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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting that special someone

It can be so hard these days to meet that special someone, someone that you can have faith in and trust completely. Where do you meet such a person in this crazy existance we seem to live in everyday. One of my girlfriends from church was asking me recently how did I meet my husband, what should she do to find someone she could see herself spending her life with? The biggest issue I saw with where she had been meeting her male companions lately is that she is going out to the clubs on the weekends and thinking she can find love there because it is a gathering place. The bad thing about that is that for the most part the people there are there for 1 reason and it isn't always the most genuine one. I suggested she spend more time participating in the small groups at the church or if she was really game she could check out a online christian singles chat. These are a great place that brings people together with similar values and allows you to join for free and browse their user profiles and contact the ones you would like to get to know better. Letting the relationships grow naturally and take it from there, I am hoping she has some better luck and finds much happiness in the very near future.

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