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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Newspaper Bags

The one thing I look forward to finding in my mail every week has to be my flyers, I am a true shopoholic and love to browse through the flyers before the sales start so I can plan my shopping attack. The company that delivers our newpaper and flyers used to just bundle them up and throw them in the driveway, which isn't so bad if the weather is good but in the winter or when it rains there was nothing worse than getting a soppy wet soaking pile of flyers. After many of my neighbors and I complained they moved to having Newspaper Bags to place the papers and flyers in before dropping them at the door, another improvement was the door hanging bag, similar to what I have pictured here that they began using so the flyers/newspaper would actually get put right on our front door. Sometimes it's as simple as that to get your deliver to work with the vendor to develop a product to make everyones life easier. The company can even put messages or tint the newspaper bags to the carriers desires. I am sure all the companies that used this service to get their flyers out are much happier now as it ensures their customers will get the advertisements they are intended to get. It really is a win/win senerio when everyone works together.

Summertime is Finally coming

The weather has finally begun to show signs that it might actually warm up this year. It was a wicked winter that seemed like it would never end, we even had to use the heat in the house until this week. Now that I can get out it's time for me to do my daily walk, I find with working nights I feel as though I have put on a little weight on although my husband still thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the World. With Summer coming it means it's time to get out to the pool with the kids and occasionally the beach. I don't like swimming at the beach but sure love getting a bit of Sun while the kids play. I don't mind swimming in our pool in the back yard. Every Spring I have to start shopping for a couple of new bathing suits for the year. Last year was the first year in a long time I actually bought a Bikini and my husband absolutely loved it. I found a great selection of bathing suits, both 1 and 2 piece online at, usually online shopping at specialty sites is expensive but I was shocked at the prices here which started at $19.99 and with free shipping on orders over $50 you couldn't go wrong. This suit @ only 29.99 is my favorite of the whole collection, I love the stripe snd the bright colors. It meets in the middle of bikini and traditional 1 piece suit...bring on the heat.

Building relationships online

When my neighbor lost her husband a couple of years back it started a very lonely time in her life. She was used to the companionship of her husband for her entire life and their children had moved away for work. With support from her friends and church groups she began the hard battle of getting back out and making new friends. We had been helping her over the last couple of years to become more computer savy as she wanted to be more part of the times. Now that she was able to navigate the Internet and work emails we suggested that she join a Senior Chat Room to meet some new people and begin to build a new relationship. She has begun to look into this as an option, many of these sites are designed to be free to use, you simply have to register and build your profile. Once you have finished this you can browse through the members and contact the ones you would like to contact. You can contact via chat or webcam to see who you are talking to and get a more personalized feel for who they are. Many mature people have been able to build meaniful relationships later in life with the help of this type of chat room.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Epidemic

One of the scariest news stories the last week has been the outbreak of swine flu all around North America. At first the spread of this strain of flu was not documented because it presents very similar to the regular flu. As Health officials were not expecting this strain of flu to spread around the current flu shot available this year does not have any effect on this strain. The best form of protection is to avoid anyone that appears to be suffering from flu like symptoms, and to wash your hands regularily. As more and more confirmed cases are reported from all around the World interest will turn to prevention and protection. You can purchase swine flu kits to help you prevent an infection for you and your loved ones. These kits will give you the tools to help you with a protection plan that is safe and effective.

Getting Legal Advise

As bad a reputation lawyers might have when you need one you want to have the best lawyer available. It is important to find a law team that are not interested in you for just the money. A caring west palm beach attorney will take the time to explore you concerns and get a good understanding of your needs. It is unfortunate that most of the times that we need lawyers are hard and troubling times in our personal lives. Many cases involve the disolution of a marriage and can become very emotionally charged, finding a good divorce attorney west palm beach area can be a challange. In a divorce case there are many aspects that have to be considered, division of assets, alimony, custody arrangements for any children are just a few of the issues to resolve.
Another of the main events that require law services are when we have been involved in an accident or have had negligent medical care that has caused us bodily harm. Under these circumstances it is important to find a specialist in Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach to look after your case.175 When you have suffered the type of injury that has caused you personal distress, has taken you away from work or permanently disabled you it is vital to have someone that will get you the maximum compensation to maintain your life and well being. A law team that can consult and work with medical professionals to have a good understanding of your long term care needs is vital in these types of cases. In any case it is important to do your reserch and aske lots of questions to ensure you have a law team you can trust to do what is right for you and your loved ones.

The Dream Yard

One thing about our home that we didn't like when we bought it was the backyard, it was plenty big enough but it was really plain and boring. The only signs of life in the backyard was a couple of little maple trees. The lawn was in bad shape and needed a lot of attention. The one big thing we wanted to do was have a pool installed so we could enjoy the summer months without having to run to the beach every nice day. We thought it would be fun to have a yard that we could enjoy and have gatherings with our friends. We decided the best idea was to consult with a professional Pool contractors to make plan out what kind of pool and yard we could create. We wanted a contractor that would be able not only to look after all the permits we would need but we wanted to create an oasis with all the decorations and a great new BBQ as well. If your considering adding a pool or renovation your existing on in the Walnut Creek area consult with the professionals at Walnut Creek pools. You can send a message with your contact information and they will contact you for a consultation. Another popular area for pool renovations is Modesto, there is a group of professional installers of Modesto pools. Summers coming so consult soon to get your Oasis ready for the hot days.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Investing carefully

Investing in the stock markets can and always will be a risky proposition, especially in the current economic times that we are working through where the markets are so volitile and always changing. It is important to be able to search through investment options and make the wisest investment solutions possible. One of the most important tips to think about when you are making investments with your money is to only invest money that you can afford to lose. In investments there are never any guarantees, a stock that has performed well in the past may not perform in the furture and vice versa. A great new service is available at, they can provide investment options that works towards building the most Wicked Profits possible for it's clients. Unlike it's competitors wicked profits closes all positions withing 35 days, win or lose, they don't hold onto positions for months or years to attempt to inflate their results. Wicked Profits takes the time to make the best recomendations possible and then allows you to select what investments you would like to make or pull away from. You take the recommendations you like and can process the trade with any brokerage firm of your choice. If you are uncertain as to what you should do with your investments you can set your account up as an auto-trading that will focus on every entry and exit recommendation review made and complete these updates to your portfolio. As always if you feel better being more on hand with your choices you can take the time to review the recommendations. Investing with your money and future means taking the time to make considerations to protect your investment to the best of your ability. Using a service like Wicked profits is a good tool to making the right decision, they have a proven track record of successful profits to give you the trust you need in it's recomendations.

