking a lot about vacations, we are thinking about taking a couple of different vacations. The first would be a family vacation with all the kids. The other vactation we are starting to plan would be a special get away for just me and hubby. We want to go somewhere warm with a beach as we all love the ocean water and sandy beaches. We recently discovered the Karisma line of hotels that have different locations for different vacation plans. The Azul is a family friendly environment that offers event planning and lots of fun activities and of course fantastic food. For the romantic getaway for 2 we are looking at the Swim up suites, swim up bar and beautiful veranda while offering the best romantic experiences available.

Bills Bills Go Away

We are starting to make some headway on our bills now that I have been working for a while. One thing we are considering at this point is to eliminate our credit cards into a consolidation loan to get away from the high interest rates and to make fixed payments that allows us to see real process on paying down our debt instead of just making the minimum payments and making no progress on debt. We are now looking into debt consolidation options to see what our best option would be to get us out of debt the fastest. It will be great to have just one payment every month instead of the various credit card bills.


I am putting my foot down and getting back on the treadmill. I can't wait for the warm weather any longer. This is it.......get down to it.......get the weight off.......and feel great!
There is just over 4 weeks until I go away with Trinity to her dance competition and I am determined to get some weight off. Right now my goal will be just 2 pounds a week and any thing over that will be a bonus! So to keep me on track like last year I am going to log what I eat and how often and how long I get on the treadmill. So here I go.....


30 minutes
burning 236 cal
distance 1.85

leg magic machine...

50 reps x3

Food journal....

*bowl of mini wheats

*1 grilled cheese sandwich

snack....small bowl of ice cream with cherries on top...look at me cheating already GRRRR

snack...strawberry yogurt

supper...chicken breast with Mrs. Dash spice, carrots, cucumber

snack...carrots and cucumber

Water (glasses) x5

I will update this later, my biggest struggle is going to be the nights I work. The nights are slow and long so I turn to munchie foods to pass the time. :0(

Planning for Safety

We were discussing about getting a good supply of medical supplies for the house, with having 4 young kids there are always accidents, scraps, late night sickness you name it we have experienced it. We usually find ourselves running around the house looking for supplies when we need it. To have everything in one place with a log is a great idea so we can simply check over the kit and refill as needed. We found a Medical supply website that offers a wide variety of everyday products. The simple first aid items to fill the kit are basic things like bandages, antiseptic sauve, swabs, latex gloves. For those nights when the kids show up not feeling so well there is always Pepto bismol to sooth those upset stomachs. To be prepared for allergies the site also offers an assortment of allergy medications like Benadryl. This company offers great products to all sorts of professions, from doctors, hospitals to fire departments and ambulances. One of the best supplies for ambulances are the ambu bags that come in a variety of sizes and styles and are used to carry everything you would need in an emergency. This site offers free shipping on orders over $100 and they offer a 45 day return policy. To learn more checkout the website for a live chat with a representative or call the 1-800 # to connect to a representative.


The kids are home this week on their March Break! I am looking forward to this week with them and will appreciate it more now than in previous years. With working full time I miss out on a lot of things that I use to do with the kids, including the little things like tucking them in at night.
Hubby is taking a week off starting Wednesday and I was able to get 5 days off (thanks to it being slow at work). We will be headed home to visit with family and take the kids to Crystal Palace, an indoor amusement park! This kids have a blast there! :0) While we are there we will be celebrating Trinity's 9th birthday which is Sunday the 22nd then will be heading home just in time to celebrate my birthday! What a day that will be considering I will be working 6-1am, hey that's life right?!
Well right now I am still here in bed and getting some blogging done!, the kids are surprisingly quiet, the dog is roaming around the house as she is feeling a bit better(yay). When I'm finished here I will get some cleaning done and maybe even start packing the kids clothes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It could be right around the corner

It so important to have things in common when meeting a potential mate or friend. With the spread of the internet there is a developing trend of sites that are designed to bring people of similar backgrounds and hobbies together in one place. A friend of mine recently joined a Free Anime Chat site that is completely free to join and once registered you have access to over 42,000 pages of people that share your interest in animation. The world of animation has really become mainstream over the past decade with many of the most successful movies, shows and even music videos are using this medium to create their work. You never know where you might find that special someone so if your looking or thinking about looking it pays to take every opportunity provided to you. With this type of site you really have nothing to lose as the membership fees are FREE, you don't pay a penny to register or use the site. You can connect in just a few moments by building and registering your profile. Once online you can help sort out your searches by different characteristics. If you want to see only profiles of people online right when you enter you can sort by that. You can also sort by who's online the most, or by name if you so desire. Take a chance and share your love of Anime with other fans.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My favorite appetizer

