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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camera Critter # 60 Happy Birthday Breigh

Our big girl is turned 1 on Wednesday, oh how fast the years go by!

What do you get the birthday girl that eats everything? A party pack of her favorite treats of course.

Trying out her birthday gift, I think the brown shoe treats where her favorite!

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Web Hosting Review Site

I have been hosting my blogs for a little over 2 years now and it has been a lot of fun to share my world with my family while I live so far away from them. I have also been amazed by the networking opportunities and have met many cool people through blogging, some I would say feel more like family even though we haven't met face to face. I have been working based off a free web hosting service and recently decided it was time to look into alternatives to see what other hosting services had to offer. I did a little serching and discovered a website "" that is an excellant source of independant reviews of the best web hosting services under $10/month available today. Searching for dedicated server hosting has never been easier with this full review of all the hosting services, some you probably have heard of and others are hidden gems when you look at what they have to offer. The site's high level comparison gives you a very quick snapshot of what the different hosts have to offer including Price, Space and Traffic. It also shows a list of bonus features that are available and a link to the sites detailed review. It is so easy to compare and find the right host for your needs in just minutes. For me I was looking Free Domain Names and a fairly low monthly fee as I generally just use my blog for fun and keeping up with family. By using the site you can certainly find the right hosting service to get your site up and running as fast as possible.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Searching for new furniture

We have too many projects on the go around the house, we are living in an older home so I have been trying to modernize the look of the house as much as possible. With our bedroom renovations almost completed I turned my focus to the bedroom furniture that I wanted to get to spruce up our room. We needed a full bedroom suite as ours is a little stale and needs some updating.
We started setting up my garden out front the other day, and I have been looking at building a deck from our front entrance to our garden. This will allow us to let the kids out and give us an area to relax in the evenings. Our deck will be big enough to set up a patio set in the summer. We are looking at a great assortment of outdoor couches and patio sets. I really love the one pictured above as it allows you to sit around and enjoy the fire rather than just sit around the regular patio set.
The other challenging project that we are reviewing for the summer time is a change in our bathroom that will allow us to take normal bath/showers as we see fit, right now we can only take a shower as we only have a stand up stall. The other main change to our bathroom is a new bathroom vanities as ours is terrible, hand built and shows off the bathroom poorly. One thing for sure with me around my husband will never be bored as I am always thinking of the next project to be done and most of the time 2 or 3 more after that just to keep him on his toes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dark Circles can be frustrating

My poor little son, Kohl he has had dark circles under his eyes almost his entire life. We have had him to the doctors but they don't feel there is any problem. We were concerned for a while that he was not getting enough sleep but we have always had him to bed a reasonable hour, 8pm and he usually doesn't get up before 7am. After trying different things with diet and adjusting his sleep to an early time we haven't had much success in our battle with his dark circles. We turned our efforts to searching online for treatments and ideas that we could try to help him with his circles. We discovered the which offers up reviews of the best products to reduce or eliminate dark circles and puffiness from around the eye area. If you are interested in reading the eye cream review sites you can check out the website to get connected to the reviews. The reviews are very informative and discuss the conditions they target and the results you can expect from using the product. The site allows you to read the reviews along with also the comments placed up on various items by people that have actually used them give you first hand knowledge into the products. We are hoping to see the results for our little guy so he doesn't feel to self conscious about his dark circles

Looking for the Green

We have been struggling to make our lawn green and full since we moved in 2 years ago. There were some areas of just weed that we had to remove and some completely bare areas as the previous owners had a dog that was tied in the back yard and had it completely grass free. We started with putting down sod a couple of years ago and it is starting to fill in but it really needs a boast. I really don't want to use tradional fertilzers because with 4 young kids and our dog constantly running, playing and rolling on the lawn I am concerned about the chemicals used those traditional fertilizers. I was searching for an organic alternative that would provide me with the lawn I want without the pestisides. While searching online I found the ringer lawn restore which is organic and has a time release formula to boast the lawn and keep it green and healthy and helps control the weeds. Summer time is coming and that means it will be time to start having campfires at night, swimming in the pool and lounging in the sun during the day and I can't wait to enjoy it on our all green, organic lawn.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relaxing Thought

If you are searching like me for a way to relax at the end of a long and busy day you should search online for a great selection of Tibetan Singing Bowl and other relaxation accessories. The singing bowl has long been considered a tool for relaxation and I found an amazing selection of Crystal singing bowls that are constructed of quartz and are available in frosted or clear finishes. These singing bowls create a beautiful song that is perfect for soothing meditation. You can order your collection quickly and easily by contacting (877) 671-2242 to speak to a sales representative. Relaxation and meditation can improve your overall health and wellness and allow you to function through your daily life so much easier.