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Who's that number?

Don't you hate when you have been out for a while or away on a vacation and you come home to find strange phone numbers on your caller display that you just don't know who they belong too. It can be extreamly frustrating to see these and trying to debate on whether you should call them back or not can weigh on your mind. To make things easier for you there are now free services you can use online that are connected to the National Phone Listings. It is so easy to use all you have to know is the phone number you want to inquire on, you type it into the search location and all the information available for that number will be displayed. You can find out who the number is registered to and what the address is. It can also display what type of phone line the call came from whether land line, cell line or business line to help you determine the validity of the call. This is also a great service to use if you get a call while home from a number you don't recognize you can let it ring and take the number off your display and plug it in to see what information is available.

You just never know

I think I have seen it all now, a friend of mine recently told me about this dating site she was checking out. The site is designed to make matches with Millionaires, it's a very interesting concept if you are a single person that is looking for love and want to be pampered and taken care of in life. If you happen to be looking for that special "Sugar Daddy" or "Sugar Momma" to spend special time with take a look at this site and join up for your free account today, you never know you might just find yourself dating a millionaire .

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mommy and Daughter Bonding Time

Since my daughter was just a toddler she has enjoyed playing with her dolls and doll house. As she has grown up she has stayed focus on building and adding to her beautiful doll house that she was given by her Grandmother. This antique doll house was passed down from her mother to my grandmother to me and now to her. She has an amazing collection of accessories, doll clothes and furniture that is fantastic. I always believed it was every girls dream to have a collection like this and she will be able cherish this as long as she chooses to than we will save it for the next generation. For now we are enjoying looking for new dollhouse nursery miniatures and clothing to accessories her house. The newest things she was admiring was a new baby crib, the minature oak collection is beautiful and matches her baby cousins furniture which she thought was really cool. The community that we moved to last year is a bit smaller than we are used to so we have been having a hard time to find new accessories for her to add to her collection. Shopping online can be very easy and opens up a complete assortment of products at one easy to shop environment. Shopping at Zoolabees is a great experience where you will find all sorts of minatures to outfit your entire miniture home. Shipping rates are based on the weight of your order and most orders ship within 3 days with an expected delivery time of 7 - 10 days. Even paying for your order is made simple with secure shopping where you can use your Visa, Mastercard or Paypal account to pay for your order. If you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason you can return it in it's original packaging within 30 days for a full refund.

Outfitting the expecting Mom

I would have to say one of the most frustrating parts about being pregnant is finding clothes that not only fit but flatter our ever expanding bodies. It was hard enough being pregnant and coming to terms with my ever growing body image problem but when I couldn't find any Maternity Clothes at the local stores it became even more frustrating. Over the last few years it seems as though all the stores have stopped selling maternity clothes. Living in a smaller town we are not privelidged with having a lot of the specialty shops and boxed stores that the city has so it is extreamly hard to find Maternity Bottoms and tops at the local Kmart/Walmart stores. I can remember coming into my last pregnancy in the summer months and all I wanted was a couple of beautiful Maternity Dresses. My friend recently announced her upcoming arrival so we decided to go shopping online to see if we could have any luck finding clothes for her. Luckily we were able to find a maternity store online that not only offered maternity and baby clothes but offered beautiful maternity clothes in modern styles and colors to inspire the soon to be Mom. Even better they offered free shipping on orders over $150 so it really encouraged a couple of extra purchases to go along with her order.

Planning a renovation project

This year we have decided to focus more on the inside of our home than the outside. We spent most of last year doing renovations to the exterior, lots of new windows, work on the yard came with lots of sod and plants to spruce up the curb appeal and allow us to enjoy our yard. We had to make some tough decisions as owning an older home it seems like everything needs done at once. On a budget we had to work hard to figure out the most bang for our buck and what renovations we should do now and what ones we should wait until later to do. We did some reserch with some Denver Remodeling sites to figure out what to do. With a little thought we were directed to our main floor bathroom and kitchen. Our downstairs bathroom has a shower but no tub and the cabinet really is hurting for style so some replacements were in need. We try to do a lot of things ourselves but with plumbing and water involved we thought it would be better to use a service to do this renovation. On to the kitchen we had to make some alterations to fit our appliances in when we moved and now it's time to reface our existing cabinets. The decision was a little easier when we figured these are some of the main rooms of our home and also provide the most return at resale which with us we seem to move every few years so that is important to consider for us.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Daughters First Ring

After returning from our first big dance competition I thought I should get my daughter a little something that she could remember our trip from. She worked so hard and earned a medal for every single dance she performed, her solo's and group programs, 10 in all. It was an exciting time for us and I found some great enamel rings but I especially love this one and the price...Wow, it is on sale for 4.99. Now the site I am ordering it from offers free shipping on orders over $50 so I will have to also shop for some new fashion jewelry for me so I can take advantage of that great deal. The site also offers a full no hassle 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked so I can shop with no worries. Another great feature is that they not only take all major credit cards but also they are PayPal verified so you can shop and use your paypal to make your purchase to protect your credit information. I can't wait for Trin's beautiful pink love ring to arrive I know she will be excited and surprised.

Buying an alternative

I had a friend of mine that had been diagnosed with depression and has been looking for alternatives to treatment. She has an issue being given prescription pharmacutical drugs and worries about building a long term dependancy on these drugs. She discovered and alternative treatment with the natural kava root, this natural plant has been used for generations for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and stress. This root extract is also used more recently as a sleep aid for it's relaxation properties. This will allow her to take this as an alternative option before she turns to the pharmacy option. For more information on Kava, where it's grown, what forms does it come in and where can you buy it click on the link above.

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Free!

What a great marketing gimmic, McDonalds has come up with a promotion in which you can get a free coffee during Breakfast Hours for the next week. It is a brilliant move in these tough economic times because many people will make the trek in for free coffee and probably buy something else to eat for breakfast while they are there. My husband knows the restaurant business a bit and tells me how cheap it is to make a cup of coffee, so if you think McD's is really going out of their way to offer you a FREE coffee don't get to excited, they are trying to suck you in.

Car Crisis

There was more news released today on the ailing auto markets here in Canada. The Chrysler company and their unions have come to agreements to meet the demands of the Government to obtain their bail out package form the Government. That is good news for the Chrsyler company for sure. In other news GM has announced the end of the Pontiac brand of vehicles, this was very disapointing news for us as we have always had Pontiac vehicles. We have always preferred the look of the Pontiac brand over their other GM counter parts and other Manufacturers. It is unfortunet that the industry has come to this but apparently it is necessary to restructure and stay in business.