My husband and I recently went to a catered Valentines party, it was the second year in a row that we went to this event. I had been looking forward to it all year as it was a fantastic meal last year when we went. They had the most delicouse scallops wrapped in wonderful smoked bacon. I was thinking about the party again the other day when I came accross a website featuring Dallas caterer and the Dallas Catering Company. The party was a lot of fun again this year and yes it was worth the wait to have that meal again. I am hoping we get the invitation to go again next year through connections with hubby's work.

What's your favorite 80's movie

Do you remember back to the eighties, I know I'm telling my age a bit but oh well. The other night my hubby and oldest son watched Gremlins when he got home from work and the other kids were in bed. I can remember the first time I saw this movie it was hilarious. Do you remember cute little Gizmo, that spawned the evil batch of Gremlins that terrorized the town? And yes let's not forget the sequal, Gremlins "the new batch", that came a few years later. What's your fond movie memory from the 80's.

Construction Projects

Sometimes with all our renovation projects around the house it seems like more of a construction zone then a home. I would say most of that would be my fault as I am always thinking of the next great project to work on around the house. I was thinking about Easter gifts for the kids and my hubby joked that we should get them hard hats and work gloves so they would be safe in our construction zone. I'm thinking chocolate bunnies and candy eggs might be a bit more appropriate. A friend of my husband is renovating a big old turn of the century home and hubby is spending a lot of his spare time working on that construction project. I told them they had to get all the construction gear so they would be safe. It was off to hunt for work boots, steel toe of course to protect their feet. They were also going for knee pads for when they are working on ripping up the old floor. For some protection from falling debris they had to get hard hats and safety goggles. The final touch to make their job easier was coveralls with lots of pockets to hold tools, nails and screws and a few carry tool boxes to keep their stuff in. It's quite a hobby and I think they will do a great job on that old house.

King of Pop Farewell Tour

Growing up in the 80's there was no singer more popular than the "king of pop" Michael Jackson. Of course he was sometimes better known for his antics and behavior off stage. There was no denying the fact that he cemented his place in history with some of the biggest selling albums of all time and reported sales of over 750 million albums. It is reported that he will be preforming his final live concerts this coming year, this promises to be one of the hottest and hard to get tickets of the year. Michael Jackson tickets will be hard to get but you can purchase them online to secure you place in what promises to be a fantastic live show befitting of the King's Final Performance. If you want to check out the possibility of getting Tickets to Michael Jackson show than click on the link above to check out all the latest information and remaining ticket availability.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Decorating Time

There are good things about this time of year, yes the days are starting to get longer, which is nice not to go to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. The days are warmer which means the snow is melting, which is great. The best thing about this time of year is it's tax season, now I know this isn't exciting time for everyone but for us we usually get a decent refund and that allows us to catch up on Christmas bills and allows us to by some new home furniture we have been wanting to finish up some renovations in our house. The bad thing about buying an older home is that there are always renovation projects to work on. We have been working on our new master bedroom for the last year and with work completing on it we are now starting to look for new bedroom furniture to finish up our new private oasis. Hubby and I did all the work ourselves and it is really great to see it finally coming together. Now that this project is coming to an end we are moving onto probably our most ambitous project, renovating our bathroom. It currently only has a small walk in shower and we are re-vamping it to have a full shower/tub. I am so excited because it is too hard to squeeze into this little shower, especially if someone is squeezing with you.LOL. We are also taking the time to look for bathroom vanities as ours was custom built into the bathroom, made from plywood and looks aweful. I will be very happy to see this project finished so we can move onto the kitchen.

