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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Heaven

I can remember a time, not that long ago that I was always shopping for baby clothes. We went through a stage of about six years that we always had a baby in the house. After 4 kids and that many years of shopping for baby stuff, I find it hard now to walk through the baby aisles or shop online finding baby clothes. I am now waiting for the day (not too soon) that my children will start having babies of their own and I can start buying baby things again. It was always the most fun for me to try and find Unique Baby Clothes or my kids. I didn't care for the bulk stores that just had the basics all the time. I was always pulled towards the bright color combinations or patterns especially for the boys. Now don't get me wrong I of course had some regular blue Baby Boy Clothes
too but I loved the boys in bright orange, brown and red tones mostly. When it came time for my baby girl I only had the one girl so she got really spoiled and we always had lots of frills and pinks for our Baby Girl Clothes. For each of my kids it was mandatory to have a personalize blanket with their names embroidered onto it for their special memory box. Shopping online is getting even better these days as a lot of sites offer free shipping on orders to save you even more.

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