A different type of investment

If you are looking for a different way to invest your money you can look into a Vending Machine Business. This is a tried and true business when done right in the right location can make you a lot of money. There is nothing better than to provide convienence and variety for your customers. One of the biggest choices might be what vendor to use for your machine. Traditional machines usually offer products from just one company and are designed to specifically hold one type of product. For example you would have a machine that offers only pop or only snacks which makes you have to invest in multiple Vending Machine per location to offer the variety of products and it also limits your locations because you would require additional space to hold multiple machines. There is an vending alternative that offers the convenience of multiple product lines all contained in one user friendly machine. It is an extremely profitable time to be in the vending machine business with great profits available from the exploding energy drink and bottled water. The latest machines are where it's at, you are providing a convenience and you need to be able to provide a convenient pay system for your machines. The newest machines are equipped to accept up to a $20 and dispense change accordingly, quickly serving and vending to your client. Do your research and check out the different options for Vending Machines before investing your money

My new Ride

Hubby brought home the coolest ride last night for Blake and Kohl, Blake has been driving this a

round the back hallways at his work. He really wanted this and we decided to surprise the boys with it. We took it for a drive around the block during lunch and had a blast listening to the stereo. As you can see he was pretty impressed with the permanent smile.

Health concerns with Corporate Lies

I am always shocked when I hear stories about corporations knowingly releasing products that contain toxic chemicals as part of their formula. How could anyone with any amount of human decency knowingly expose their customers to products that will harm or kill them. One story I hear over and over again is about people being exposed to Asbestos, which is linked to very aggressive form of lung cancer called Mesothelioma. This cancer attacks the membrane that protects the lungs and liver and once it begins it grows very aggressively. Another form of Asbestos poisoning is asbestosis, which also effects the lungs, causing shortness of breath and eventually lung failure. Asbestos was used for decades in the manufacturing of insulation and cement and as such the risk is real as many renovation projects still have this type of product in them. As the renovation or demolition occurs the Asbestos is released and exposure occurs. It is vital to anyone performing this type of work to take the appropriate precautions to ensure their safety. As many of the companies that manufactured with Asbestos have gone bankrupt settling with people affected by their product it is difficult to receive compensation from Asbestos exposure, it is very important to find yourself a specialized Mesothelioma Lawyer that is experienced in working with these types of cases.


Working by Candle light

No I am just kidding, my hours got extended at work this week as the center has extended their operating hours. I now have to work until 1:30am every night, oh and I have keys to close up the center now too. Last night really sucked because my partner got stuck on a call until 1:45 so by the time we actually got out it was 2 and by the time I got home it was 2:30. Luckily Hubby was asleep so he didn't notice I was late tonight. It sure makes it hard to get going in the morning but I will have to try and catch up on sleep in the afternoons.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Finding debt solutions

In these tough economic times it can be very frustrating trying to balance your bills and payments when you area experiencing employment issues. Once you start down the road of making late payments or skipping payments you can erode and devastate your credit rating. It can be very important to go through a Debt Negotiation process with your creditors to help you come up with a payment program that will have allow you to pay down your debt withing 24-36 months instead of the 30-40 years you could spend paying off your debts by only paying the minimum payments. Another option is to seek Debt Relief, this type of program basically means you get set up with a debt relief specialist whom negotiates with your credit companies to get your interest rates reduced or eliminated so more of your payments go towards the principal and getting rid of your debt faster while protecting your credit rating. Debt relief can be used for any type of credit debt even if it has gone to collection. If you find yourself drowning in high interest credit cards you should take the opportunity to look into debt relief. Whatever type of Debt Reduction you select it is important to take the time to understand all the options and ramifications of the type of program you are looking into. Debt Reduction programs can help you reduce your overall payable by as much as 50%. Allowing you to save your money and get out of your debt crisis faster than you thought possible.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going for a test Drive