Poor Puppy

Yesterday we took our puppy in for her "no Puppy" surgery and to have an umbilical hyrnia repaired. Needless to say she had no idea what she was in for and really neither did we. We picked her up at supper time and she was definetly grogy from the drugs. We got her home and she quite gingerly curled up in her kennel and went to sleep. She had no interest in eating or drinking, until later in the night she had a few treats. She managaged to get up around 10 but she looked so miserable, she is used to sleeping with the kids and she couldn't figure out how to get into bed with them in her condition. She managed to get to Blake's room and just paced back and forth at this bed. We decided to bring Blake down onto a mattress in our room as he spent last night there anyway when we were painting his room. Breigh was quite happy to curl up with him, I have pictures and will add them later it was cute. She is a little happier today and had some water this morning.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Managing Money

With the economic struggles the world is facing these days, with job losses mounting daily it is becoming more difficult for everyone to manage their money. More and more people are struggling to make ends meet and to keep their bills up to date. When you start to find yourself being behind and have creditors calling looking for money it may be time to start looking into better ways to manage your debt. There are companies especially designed to help you find alternatives to managing your money. is preparing to launch a new service to bring you together with companies to find the best Free Debt Consolidation available to help you save money and get out of debt sooner. Everyone of us want to pay our bills on time but different circumstances can arrise that make this hard for us to do on a regular basis. When this happens you can look into a couple of scenerios, debt settlement or debt management. If you turn to Debt Consoidation Loan you are guaranteed that they won't sell your information off to the highest bidder, they protect your information. You don't have to suffer alone, when you find yourself struggeling you need to turn to the experts to help you find solutions to your situation.

The end of an Era

In the final countdown of only a few episodes left I am in denial that ER will be going off the air. ER has been around for half my life, it has been fun watching this year as all the original characters are returning for little visits. Tonight George (Doug)and Juliana arrived back but not at county, they work at a different hospital now and have members from county arrive for transplant organs. Peter Benton also arrives back on the scene again.

The ringing truth

One of the most memorable moments of my life would have to be that beautiful summer day that I exchanged Wedding Rings with my husband. We celebrated in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in an outdoor garden, with lots of family in attendance. For most this is hopefully a one time ceremony and with any luck it will be so it is important to make the most of this day. I remember once we commited to our marriage ceremony it was time to go shopping for a wedding band for my husband that would match up to my lovely engagement ring. We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect type of ring for him. He had never worn a ring before and was planning on spending the rest of his life wearing this one so it was a big choice. We looked at many different styles from gold, silver, tri-gold but he finally decided that he wanted titanium wedding bands. He decided on the titanium because it would never tarnish and titanium won't cause an allergic reacation which is great because of his sensitive skin. Titanium is also known for it's very light weight but amazing strength. In the next couple of years we will be celebration our 10th anniversary and to comemerate the occasion we are thinking of getting tungsten rings which maintain their beauty and are scratch proof.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get paid to find work

In these tough economic times where it seems jobs are disappearing faster than the Arctic ice shelf it can be overwhelming trying to find a job if you aren't lucky enough to have a permanent position or if you find yourself out of work due to downsizing or company failures. You can hit the street and put our resumes or use the job market search sites. There are new ways to make money while actually searching for job you can post resume online and for every time your resume gets downloaded by a potential employer you get paid $1, yes you heard me you actually get paid to have your resume posted and have people download it. This new site allows you to post your resume for free. You should get cracking and create resume now to get yourself noticed by potential employers and start to make money while looking for a job.

Work troubles solved

I have been having some troubles with my schedule at work lately, when I took my permanent position I was ensured that I would work only on certain nights and always after 5 so Hubby could switch off with me when he was done work. Basically he changed his schedule so he would work the 2 nights that I was off, not great for spending time together as a couple but it works for the kids to ensure 1 of us is always with them and they can get to their activities. With the econmic slow down they came to us a few weeks ago and asked if we would take a reduced schedule for a while, after that my schedule was always messed up. I would be scheduled for nights my hubby worked, I would be scheduled for 3 or 4 in the afternoon when hubby would have to get off early or switch days off. Yesterday was the break point when I was scheduled for 3, hubby was going to get off in time but had a conferance call that ran late and he only could get home at 10 to 3, I was late and when I got to work had some discussions with the schedules. We worked things out and I will be back on the nights I need and work a set shift from 6 to 1, which will allow hubby to make it home in time for me to leave for work. It makes it work for the kids but makes it hard for hubby and I, it certainly makes us appreciate each other more and to try to make the most of the little bit of time we have together, yes some late nights for sure but right now it's what we have to do to make things work.

