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Friday, March 6, 2009

Great glasses without the price tag

My daughter has been wearing glasses for about the last 5 years, she has never complained about having to wear them and is very good about wearing them all the time and taking very good care of them. She is a bit of a fashionista but with the price of glasses it's hard for us to get her new glasses all the time. I was recently reading an artical in the New York Times about eyewear and vision care in general and in the artical it mentioned a great online company that offers complete frame, lens and coating packages starting at only $8 a pair. This really cought my curiosity because I could believe that any company could offer these type of deals. If I could get eyeglasses at reasonable prices like these I could afford to buy a few pairs of glasses for my girl and she would be able to match them to her outfits. We went onto the Zenni Optical web site tonight and she fell head over heals with these blue 1/2 frame glasses as she has a number of blue outfits these would match up very well with her. Another big plus is now that I am back to work I find I need a pair of glasses for working on the computer, now I haven't had a pair for a few years but again with prices like these I can easily afford to get a pair for myself too. They offer great shipping with orders ready in 2 - 5 days.

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