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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ATV for fun

With Spring finally arriving there are signs that we will have some nice weather soon. The guys have been really been wanting to get a 4 wheeler for the woods to take out and ride around for fun but after reading a news artical about the ATV
Yamaha Rhino Rollover problems I am really concerned about letting them consider gettiing one of these vehicals. These and other types of ATV vehicels account for over 500 deaths a year of which over 100 are children. There were also over 140,000 injuries reported in 2006 directly related to accidents on these type of vehicles. The specific proble with the Yamaha Rhino appears to be the design, which has a narrow base and high centre of gravity which makes it extreamly unstable even when driven at slow speeds. When you add in some speed and some rough land it becomes a very difficult vehical to drive. Now on Yamaha's behalf they claim the incidents are the fault of poorly trained drivers that are using their vehicals in aggressive ways during abrupt maneuvars. The Rhino did not come equipped with doors which caused a lot of accidents where people's arms and legs where pinned under the vehical when it rolled over. Yamaha has sinced developed a door kit but has failed to make it standard equipment on their future models at this time. I am terrified that the guys are even considering this type of vehicle so I am hoping to be able to talk them out of this purchase.


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