Education Alternative

It's been some time since I last was in school, but now that the kids are getting a little older and are all going to be in school starting this fall I thought it was time to start looking at alternatives for me to get my career started. I still want to be available for my kids when they need me so it was important to find a source of education that would allow me the flexibility that I needed. Earning a degree online from Capella university apears to be a great alternative, it allows me the ability to work at my own pace while in the comfort of my own home. I was recently reading an article about a successful Capella Graduate, Jeannie McGuire who received the Sunny Andrews Award for 2008 for her incredible commitment to social work. Capella might be an onine university but it is considered a fully acredited home for all your educational needs.

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Scary new Virus

Have you heard about this new Virus that is spreading through Mexico? The Swine flu is spreading through the country and leaving a trail of severly sick and some dead people in it's path. Although there are still no confirmed cases in Canada it is sure scary to think of how quickly it could spread around the World.

Camera Critter

We have been having a lot of trouble with our precious little princess chewing almost anything she can get her mouth on the last week. I am not sure what has gottone into her but it sure is annoying. The boys were outside cutting down dead branches out of the trees outfront and she claimed a few branches for herself, sneaking them off and burying them and eventually taking this one and chomping it down until it was in pieces.

To participate in camera critters click HERE!

Planning retirement

My husband is counting down to retirement, he has been planning his retirement for the last 10 years and he is only turning 34 this week. The last few months have been tough on our investments with the financial meltdown the World is going through right now. He has been looking at a program that will help him find the stock options with the best returns for our circumstances. The Power Options software comes with an option screener, 1-800 toll free number for support and guidance. Power Options offers the ability to sort, filter and analyse all the different options for you and your investments. You can try the program risk free for 14 days to prove to you that the system really does work.

The Lumberjacks

The boys were able to get outside for some much needed yard clean up this afternoon. It has been raining for a couple of days but let up enough today. They headed out with a saw each and started chopping down some dead parts from one tree and another one on the side of the house that was full of thorns and drives me nuts when it is windy because it rubs on the dining room window. The bad thing is now that the tree is gone you can really see what kind of shape the frame is around that window, we will have to replace that one probably this Summer.

Boys night out again

The boys had a busy day today and this evening the went for a Movie Night at the theatre. They intended to see Dragon Ball but it wasn't playing tonight for some reason. They discussed their options and decided to go to the Fast and Furious Movie. They were all very pleased with the movie, although Kohl thought there was some language he didn't like very much. They all loved the action and the cars what a great time they had.

Planning a great wedding

Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking, my friend is planning a wedding and honeymoon vacation to Las Vegas but we are still working on planning the ceremony locally. She has always wanted to have a lavish wedding, of course in our local church. We decided to search the Internet and discovered a site that allowed us to focus on getting everything we needed for planning the big day. The weddingshop offers a beautiful assortment of wedding dresses, cake toppers, wedding party gift ideas and more. They also offer a very lovely line of wedding accesories and jewelery to accent and compliment her wedding dress. For the reception we can get some unique wedding favors to compliment the tables, camera's, personalized Hershey kisses and matchbooks to give that personalized feel to the reception and after party.

Las Vegas Getaway

When planning a vacation or trip you really need to take some time an investigate what your destination has to offer before you travel to ensure you are making them most of your time and money. A friend of mine is planning to take a trip to Las Vegas and yes this is for her wedding. We decided to take some time to plan some activities for the week honeymoon while they are there. We were able to find a one stop shop website that offered various hotel accomadations and also information for all the best shows Vegas has to offer. One show her and her fiance has always wanted to see was the Blue Man Group. I'm sure you know who I am talking about the three guys all painted up in Blue Paint making noise while all kinds of colored paints flying around. The site is a great spot to get Blue Man Group Tickets for any of their shows 7 days a week, 2 shows a day. Another show on their must see list is the Cirque du Soleil, this show gets nothing but good press and is nothing but pure entertainment at its best. Another thing the site offers is guided tours of various Las Vegas destinations like the Grand Canyon, they had to take advantage of this opportunity while they are there, it might be a once in a lifetime trip.

Who Are You?

It happens on an almost daily occurance at my house and I am sure it happens to you to, annoying telemarketers calling to sell you the latest greatest item or service. You know the speal, "today I am authorized to offer you the low introductory rate, blah, blah." For every list I ask to have my name removed from it seems as though I must get placed on two more. It can be very frustrating, recently I had a call from a company advising me that my vehical warranty was about to expire and that I needed to buy a new extended warranty. Now it was true my warranty was almost expired so I almost got hooked in, I wanted my hubby to check it out before I gave them any information so he called the dealership and indeed it was a scam company trying to get our credit card number from us. There are new services available now that allow you to track who's calling you and it is extreamly easy to use. You can enter the phone number that has been calling you into the website and it will populate any information available on that number. You will get the owner and address of the number and are able to view any call information that others have entered about that number. You will also see a list of related phone numbers to the same Company/Owner. The great thing about this is that you can actually Report Callers to the site and let others know what they are up to. It is a very user friendly site that allows you to get help but also give help to others at the same time. You can also use this site to look up any phone number that you may have so if you come home and have strange numbers on your phone you can also look them up to see who they might belong to. This service is a great protective asset to protect yourself from scams and identity theft.

Back to the Maniac Mansion

With the warmer temperatures finally supposed to be arriving here over the weekend, my husbands friend has started bugging him about getting back to work on the "Maniac Mansion" as my husbands so fondly named Jason's old turn of the Century house he bought last Spring. They worked together with some other local guys all last year tearing the house back down to the studs with his vision of rebuilding the home back to it's original condition and stlying. Let me tell you over the course of last year there was one giant bunch of Junk Hauling done out of this building. They almost completed 2 floors of the house last year but with me working this year it is harder for Hubby to find the time to help out. He has been talking to Jason trying to convince him to check out some local Demolition Companies to come in and give him so quotes on finishing up the decontruction of the final floor so he can get the demolition part of the job finished and start on the contruction phase. He likes to do everything himself but really it would probably be much cheaper in the long run to have professionals come in that are experts in this type of work to just get it done and be able to move on. It really is easy to find a specialist in your area to get things done quickly by just doing a Internet search for example just type in the area you are looking for and you will get links to various providers, looking for junk removal in the San Diego area type in Junk Removal in San Diego and you will find links to providers that can help you get your job done quick and professionally, many service providers can service you same day or next day and offer quotes online with just a few questions. Trust me it is a lot easier than trying to do it all yourself with dumpsters and some guys from the neighborhood.