Comfortable Gear

We have been looking for comfortable clothes for Hubby and our oldest son to wear while out in the woods. The spend a lot of time hiking through the woods and climbing and really needed some good quality comfortable clothing to wear while out there. They recently found a website that has all sorts of comfortable clothing and accessories just right for them. The 5.11 Tactical brand of clothing was designed specifically for law enforcement, military and fire fighter wear but is now available for everyone via the LApolice Gear Website. This brand of clothing offers a full line of boots, pants, outerwear, uniforms, tactical knives and eyewear. The guys had a great time mixing and matching the different combinations. The site offers a great range of styles, sizes and colors to match anyones likes. As a special offer right now they are even offering free shipping on orders over $50. This site also offers a variety of payment methods to make your shopping experience easier to manage in a safe, secure checkout system. As this is clothing it is sometimes hard to get the right size without trying the items on but your order can be returned within 14 days of receit for a refund if it doesn't fit properly. For defective purchases you have 20 days to return for a replacement.

I have the best Hubby.

Coming off my winter blues and into spring I felt like I needed a new wardrobe. We were out on the weekend and while the kids took the kids through the pet store (another story all together) I went next door to go shopping. I found a new outfit and a pair of capri's, without hesitation hubby told me they would look great and we were off to the register. On my way, as hubby was paying I found a warm sweater to try on, he told me to get that one too, he must have been feeling ill, or he really loves me, we'll say the 2nd one. We were out today to get him a pair of jeans but ended up shopping for me again and he bought me another yoga suit that fits so comfortable and he thought looked really (hot). It was a fun day shopping and now we will get into renovation project and too bad I have to work tonight or we could have had the perfect day.

Baby Heaven

I can remember a time, not that long ago that I was always shopping for baby clothes. We went through a stage of about six years that we always had a baby in the house. After 4 kids and that many years of shopping for baby stuff, I find it hard now to walk through the baby aisles or shop online finding baby clothes. I am now waiting for the day (not too soon) that my children will start having babies of their own and I can start buying baby things again. It was always the most fun for me to try and find Unique Baby Clothes or my kids. I didn't care for the bulk stores that just had the basics all the time. I was always pulled towards the bright color combinations or patterns especially for the boys. Now don't get me wrong I of course had some regular blue Baby Boy Clothes
too but I loved the boys in bright orange, brown and red tones mostly. When it came time for my baby girl I only had the one girl so she got really spoiled and we always had lots of frills and pinks for our Baby Girl Clothes. For each of my kids it was mandatory to have a personalize blanket with their names embroidered onto it for their special memory box. Shopping online is getting even better these days as a lot of sites offer free shipping on orders to save you even more.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery

We all hear so much about the practice of cosmetic surgery, it is an evergrowing and certainly becoming more socially acceptable form of beauty treatment. Having had 4 children I tend to be very critical of myself and sometimes wonder what it would be like to have some surgery, nothing major, a little lift here and a tuck there. My husband tells me I'm the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes, and I certainly know he loves me but sometimes a girl has a hard time not seeing imperfections in the mirror from time to time. There are so many places to get information on what proceedures there are available, check out one of the many Cosmetic Surgery Forum places to get more inforation and see if this might be a viable option for you or someone in your family.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How time flies

I was thinking the other day, how long it has been since I was in High School. It has been almost 15 years since I finished school and a lot has changed since then for sure. I had my first son about a year after finishing school, moved out on my own and got a job at a local hotel. After a couple of years of courting my hubby we finally got together and not to long after that we had our daughter, moved again to New Brunswick for his work. A year later we moved again and got married, the next year we got moved to PEI and had our second son a month later. It was a challanging time for sure trying to get settled with a new born but it wasn't done yet either. I took a job while we lived on PE and after our 4th child we got another job transfer back to New Brunswick. We stayed for a couple of years and have since moved again to NS. I was thinking of attending high school reunions and how much I would have to discuss with old friends that I have lost touch with all the moves.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Concreate Applications

When it comes to construction materials there are so many different uses for concrete. At one time it was simply used to form blocks and foundations of buildings but as time has gone on concrete contractors and concreate manufactures have developed different applications for concrete. We have been looking at doing more renovations on our home and with Summer coming it is time to turn our focus back onto our outdoor oasis. Last year we spent time going through some renovations to our garage, turning it into our new master bedroom. Now this took some work and changes to our structural concrete in our foundation. We decided this year we would ad some decorative concrete to our pool area. We looked into the process and discovered that by using the right mix of aggreget, water and mix you can create a stone like material and stamp and inpression into it to give you a beautiful design. For the finishing look you can add various colorations to give it the personallized look that you want. Now you can always try this type of project on your own but I would advise that you take the time and get a professional concrete contractor in to help you design your project adn help you create exactly what you want.

