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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Home Makeover

We have been working on creating more useful space in our bedrooms for the last few months. With some new shelving units and some new decorations we have made the kids rooms work so much better for them. Everything has a spot and they are much happier because they can keep their rooms clean because they know exactly what to do with everything. It is now time to turn our focus onto our master bedroom which we have been renovating from a garage to our bedroom for the last year. All the prep work is done and it is now time to start furnishing our room. I really love storage solutions and when I saw this bed I fell in love, what a great idea to be able to lift the bed, which is on a gas lift system and store things away. This will give me a spot to send the out of season clothing without having to clutter up the closets. I really thought this was a unique idea and I also loved the color and the leather finish. I also found some beautiful Metal Beds that would look good in my daughters room with high rails it was great for a princess but she will have to wait for a little while for us to change out her bed as we have to finish our room first.

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