Do you want a bag with that, Earth Day?

I am just wondering what you all think about the new policy a lot of stores are adopting regarding plastic bags. The major grocer in our area "LobLaws" introduced a policy here on Earth Day, April 22 to charge for plastic bags, 5 cents each. Now they say this is an environmental charge but really I feel it is simply passing the buck to the consumer. In this day and economic climate retailers are trying to find anyway to cut their expenses so why not pass it onto the consumer? They are smart offering for us to buy a re-usable shopping bag for a buck instead of the regular plastic. It is a great environmental idea for sure but hard to get into the habit of taking your bags with you everytime you shop. Over the last few days I have seen a number of news articals from various retailers explaining they will be following suit on this new change for the environment. It makes me giggle to think of the Corporates being so responsible, really doesn anyone believe that, they are just passing the expenses onto the consumer the same as they have always done.

Fixing the Roof Top

I can remember when we first moved into our house we knew it needed a new roof. The roof wasn't neccessarily in disrepair but it was at the end of it's 25 year cycle and our insurance required us to have it replaced for coverage reasons. Being completely new to the area it was hard because we didn't really know a lot of people in the community to ask about who the best roofing specialists in the area where. We started our search by finding the local building supply companies and checking out with their associates to see what recommendations they would have. Luckily they also had a board with business cards of local companies and were extremly helpful in putting a few leads together for us. We had the three companies each to come in and write and estimate and work with us so we could get a better feel of which one we felt the most comfortable with. It certainly was a considerable expense to take in but once we got to talk to each contractor and see some of their results around the neighborhood it was easier for us to select the one to do our work for us. The Internet is also a great place to search for help you can enter your search information and see who is available in your area. For example a search of Fort Worth Roofing can get you in touch with roofers in the Fort Worth area that can assist you with your roof repair or replacement needs. The one thing I learned through the process is to ask lots of questions to be sure you have the right provider for you, your roof is a major investment and if done right it will last you for years but if it is done wrong it will cause you nothing but problems for years to come.

3 Days of Rain and counting

Yes the wind is still howling and the rain was pouring so hard this morning it looked like it was snowing out. It is miserable, I am miserable and the kids feel completely trapped in the house. They don't even get to go outside at school because they have been keeping them in due to the weather. It is suppossed to be nice over the weekend, fingers crossed, we will see what happens.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NC Real Estate Opportunities

Buying and selling real estate is one of the biggest investments any of us will make in our lifetimes and it is too big of decision just to leave to chance. When you are preparing to make this step whether buying your first home or selling and moving into a bigger home you need to have a real estate professional on your side. If you are shopping for real estate in the Wilmington NC area you can trust the team of Coastal Carolina Properties to help you with all your Wilmington NC Real Estate needs. Paul and the team have been negotiating amazing deals for their clients for years and even in today's slumping market they help to continue marketing this strong area. Check out the link to see many of the beautiful homes they have available to you. While visiting their site be sure to check out their link to the Columbus Humane Society whom are trying to place animals in happy homes all around the Columbus area.

The wind is howling...the power is out.

It is so cold here today, the temperature is supposodly 12 but the wind off the water is so strong that the wind chill is down to 2. The wind was so strong this afternoon that it knocked out the electricity for about an hour. Luckily it wasn't out for long and everything was back to normal before dark. It sounds like the wind will be howling for the rest of the night so I won't be surprised if it goes out again at some point.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting that special someone

It can be so hard these days to meet that special someone, someone that you can have faith in and trust completely. Where do you meet such a person in this crazy existance we seem to live in everyday. One of my girlfriends from church was asking me recently how did I meet my husband, what should she do to find someone she could see herself spending her life with? The biggest issue I saw with where she had been meeting her male companions lately is that she is going out to the clubs on the weekends and thinking she can find love there because it is a gathering place. The bad thing about that is that for the most part the people there are there for 1 reason and it isn't always the most genuine one. I suggested she spend more time participating in the small groups at the church or if she was really game she could check out a online christian singles chat. These are a great place that brings people together with similar values and allows you to join for free and browse their user profiles and contact the ones you would like to get to know better. Letting the relationships grow naturally and take it from there, I am hoping she has some better luck and finds much happiness in the very near future.

Great renovation projects

We have been turning a lot of our renovation attention to the interior of the house over the last few months. As our house is older there is a lot of upgrades that need to be completed. We have been adding molding to a lot of rooms that never had any installed when the walls were re-done a few years ago before we moved in. The latest little project we undertook was replacing the ancient doors on the main floor with modern and larger doors. My husband did all the work and found it a lot of fun, cutting the openings bigger and shimming in the new door frame and door. The next project we are considering is installing new doors on our cupboards and building a few extra cabinets and a pantry in the kitchen. If you are looking for some help finding Home Improvement Ideas for your house check out the link above to get some great ideas and tips.

Proud B Ballers

The boys each got a new basketball this week to celebrate Spring finally arriving. Kohl picked his out today while he is was helping Matt down at work. It is a cool combination of Grey, black, blue and red and is Junior sized to fit him better. He was making some great shots this afternoon once he helped put the replacement net on the rim. Jay got his Glow in the Dark net on the weekend and it really glows at night, he has had the guys over everynight to play.

ATV for fun

With Spring finally arriving there are signs that we will have some nice weather soon. The guys have been really been wanting to get a 4 wheeler for the woods to take out and ride around for fun but after reading a news artical about the ATV
Yamaha Rhino Rollover problems I am really concerned about letting them consider gettiing one of these vehicals. These and other types of ATV vehicels account for over 500 deaths a year of which over 100 are children. There were also over 140,000 injuries reported in 2006 directly related to accidents on these type of vehicles. The specific proble with the Yamaha Rhino appears to be the design, which has a narrow base and high centre of gravity which makes it extreamly unstable even when driven at slow speeds. When you add in some speed and some rough land it becomes a very difficult vehical to drive. Now on Yamaha's behalf they claim the incidents are the fault of poorly trained drivers that are using their vehicals in aggressive ways during abrupt maneuvars. The Rhino did not come equipped with doors which caused a lot of accidents where people's arms and legs where pinned under the vehical when it rolled over. Yamaha has sinced developed a door kit but has failed to make it standard equipment on their future models at this time. I am terrified that the guys are even considering this type of vehicle so I am hoping to be able to talk them out of this purchase.


Boys night out!