First game success

Well I survived the first night of the weekend and now everyone is off to bed. Jay had a great game and his team won their first game by over 20 points. Tommorrow will be another day as the boys have dance at 9:45 and 11:30 and Jay has his second game at 10:30, and another one at 3:30. It will be another exciting day and I have to go to work tommorrow night so I am sure I will be tired and needing a great sleep Saturday. Luckily I have hubby around this weekend to help with the running around and to cuddle with at the end of the day to make for a relaxing sleep.

Pottery fun

The kids have recently caught the craft making bug, they have always enjoyed craft time but the last few months they have all been almost obsessed with making and painting craft projects. We have spent a lot of time shopping around the local craft super store here to find new ideas for projects as well as researching online. We were able to find some creative polymer clay art project books from AMACO/Brent. AMACO/Brent has been the leader in clay since the introduction of their Permoplast clay products in 1919. this product is the industry leader in premium clays and is very user friendly due to it's non-hardening properties and pliability. They can certainly have a lot of fun, especially during the cold winter months while we are searching for inside activities. For molding crafts we decided to look into how to use polymer clay to shape and mold our own ideas. AMACO/Brent offers a few good books on how to work with this material. I was really excited in shopping through and seeing the great assortment of ceramic pottery kilns, now I think we are still a little bit away from creating our own ceramic items but it's great to see that you can get kilns at an affordable price to start up. Crafts are certainly a fun and creative, yet affordable way to keep your kids attention and allow them to develop their creativeness.

Another Crazy Weekend is starting

Well it must be Friday because I feel a nutty weekend coming on again. Hubby is working tonight and I have to be all over the place with the kids. Jay has to go bowling at 3:45, than I have to take Trin and her friend to dance for 4pm. After I drop them off its back to the bowling to pick up Jay and friend to go to a basketball tournament at 5:30 which is about 45 minutes away from bowling. I had to make arrangements for Trin to go with her friend afterwards because I can't make it back to pick her up. On top of all that I am expecting a call from work to go in later as one of my co-workers is expected to be sick again tonight and it leaves them short. I know one thing for sure I will be exhausted tonight, and tommorrow doesn't get better as it's more basketball on top of the boys dance classes and me working tommorrow night, at least hubby is off to help me with the runnign and we have 2 vehicals now. On the bright side I and hubby are off on Sunday :0)

Great glasses without the price tag

My daughter has been wearing glasses for about the last 5 years, she has never complained about having to wear them and is very good about wearing them all the time and taking very good care of them. She is a bit of a fashionista but with the price of glasses it's hard for us to get her new glasses all the time. I was recently reading an artical in the New York Times about eyewear and vision care in general and in the artical it mentioned a great online company that offers complete frame, lens and coating packages starting at only $8 a pair. This really cought my curiosity because I could believe that any company could offer these type of deals. If I could get eyeglasses at reasonable prices like these I could afford to buy a few pairs of glasses for my girl and she would be able to match them to her outfits. We went onto the Zenni Optical web site tonight and she fell head over heals with these blue 1/2 frame glasses as she has a number of blue outfits these would match up very well with her. Another big plus is now that I am back to work I find I need a pair of glasses for working on the computer, now I haven't had a pair for a few years but again with prices like these I can easily afford to get a pair for myself too. They offer great shipping with orders ready in 2 - 5 days.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A special day

With Spring just around the corner it is coming up on the peak time for weddings. A womens wedding day is one of the most memorable and planned days of her life. Day dreaming about her wedding day is every little girls special memory. There certainly is a lot to plan for a wedding, some women try to do it on their own while others go with a planner. Planning the guest list, the location, the meal, and of course the wedding flowers. There are services available online that allow you to order your flowers and have them delivered directly from the flower farms to your event, providing the freshest most beautiful flowers for yours special day or any other occasion.