There is two things I have been waiting for all winter and now that Spring is here it's time to take action. The first thing was for our lease to end on our car, only 2 month left so were counting down the days. The second thing was to start shopping for our next vehicle. I didn't want to start too early because that would just make me anxious and be jumping into something. I want to take my time and find the right vehicle at the right price for us. This is a great time to go shopping for a car, it really is a buyers market. I have started looking online for the latest information on all the new cars available on the market. I really want to get a great quality car that has style and performance. I started by watching Acura videos and have taken a liking to the TSX it has great lines and 2.4L, 4 cylinder engine provides great performance and fuel milege. Another option I am looking at were the Aston-Martin videos. I would have to say though for design and beauty I think I have been pulled in by the Audi videos. I am completely sold on the audi s5 and have set up an appointment to take out a test drive next week. I love every angle of this car, which is strange for me as usually there is something I don't like about a car. The grill gives it such an amazing profile, the LED daytime running lights really show up. It looks like it handles amazingly well and I can't wait to get behind the wheel and take it up the highway for a true test of the ride.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a Disaster

What a mess we have in our house, it all started innocently enough after a very busy day I was off to work and hubby was trying to get some cleaning done around the house. He started a load of laundry and went out to check on the kids in the yard for a few minutes, came back in washed his hands and went upstairs to check for more laundry. When he came back down he heard running water. He thought it was strange because he was sure he had turned off the water after washing his hands. He listened for a minute and finally figured out where the water was coming from...our bedroom. He ran down and sure enough it was like a flood and rain shower, as it turned out the tube on the back of the washer popped off so it would register as being full so the water just kept filling and filling. He has spent the last few hours trying to suck up water with our shop vac but there is a lot of damage, it looks like the floor is ruined and some of the walls are suffering from water damage as well. We had only recently finished our bedroom so this time around it will be necessary to get a Washington Remodeling expert to come in and fix the mess. Going online you can arrange a appointment or talk directly to an agent about your remodeling need. I am going away to New York for a trip with my daughter soon so I am hoping all the remodeling is done when I get back.

Camera Critter...HELP....SOMEBODY....I'M IN HERE!

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After Blake got home from school he spent some time in the back yard with the dog. Breigh is doing great with being of her leash while we are in the yard with her. Blake put her in the play house but I don't think she was too sure what to think about it????? She couldn't figure out how to get the door open

and VOILA!

out the window!

Blake thought that was hilarious...

Looking for power

I have been commenting on my blog about our friends renovation project of his old turn of the century home for a while now. They are just starting into the stage of reconstruction but at this time they don't have any power. The project is getting into full gear so they need to be able to work whenever possible. Until they can get ready to have the electricity hooked up they needed to find aDiesel Generator so they can have light and hydro to run the tools they are using. Jason had been renting a generator for a while for this project but when he realized in the long run it would be cheaper to buy a unit with the option to sell it when he didn't need it anymore it seemed we needed a little research. We turned to an online dealer of Diesel Generators to find out what we would need to handle the workload we were looking for. The online site was very helpful in determining the size of generator he would need. It showed us different alternatives and different manufactures to get the right unit. As the home is not very secure at this time they are travelling back and forth with all the tools, it seemed to make sense to look into Towable Diesel Generators so they could tow it back and forth to the site when they were going to work on it. I can't wait to see what they can get done over the next few months, he is hoping to be able to get into 1 unit by the fall and have another one rented by winter, good luck guys.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Camping Night Ghost Stories

Camping season is coming up soon and that means the Friday Night "theme nights" will be coming up soon. The campsite we stay at send out a welcome letter at the start of the season to let everyone know what events will be happening over the summer. One of the kids favorite nights is the Halloween Night in which we all get to decorate our camp sites for Halloween and the kids get to dress up in their favorite Costumes Now one thing is that it is hard to find Halloween costumes for the kids in June so I turned online and found great sites that have Costumes for all occasions all year round. They have a great selection of Boys Halloween Costumes which is great because I have 3 boys that all want cool costumes. We haven't decided on all the boys costumes yet but I have one that wants to be Joker from the Batman, he loves the character and I guess wants to be the bad boy for Halloween night. He normally is the best behaved but it's a night to act up out of character so I hope he has a ball. Now for the princess there are all kinds of beautiful Girls Halloween Costumes and there isn't any doubt on what she will be a beautiful flowing Princess dress is in here future the only question is what color she wants to go with. She has been working on growing her hair out all year for just such an occasion. The site we found offers same day shipping and will guarantee the delivery date. Normally I can guess the costume sizes pretty good but just in case they also offer a generous return policy just in case. I can't wait for the dress up night, bring on the Ghouls.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Need some body work

