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Monday, March 2, 2009

Look at that face! .... Only she doesn't know that she is going to her first trip (since we got her) to the Vet....Breigh is getting her needles and having her bulging belly button looked at. Hopefully she handle everything ok because she will be going back in a couple of weeks for surgery....yup, the no puppies in this house surgery LOL!

Now before she could have this done she had to get caught up on her needles then wait to have the surgery but get this the lady making the appointment was going to schedule her for the surgery tomorrow... so Matt questioned her about the waiting period between needles and she said that in the best interest of the the pet you should wait but most people don't have time to keep coming back and will schedule it all together...Well since it was in the best interest in our dog then we will take her back in a couple of weeks. Anyway it will be great when this is all over with then I can let her out without the worry of unwanted visitors...yes I am an overprotective mom LOL.

The kids got another snow day! We had snow, rain and freezing rain all night and the messy weather continues but I'm sure the kids will be back to school tomorrow!

I was off sick yesterday and I called in again for todays shift. I thought I could handle going to work for this evenings shift but had to turn around and come back home. I think being vertical and the motion of the drive was stirring up the belly again. When hubby gets home from work (any minute) I will go back to bed again. One thing about being under the weather is that I am definitely getting caught up on sleep. It's just too bad that I can't enjoy my time with the kids. I'm sure I will be back on my feet tomorrow!

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jenn said...

Feel better!!!!!