Putting in the booty call

Not exactly but I got your attention didn't I...Tonight at work one of the groups had pizza brought in to our centre and it smelled delicious, especially after being sick for a few days and barely eating. I really wanted some but they don't share so I called up hubby and invited him down to have supper with me, the catch, he had to order and pick up the pizza on the way to see me. The wonderful husband I have understood my situation and arrived right on time with the piping hot, cheesy pizza, exactly the way I wanted it. It was a fantastic supper and the best part there are even left overs for the kids to take in their lunches tommorrow.

Finding a new host

The job of setting up a website can certainly be an intimidating process. I remember when I first started out with my blog I wasn't very sure of what I was doing but got some help from a good friend. Now for me I started out with a free service that got me started and helped with setting up the format of my website. As I am becoming more comfortable with building a website I have began looking for a different web hosting choice. By using a web hosting choice website I am able to use a free service to compare all different kinds of web hosting services. This is a completely free comparison site that gives you all the major points to the top web hosting services. This will help you make the decision that is best for you and your web hosting plans. This site gives you the lowdown on various sites and can give you a lot of tips on how to spot a scam, register a domain and finding cheap hosting services.

Dressing up your communication

IM smileys -david smiley, best smileys, chat smileys, aim smileys

You have to love the cool little emoticons that everyone attaches to the emails, messages and websites. I wondered where people found these cool little characters for a while and was very happy to find a space to get Free Emoticons & Winks to dress up my stuff. I think this smiley guy has to be one of my favorite of all time. It totally sums up my world with keeping up with my hubby, 4 kids and working nights it can sure wear a girl out. This site will allow you to download for free and offers a complete virus, adware and spyware free environment for you to surf through.

How do you decorate your computer?

How do you decorate your computer, we had that delema when we got the kids new computers for Christmas. We set out on a search through the Internet for Wallpapers that would suit them. We wanted to have them personalized a bit before they got them and this is one easy way. Setting your wallpaper is like giving your computer a personality. The great thing is they don't have to be permanent and you can change them with your mood. Sharewallpapers is designed as a depot to share your wallpapers with others and to also share their wallpapers. The site currently boosts more than 80,000 wallpapers and growing from all sorts of categories to suit any ones needs.

Looking forward to a great trip

Things are starting to come together for our big dance competition this spring. We got our hotel booked today and we are awaiting the final list of people that will be accompaning Trin and I to the big competition. Hubby and the boys may be coming, he is just waiting on some confirmations on time off from work. We found a great vet and are planning on boarding the dog there while we are away. My mom asked about coming with us and will meet up with us on the way there. It will be a busy six days that's for sure but we are sure looking forward to a great time. Trin has put a lot of hard work into her dances this year and this will be her time to shine.

The Handy man

As I think back over the years I have to laugh at some of the projects my husband and I have gotten into. When we first got together we were renting a place and were both really just starting out, we didn't have much for tools, a handy pack my dad had gotton for me when I first moved out, with a hammer, screwdrivers and that was about it. We both liked creating things on our own so we had to be pretty creative with our projects, I still remember the first thing a little step we built for our son to crawl up into his big boy bed, we wanted it to match his bedding and made it with the Jigsaw addition to our tools. It actually turned out really good, looked cool and was sturdy. Now as the years have gone by we have advanced our projects and tool selection. Our most recent job was completing an unfinished attached garage in our house to our new master suite. It was a lot of fun and yet another opportunity for hubby to buy tools he didn't have. He needed some good wood boring bits to drill through the framing for the electrical wiring. This was by far our most ambitious project yet and I have to say after a year of work it is almost finished. We even started practicing with a router to make our own decorative shelves and again this allowed us to ad to our tool selection again with some router bits sets It's a good thing our home has a big basement because it is almost full of tools but it does make a great workshop and keeps the mess down there. Now if you think I'm crazy yet the next bit project we are starting in the spring is to add cupboards and reface our kitchen cabinets. This will be a very exciting and challanging job that we are really planning out and taking our time with, some new cutting tools are on the horizon first to be sure we can make all the cuts the way we want them and to have the kitchen look great when it is done. It can be frustrating at times but in the end our projects always turn out great.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mealing out

Looking for a deal on a great meal, wanting a night out just got easier. When you search the MealChase - Restaurant Deals you can find all the reastaurants in and around your area, all over Canada. All you have to do is simply enter the province and city you want to search for. Not only can you find a restaurant but you can also find out what special deals they would be offering as well. It is a great opportunity to find some different ideas for a meal out. If you are possibly planning a trip you could also use this service to plan out some of your destinations along the way.

