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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer is coming

A friend of ours has been building quite a little car collection over the last few months. With Summer coming soon he is looking to get them all fixed up for summer. His prized car is his BMW that he but from down south last fall and flew down to get. It's in great shape with the exception of the AC which wasn't working, it was in need of a BMW AC compressor which he recently ordered so he can get it ready to go cruising. Changing the AC Compressor is easy for him so it was just a matter of getting the part as cheap as possible. I helped him with the research to find the bast auto ac parts deals around. While we were at it we shopped for a Dodge AC compressor for our Caravan which conked out on us last fall. Since I found the great deals he is going to install ours for us for free.

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