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Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Are You?

It happens on an almost daily occurance at my house and I am sure it happens to you to, annoying telemarketers calling to sell you the latest greatest item or service. You know the speal, "today I am authorized to offer you the low introductory rate, blah, blah." For every list I ask to have my name removed from it seems as though I must get placed on two more. It can be very frustrating, recently I had a call from a company advising me that my vehical warranty was about to expire and that I needed to buy a new extended warranty. Now it was true my warranty was almost expired so I almost got hooked in, I wanted my hubby to check it out before I gave them any information so he called the dealership and indeed it was a scam company trying to get our credit card number from us. There are new services available now that allow you to track who's calling you and it is extreamly easy to use. You can enter the phone number that has been calling you into the website and it will populate any information available on that number. You will get the owner and address of the number and are able to view any call information that others have entered about that number. You will also see a list of related phone numbers to the same Company/Owner. The great thing about this is that you can actually Report Callers to the site and let others know what they are up to. It is a very user friendly site that allows you to get help but also give help to others at the same time. You can also use this site to look up any phone number that you may have so if you come home and have strange numbers on your phone you can also look them up to see who they might belong to. This service is a great protective asset to protect yourself from scams and identity theft.

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