After a long week of work and school the boys are having a guys weekend. Friday night they are planning on a supper out at Boston Pizza, their new favorite. Pending what movies are playing they are going to take in a movie after supper. They are a little concerned because there isn't too many movies out right now they all want to see so they are awaiting the schedule. Saturday they are heading for a swim trip with the kids youth group. That should be lots of fun for them, hopefully the weather is decent because they want to get the bikes out and get them tuned up for summer and also we have parts to fix our trampoline and basket ball net. It should be a busy weekend.

The Puppy Incident

It happended yesterday and the scene wasn't pretty by any means. My Husband had left his dress shoes from work in the dining room after a long and tiring day of work. When we got up yesterday we didn't notice them because his jacket was also over the chair and hid them from site. While we were in town the dog sniffed them out and used them as a chew toy. It gave me an excuse to go shoe shopping for my husband, he doesn't really like shopping so I get to pick out his shoes and I found a website full of amazing deals on all sorts of shoes Shoes, meaning I get a pair for me too. Anyway the only condition on his shoes are that they have to be black to match the dress code from work so it was pretty easy to find a great selection of Mens Shoes. The site I found also offers free shipping on almost all orders and our order will arrive in 4-5 business days. For me where there isn't a retail store near our home they offer the same pricing on the website that they offer in their store. To ease my mind even more the site offers a 110% price guarantee so if I find the same shoes I want to order on another site anywhere they will refund 110% of the differance right to me.
We ended up going with the classic Bostonian Shoes they matched exactly what he needed for work and with the deal that was available it left enough room in the budget for me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I knew it wasn't just me

I found a very interesting article today that showed scientific proof that women can not control their food cravings. I have often wondered why I had no self control and would find myself convinced I needed certain foods. It's a very interesting article to check out explaining Why women can't say no to their favorite foods.

Remodeling Heaven

When we bought our home about 2 years ago it seemed like the perfect home for us It had lots of room for all the kids and was very centrally located to the schools that we wanted the kids to go to. The Junior High is three buildings up the road and the Elementary school is about a 5 minute walk. The house was also very close to work for my Husband and I, only a 10 minute drive. It really is a great home but, it is a bit older so we are always into renovations. In the last 2 years we have had to replace the roof and most of the windows. This year we are looking at the main doors and possibly the fence, which is in poor condition. Next year we will be remodeling the kitchen which will be another big job for a contractor. We have tried to do a lot of the little jobs ourselves but some of the bigger ones we leave to contractors like the experts from Seattle Remodeling. Using Contractors to do the bigger jobs is easier for us because the jobs are focused on and get done quickly. My husband can handle a lot of jobs but he does them around work and that tends to drag them out a bit and since it's our home sometimes we live in a bit of a mess while the job is getting done. Contractors Services are good for us because they can help us plan out the projects and do a better job of costing out things than we sometimes do.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting out there

It's a jungle out there, there are so many avenues available to meet new people these days. Many people are turning to online chat sites to meet people with similar likes, hobbies or areas. Using these sites to get to know different people is a grat way to start without making a huge commitment, you can start out with messages back and forth and work up to web-cam sessions to put a face to these new people. You can control the pace of the relationships you make on the local chat. Once you've signed up for your free membership you will have instant access to all the other users online. Browse through and make connections with the ones that peak your curiosity. You can search through the users that are online right now to make an instant connection. Now the best thing about this chat site is that it is completely 100% free for all users. There is no hidden costs, no hidden registration fees and no user fees, 100% free all the time. This is just another fun type of tool you can use to fill up your lonely days by making new friends to get to know and spend time with.

Turning Spare time into Cash

In today's economy we are all finding it a bit more difficult making ends meet on a weekly basis. If you find yourself with some spare time on your hands and possess some computer skills you can start making money directly from the comfort of your own home with Freelance Jobs you can get started right away for free and turn your spare time into making money online time. Take a few minutes to check out the various options for you and see if any could work for you.

I want my warmth

It's almost the end of April and I am still suffering through days of 1 or 2 degrees, just above freezing. I am so sick of the cold, I want my warmth, even on a sunny day the wind is so cold that still has a wind chill under 0. I still have to use the heat in the house, wear sweaters etc. errrr...I can't wait for some great sunny days.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making a connection

I can remember what it was like to be a single mom, it can be very intimidatioin to try and be a single mom dating how do you know the guys you meet are being genuine will treat you kids right. There are online dating sites designed specifically for single moms and dads to meet people in their area that have similar interests. It's a great alternative to find and meet a few people and be able to get to know them online at your own pace.

Feeling Under the Weather

Yuck...That's about all I can say, with only 2 days before I leave for a week of dance excitement I feel terrible. Both Hubby and I are suffering from a touch of the flu. You know the exhausted, frozen, body ache kind of flu, that makes you only want to curl up in bed and cover your head and sleep the days away. I am hoping I can find the strength tommorrow to pack while still making final practice in the afternoon and work in the evening. I need a magical cure to get myself back on

Snoring Problem

While I love my husband dearly some nights when he is over tired the roaring coming from the bed makes it almost impossible to get a good nights sleep. It's hard enough when I work late till 1am but when I get home and here that...errrr. I had to convince him it would be in his best interest to go and find a solutioun to stop snoring. Once he finds what he needed we were able to shop online at a medical supply site and get exactly what he needed and have it shipped direct to the house. This saves lots of time and makes it easier to take care of his ZZZZZZZ! problem

Boys can dance too

The boys were excited today when I arrived home with their new Dance Jackets. They have been waiting all year and it was even better because their sister got her's about a month ago so they have been waiting patiently. The jackets arrived just in time to go off to competetion with so the kids will be looking their best on and off stage. Go get em boys.