Who's lost

I have been watching Lost since it came on the air a few years ago and it seems like every year, every week, I get more and more lost. I have no idea what is going on anymore, they are jumping around from place to place, year to year. I hope things start to make scence soon so we don't have to be completely lost every week. It's a good show and I like the characters but boy oh boy the writers must even have a hard time keeping up with everything.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dream SUV

With the current economic conditions it can be a really great time to get a new vehical if you are financially stable and able to afford one. With all the vehical manufacturers facing uncertain sale numbers for the most part dealerships are very willing to negotiate to get your business and prices for the most part have never been lower. Now when it comes to shopping for an SUV there are SUV's and then there is the all new Mercedes GLK, this SUV has the quality that you would expect from Mercedes. This all new sleek and rugged design is very impressive but the real excitement comes from the interior which is designed with leather wrapped steering wheel and brushed aluminum accents throughout. The ride you will find great comfort with 19 or 20" alloy rims you are guaranteed a great ride. If you think you could see yourself in the new GLK, check out the website and customize your ride. While navigating you can customize your vehicle and get your price online. If you think you might be interested you can also book your test drive online to save you time while really getting out to see what your ride could be like.


Where is my sun

It was very disappointing on the radio I heard today that we are expecting at least another month of winter type conditions, this really sucks. Normally by March we are starting to see some nice cays and the snow and ice is melting. I'd love to see a nice sunny day that could show some warm moments that would at least give me some encouragement that Spring is coming, let's hope it will come.

Halloween Fun

One of the most fun times of the year for a parent has to be the Halloween Season, we generally start the Halloween Decorations right after the kids get back to school. We will start with some inside decorations, a little bit at a time so the kids can feel the excitement building as the days go buy. Having 4 little ones at home we generally like to pick up Halloween Costumes throughout the year so the kids can all have a new costume every year. Shopping online at costume specialty sites can be a lot of fun because you can shop for costumes when it is convient for you and you don't have to deal with the hussle and bussle of the stores. The assortment they can offer by being online is really incredible and the kids love checking out all the different ideas all year round. The costume site I generally use has a wide assortment of costumes to suit any one, from boys with great pirate, super hero and themed costumes, my youngest son is really into Iron Man, and I found a great Muscle suit for him. For my girl their are the pop stars, princess and angels. Now if you are planning on having a private party for 2 or going to an adult halloween party there are also a great assortment of Sexy Halloween Costumes, I like the sexy frisk officer costume, or should I say hubby would probably like this one. There is also a super assortment of cute pet costumes and Adult Costumes to round out all the the costumes for your family.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Look at that face! .... Only she doesn't know that she is going to her first trip (since we got her) to the Vet....Breigh is getting her needles and having her bulging belly button looked at. Hopefully she handle everything ok because she will be going back in a couple of weeks for surgery....yup, the no puppies in this house surgery LOL!

Now before she could have this done she had to get caught up on her needles then wait to have the surgery but get this the lady making the appointment was going to schedule her for the surgery tomorrow... so Matt questioned her about the waiting period between needles and she said that in the best interest of the the pet you should wait but most people don't have time to keep coming back and will schedule it all together...Well since it was in the best interest in our dog then we will take her back in a couple of weeks. Anyway it will be great when this is all over with then I can let her out without the worry of unwanted visitors...yes I am an overprotective mom LOL.

The kids got another snow day! We had snow, rain and freezing rain all night and the messy weather continues but I'm sure the kids will be back to school tomorrow!

I was off sick yesterday and I called in again for todays shift. I thought I could handle going to work for this evenings shift but had to turn around and come back home. I think being vertical and the motion of the drive was stirring up the belly again. When hubby gets home from work (any minute) I will go back to bed again. One thing about being under the weather is that I am definitely getting caught up on sleep. It's just too bad that I can't enjoy my time with the kids. I'm sure I will be back on my feet tomorrow!