Lap Band

Lap band surgery is a real alternative for people suffering from obesity. Many people suffer for years trying different diets and exercise routines only to find themselves in worse condition than when they started. A real surgical alternative to weight loss, lap band is now available and is being preformed by quality surgeons all over the country. If you are interested in hearing from people that have had real experience with this type of surgery check out these lap band testimonials from real patients that have made the move to change their lives forever. For even more proof check out the lap band before and after success stories for more real stories. When you are ready to get serious about your weight struggles call the hotline to get the help you need at 1-800-GET-SLIM

Getting ready for Dance Competition

It's that time of year when the kids dance year is finishing up and they are getting ready for competition and year end dance show. We decided to shop for costumes online this year instead of trying to make our own this year. The girls are very excited when we showed them what we found. We were able to find a great selection of Costumes and the favorite of the girls was this Egyptian costume for their "Walk like an Egyptian" dance. While I was shopping for the girls I also was able to get lots of ideas for Halloween. There are Halloween costumes for every occasion. We love to go out on Halloween as a family so we need to have new Adult Halloween Costumes, we love to have fun with the kids by dressing up to. Now for the Kids Halloween Costumes that's a bit more of a challenge since the kids are all different ages they all like different things. One is looking for Starwars, Clone Trooper costume, I think it's just so he can have a blaster to carry around. Our youngest little guy is into Iron Man, but I think he'll expect to be able to fly if he gets this costume. What every they decide we are going to have a great time and with shopping online we will save a lot of time to enjoy our Hallow's Eve

Camera Critters #54 Sleeping Beauty

Hubby and I both worked tonight so Jay and Trin were holding the fort at home. We checked in through the night to make sure they were doing alright. They watched a movie and had some snacks and then when it was bed time Trin read the boys stories. When we go home we found Blake and Breigh sleeping in his cabin, big cardboard box that hubby brought home from work last week. They both look so comfy I had a hard time disturbing them.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Home Makeover

We have been working on creating more useful space in our bedrooms for the last few months. With some new shelving units and some new decorations we have made the kids rooms work so much better for them. Everything has a spot and they are much happier because they can keep their rooms clean because they know exactly what to do with everything. It is now time to turn our focus onto our master bedroom which we have been renovating from a garage to our bedroom for the last year. All the prep work is done and it is now time to start furnishing our room. I really love storage solutions and when I saw this bed I fell in love, what a great idea to be able to lift the bed, which is on a gas lift system and store things away. This will give me a spot to send the out of season clothing without having to clutter up the closets. I really thought this was a unique idea and I also loved the color and the leather finish. I also found some beautiful Metal Beds that would look good in my daughters room with high rails it was great for a princess but she will have to wait for a little while for us to change out her bed as we have to finish our room first.

A new workout idea?

I recently read in an news article that you can give your heart a good workout just by kissing. A good kissing session can get your heart up to 120 - 150 beats per minute. This could basically have a similar workout effect to a brisk walk but I think it might just be more enjoyable.

Spring has sprung

The days are finally starting to get warmer and I for one can't wait to get outside and enjoy our yard. Spring always means for me it's time to get out and plant some flowers and work on getting the lawn going after a long winter. We did a lot of work on our lawn last year to try and get it to thicken up and stay green. It was our first full Summer in our house and the previous owners kind of abused or neglected their green paradise. We normally use fertilizer on our lawn to get it greened up but this year it seems like it is the appropriate time to become more "Green Conscious" and use products that are better for the environment. The kids spend so much time running, rolling and playing on the lawn it only makes scense for us to use organic and
natural lawn care products to green our lawn instead of the fertilizers and pesticides that have been used for years to control weeds, pest and to make the lawn green and full. It will much more satisfying this summer knowing with just a few minor alterations to our lawn care habits we will be helping to keep the environment and our children healthier.

The Single Life

I found myself escaping from a bad relationship a little over 10 years ago, suddenly I was a single mom on my own. I certainly had to grow up fast and I had no problem looking after things on my own, it was my responsibility. I found a lot of joy raising my son but at the same time sometimes it was a bit lonely focused on him to have contact with adults. I didn't really know anyone else that was going through my situation to relate to. With the explosion of the Internet there are so many avenues for people to meet and make new friends. I recently came accross a single parent chat room that is a haven for single mom's and dad's to come together and help support each other through the growing pains of being a single parent on a daily basis. Here you can search through profiles and join in on chat's with various people. The service also offers web cam links so you can see who your talking too. I was lucky enough to meet my future husband after my break up and we developed a friendship which eventually led to us getting together and having 3 more children together. He was very accepting of my son and adopted him after we got married.

The New Babysitter

With my son turning 13 he was wanting to take over as the family babysitter. Seeing as we were having problems with our sitter not being available when we needed her it was an easy transition. Jay is quite good with the kids when we are not around, surprising when he is on duty he treats them better than a regular day. We found a local company that offers courses in first aid, which also offers a Babysitter course to teach people 11 - 15 information on caring for infants, toddlers and older children. The course teaches them the basics in first aid, injury prevention and what the responsibilities of a mature babysitter would be. We are going to be registering him for this course especially since it's only $30, definetly worth it for us.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skincare made easy

We all want to stay youthful looking as long as possible, now unfortuently no one has discovered the fountain of youth yet but there have been many advancements in the skin care industry over the last few years. We all want to reduce the signs of crow's feet, wrinkles, dark circles that all take our youthful appearance. There are a number of skin issues that effect women of all ages, we suffer from the occasional to serious acne. Now it's easy to just go out an buy anyone of the many acne treatments available but really you should consult with a dermatologist to find out the right formulation of treatment for your skin. I recently started using mineral make-up and have to say I absolutely love it, it is a hypoallergenic loose powder that is free of perfumes, alcohol, dyes, oils and perservatives. This mineral make-up is great for my sensitive skin and helps me control breakouts etc. It's important to me to be able to take time out for me and with the best Body care products. If your interested in learning more about the latest products for all your skin and body care needs check out the website for all the information you need.

Summer is coming

A friend of ours has been building quite a little car collection over the last few months. With Summer coming soon he is looking to get them all fixed up for summer. His prized car is his BMW that he but from down south last fall and flew down to get. It's in great shape with the exception of the AC which wasn't working, it was in need of a BMW AC compressor which he recently ordered so he can get it ready to go cruising. Changing the AC Compressor is easy for him so it was just a matter of getting the part as cheap as possible. I helped him with the research to find the bast auto ac parts deals around. While we were at it we shopped for a Dodge AC compressor for our Caravan which conked out on us last fall. Since I found the great deals he is going to install ours for us for free.

The Barbie Doll

A man was driving home one evening and realized that it was his daughter's birtday and he hadn't bought her a present. He drove to the mall and ran to the toy store and he asked the store manager " How much is that new Barbie in the window?"

The Manager replied, "Which one? We have -
"Barbie goes to the gym" for $19.95...
"Barbie goes to the ball" for $19.95...
"Barbie goes shopping" for $19.95...
"Barbie goes to the beach" for $19.95...
and "Divorce Barbie" for $375.00

Why is the Divorced Barbie $375.oo when all the others are $19.95?" Dad asked surprised. Simple..."Divorced Barbie comes with Ken's Car, Ken's House, Ken's Boat, Ken's Dog, Ken's Cat and Ken's furniture."

Car Shopping

My husband is what you would call a car freak, he is constantly looking at, researching and just in general drooling over new cars. I will constantly see him on the Internet looking at aCar Photo Gallery, checking out all the concept and upcoming releases. Constantly thinking about new cars can certainly be fun and I find myself peaking over his shoulder once in a while. He regularily checks out Cars Blog lookin for the latest news and hype over the new cars. One of his favorite upcoming cars is the Chevy Volt, which is a battery powered car that will be able to travel up to 40 miles on a single charge. I myself think a little different since we have 4 children and find myself looking at the 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it's full of all the latest technology and has beautiful lines that I love. It's really exciting to checkout all the latest Car Videos to find out more information of all the new cars that are getting ready to hit the market. Now we will be waiting a little longer before buying our next vehicle as we have a year left on our current lease and we really want to wait and see how the manufactures weather the current market troubles before we commit to any one brand.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Camera Critters

Here's my little poser, we came home the other day from a short trip into town to find this little furball curled up on the couch. She looked pretty cozy and innocent didn't she, too bad she ate a bunch of my pot pourri, a pencil and some of the kids toys while we were out. You got to love her though.
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Good Oral Hygene

With my new job going well and with becoming full-time also brought benefits. This was a great thing for me and the family as it allows us to have coverage to take better care of our Dental needs. It's so important with the kids to build the habit of regularily visiting the dentist and having good preventative skills when it comes to their dental routines. Finding good Dental Consultants and the right practice to match our families growing needs was the first step. We wanted to be sure to have a good dentist that would take the time to explain our childrens needs to us and to be patient and considerate to our childrens concerns and needs. It is very comforting knowing we have been able to build these relationships with our dentist.

Holy Nerd

After we got back from our trip to the movie theatre today it was so warm the kids went right up stairs to change into some shorts to go into the yard and play. I was on the phone with my mother when this creature showed up in my kitchen. It was hilarious to see him arrive in the kitchen, I just wish I had the video camera going because he had the Urkel walk down and the voice to go with it. What a moment, completely out of character for him and a great laugh, thanks Jay.

Home Decorating

Moving into an older home can have it's challanges and it's perks. We have spent the last year moving, renovating and decorating. We have one room that had a very rustic looking wood floor, I really loved the flooring but I found it difficult to find the right decoration to compliment it. Once I found this website dedicated to rustic wood furniture. I love the character and craftmanship of this bench. It is hand crafted and made from beautiful cherry wood. Taking the time to search through the beautiful online catalogue of merchandise the website has to offer you will certainly find something you will want to add to your home's decor.

My little Dancer

I am heading away on a Dance Competition with my daughter in the coming weeks, normally my hubby comes with us but this year he has to stay behind for work. My mom is subbing in and coming with us for support and I will be taking my youngest little guy down with us to make things a bit easier on Hubby. Our little fella is a gamer and is joining us in the parent/children dance and will probably be the star of the show. Here he is in costume with he glorious red gel hair. He's pretty excited to get up on stage with us and have a great time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting a hobby

With me working a lot of nights now my husband really needed to get a hobby, he can only do so much laundry and dishes after all. Once the kids are off to bed he gets bored, he thought he would start collecting rare coins. It is an interesting hobby and at least it can be considered an investment to as the coins would not lose their value. Looking through the internet he found a rare coin dealer to help him find different types of coin to collect. With a little more research I found the Monex company, they are the industry experts and have been working in rare coins and metals for almost 40 years. Their experts have access to all the most valuable coins on the market and are able to help locate the rarest of coins.

The countdown is on

Only a couple of weeks left before we go off to my daughters big dance competition. The last of the costumes arrived last night and they are all hanging in my room waiting to be packed away. She is competing in over 12 dances so there is lots of different costumes to be seen. I would have to say it's a green spring as most of her costumes are some shade of green. We have some extra support this year as my Mom is travelling with us for the show, it's her first competition with us. It should be a great time for everyone and a great way to wind the year down.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creating a lasting impression

When thinking about a making your mark last make a choice to use a material that will stand the test of time. Bronze has been used for generations for it's durable qualities. If you are looking to recognize an achievement with a plaque consider using cast bronze plaques to create a lasting impression of your appreciation. This type of plaque will show your appreciation with it's quality and workmanship. One of the most common uses of markers is for bronze memorial plaques to commemorate someones life or for the use of bronze grave markers to create a lasting monument. If you are looking for a resource that can assist you in creating your lasting impression you can search online at for a family team of experts that can help you with the design and creation of your monument.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cutting out the middle man

I'm sure you have seen the ads on TV or in your magazines, you can save money and get better quality products that you could every buy at retail. If you are thinking of doing renovations on your home and don't want to pay the extra mark up from retailers you can buy direct from Direct Buy. They offer an extensive line of products from kitchen cabinets to Bathroom fixtures for your home at drastically lower prices. There are Direct Buy Showrooms all over the country from one end to the Direct Buy Silicon Valley. Checkout the link to find the direct buy nearest you and get your free pass.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pregnancy Memories

I was recently remembering back to my pregnancies and all the fun moments that came along with them. I know a lot of people suffer with morning sickness but for the most part I didn't have too much problems with that. I know I had a lot of food cravings, one with my Daughter was a Cesar Pita Wrap from Wendy's that I had to have almost everyday. They discontinued them shortly after she was born and I think about them every time I'm in there. I worried a lot when I was pregnant that I was doing everything I could to take care of the baby. I would worry about the position I would sleep in that I might squish the baby. It was kind of funny as I was approaching the end of my pregnancies I would almost sense it was time to go into labor and would get out and get active. For one son I went to a amusement park with the other kids and ended up on a trampoline before bringing them home, guess what, labor that night. Then for our last son I went out with the kids for Trick or Treating and it was a brisk/long walk and again, labor that night. I certainly enjoyed pregnancy each and every time and if it wasn't for money concerns would have probably given those TV Mom's (Kate and 17 & counting) a run for their money. When I was pregnant there were lots of books to get information from but now a days there are multiple web-sites to reference for just about any question you could have regarding your pregnancy. The best advise I can give to anyone that is pregnant is to enjoy every single day of your pregnancy.

The Boys

The Boys were in a parent/child bowling tournament yesterday and although they weren't sure how well they would do I think they did alright. They were actually leading after the first string and they were only slowed by a couple of rough turns in the middle of the 2nd string. They still ended up placing 4th overall and had a great time, they are planning on getting a little more practice for next year and bringing home the big trophy. Good job Guys.

The Baby Love

Some of the most exciting times in my life have been my pregnancies. Having 4 children can certainly be a handful at times but I look back now on each of my pregnacies with such amazement. It is something really only a mother can understand linking to this little life that is developing inside. I can remember talking with my husband with each of the kids trying to figure out what sex the baby would be, what would we name the baby either way, what type of person would they be in their lives. I can remember painting a room twice because we thought it might be a boy and than later on decided it might be a girl so we had to decided on a more neutral color to paint. With our last couple of children we decided it would be better to know ahead of time so we could be better prepared for the arrival and I would suggest it to anyone becuase I found it allowed you to really grow a bond already knowing they would be a baby boy. We were able to be set on a name and have the room completely prepared. It is amazing to watch them develop and grow into individuals as the years go by. Even though I had been through pregnancy before I always had many questions and second guessed every stage of pregnancy, the only thing that got me through the stages was looking up information to make sure I was on track to where I should be, books and websites like "Parents Connect" are great assets in keeping your sanity while you are going through pregnancy and also through every stage of your childs life.

Camera Critter Making the best of Winter

With a surprise Spring storm our little Breigh wasn't very happy with the situation. She had become used to going for a walk up to the kids school to pick them up. While I was on the treadmill the other day she kept trying to climb on with me so when I was done I decided to give her a run too. She took a minute to get used to the sound of her paws on the tread but really got into it and had a great run. Congratualations to everyone on 1 year of Camera Critters
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Online Search

The Internet Universe has literaly changed the way we communciate with others. With the use of webcams and the internet we can chat to other people from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. This opens up the possiblility of meeting with people that otherwise you would have never had the opportunity to meet. It's great to be able to use a chat site and find people that share similar interest to you quickly. There are many chat rooms available now that are specific to lifestyle choice so you can find people with like interests and get to know them, while chating and viewing them through their webcam while they do the same to you. The most recent chat room I came accross is build specificaly as a Married Chat Room where married couples can meet other married couples to talk about the everything under the sun. Getting to know other married couples you can discuss the daily things that come up in a couples life and get another couples opinion and feedback. This can be a great tool to build relationships and new friendships with other couples. There are any number of chat sites out there now so for basically any type of lifestyle you might live you can find other people from all around the world that share your interests.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fast Emergency Money

From time to time we find ourselves in a bind for cash and I recently discovered a very different alternative that I have never heard about before. If you own your own vehical and it has a wholesale value of more than $5000 you can qualify for a Car Title Loan in as little as one hour and here is the best part you get to keep your car while enjoying your money, as long as you keep paying your loan payments. Now of course nothing in life is free, you will have to repay your loan but you can take up to 36 months to pay it back or repay it right away without any penalty. These type of Pink slip loans are certainly gaining in popularity in these tough economic times, more and more people are finding themselves in a cash flow crunch. Even if you are suffering from BAD credit you can still acquire one of these types of loans. There are great user friendly websites available that deal exclusively with this type of lending. Visiting these sites you can normally chat online with a representative, while finding our more information and also quickly find the estimated wholesale value of your vehical with just a few clicks. Apply online today and see if you can qualify for an Auto Title Loans Los Angeles or other areas quickly and easily.

Excellant Shapewear

I have been working on improving my body image for a while now and some days it sure seems like I have hit the wall on progress. With working late nights I have found my self feeling completely drained of energy almost all the time. By the time I get off at 1 and get home to sleep it is normally 2 or 3 which doesn't leave much time for sleep. I have read that your body doesn't like to lose weight when it is over tired so I try to catch up during the morning hours after the older kids get to school but it's hard to do that because I still have 1 little guy at home. He will watch a show in the morning which buys me an hour. I have been looking for some clothing that will help me feel better about myself and how I fit and feel in my clothing. I recently discovered a line of Shapewear by Marena Everyday that really does the job to make you feel better about where your at. The fabric that is used to craft you clothing will actually cut you down by at least a full size, without making you feel trapped and stuffed into something too small. The Marena Everyday collection is designed to fit and feel like a 2nd layer of skin which definetly lets you breath. The material also promotes a healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage which will make your legs feel less tired and allow you to work out harder. As the material breaths so easy you can wear it for hours, through the daily grind of your day or through a rigorous workout without worrying about sweat as the material pulls sweat away from your body and releases it into the environment. Now I would have to say perhaps the best feature of this shapewear was that it works to minimize the appearance of "cottage cheese" legs or cellulite by improving lymph drainage and circulation which improves the appearance of your skin. If this is starting to sound too good to be true, right now there is even a free giveaway on the home website so get started on feeling better about yourself.285

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Baby Life Line

We are celebrating our daughters 9th birthday today and it made me reflect back through the years to a time when she was just a baby. I can remember for me the life line to surviving the baby years was a good diaper bag. It was so important to me to be prepared when on the run with the kids and to be sure the diaper bag had to be big enough with enough compartments to hold everything I might need while out. This is a picture of the style of bag I really liked. It was super comfortable to carry with it's wide strap. For on the run changes it came with a built in change pad so you could do it anywhere. There was lots of room for bottles and had a great feature of a clip that I could hook my keys and the babies soother to so they were right in reach and I didn't have to dig for them. It was big enough to carry everything but compact enough that it didn't take up too much space when I needed to store it. I found this bag on a site that has a great selection of bags, kids and Designer Baby Clothes available in great colors, styles and best of all prices. You can get all the great designer names you like at affordable prices while shopping from the comfort of your own home. No need to carry a sleepy, cranky baby through the mall anymore.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Online shopping

Everybody loves a sale and I had to share the awesome offers I found from holsted jewelers. This site is completely open to the public and they offer a great assortment of jewelery for any ladies wardrobe. I found myself spending almost an hour searching through the entire site. There was so much beautiful jewelery available that I had a hard time picking out just a few. Seeing that there was too many choices I felt it would be too hard to pick just a few pieces, and that's the best part of all because they have a no hassel return policy so when I'm in doubt about what to get I don't have to worry about it, I just get them all and pick out my favorites to keep.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Always Moving!

I think I am becoming an expert in moving and redecorating our home. In the last 10 years we have moved 7 times due to my husbands work. It is always a stressful time with trying to get the kids re-adjusted and setting up a new home. We hopefully won't have to move again in the near future but when it happens we will like to be ready to go. For me the biggest part is getting all our belongings moved and I like to have a company I can trust to treat my belongings with the the care and respect I want them to have. Looking for central movers Toronto that can come to your home and do an estimate up for you. They treat you just the way you want and understand the moving can be stressful. Moving for us can be an exciting time filled with new adventures but hopefully my husbands job won't have us move anytime soon.