Recently while waiting for the kids at school I got hit by another vehicle. I was paying attention to my son in the back seat and was nudged by another vehicle that was parked infront of me. It took me by such surprise that I sat there stunned for a minute as the other vehicle drove off. I got out and looked over the front of the van and sure enough the hood was dented in and the paint chipped. Hubby was going to be mad at me, I borrowed his van and smashed it up. I was surprised that he wasn't mad at me at all and was glad we were all ok. We will now be looking for anauto body anaheim shop to do the repairs for us. I unfortuetly didn't get any information on the jeep that hit us so we had to put it through our insurance. The auto body repair companies that we got to look at it were all good and willing to work with us and our insurance to get the repairs done quickly. If you have any autobody needs check out autobody repair shops online through search engines for your area to find ones in your area that can service you.

Storage Crisis

I came to a conclusion today, seeing how it is so nice today and we decided to start getting the kids bikes out of the basement, this was all well and good until they were done with them, where do we put them now. We renovated our garage and turned it into a master bedroom and now we don't have anywhere to store things like bikes, lawnmowers and things like that except for in the basement. We need to have a new storage shed built in the back yard to keep these type of things in. I also want to put a new deck on the side of the house leading to the back yard. This is a lot of work and with our busy schedule right now we don't have time to tackle it ourselves. We started looking into Phoenix Remodeling companies to come out and take a look at the job and see what one we could use to get it done with the budget. It will be great to have a storage shed big enough in the back corner of the yard so I don't have to go up and down the stairs 6 times every time the kids want their bikes or each week we need to mow the lawn. If you are interested in checking out contractors in your area check out the link above to request a specialist to contact you or call the 1800# to speak to someone about your plans.
I got this from Jenn's blog and thought I would take some time to answer the questions.

What is your salad dressing of choice?

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
Boston Pizza

What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
Ham, pineapple, mushroom and cheese

What do you like to put on your toast?


How many televisions are in your house?

What color cell phone do you have?

Do you have an Ipod?


Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
4 kids!

What is the last heavy item you lifted?
cases of chocolate bars for Trinity's New York fundraising***anyone want to buy a bar LOL***

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I will keep my name...I hate changes

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
nope but if you were waving that $1000 in front of my face I might answer differently :0)


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
What a time for this question...last week I was pulled over and given a warning for talking on my cell phone while driving (not something I normally do) and on the weekend I had a cop from the major crime unit here talking to me.....long story but I didn't do anything wrong! Just stuck in the middle of a bad situation.

Last person you talked to?

Last person you hugged?
Blake after he got his school needle this morning!




Day of the week?
What ever day I have off to be with the kids~

don't have a favorite month


Missing someone?
not at the moment, I am enjoying the quiet


What are you listening to?
music, angels on the moon

the kids invading my quiet place and looking for summer before going to dance classes

Worrying about?
yup, I sure am....being dragged into court because of a murder investigation oh and as always money :0(


First place you went this morning?
public needle for Blake

What's the last movie you saw?
17 again (last night)

Do you smile often?
Yes even through all this family mess

Sleeping Alone Tonight?
nope, hubby and of course the dog will find her way into my room before morning...she loves to cuddle lol


1)Do you always answer your phone?
yep if I'm home

2) Its four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
I don't text :)

3) If you could change your eye color what would it be?
I like my dark brown eyes~

4) What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
No sonic here but I usually get a diet pepsi when I'm eating out

5)Do you own a digital camera?
yup and it goes everywhere I go...

6)Have you ever had a pet fish?
long long ago

7) Favorite Christmas song(s)
love them all

8) What's on your wish list for your birthday?
it just past but for next year I would love to be a lot closer to our family trip to Disney!

9) Can you do push ups?
a couple LOL

10) Can you do a chin up?
doubt it

11) Does the future make you more nervous or excited?
it depends on what part of the future...planning a trip for my family...totally excited
the mess with my family, scared to death

12) Do you have any saved texts?

13) Ever been in a car wreck?
nope and I would like to keep it that way

14) Do you have an accent?
I think I (we ) are all starting to pick up the Cape Breton accent...I love listening to my 13 year old talk LOL

15) What is the last song to make you cry?

16) Plans tonight?

17)Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
many, many times.

18) Name 3 things you bought yesterday.
shorts and shirts for Jays birthday, lunch buffet for Jays birthday and Movie night at the theatre

19) Have you ever been given roses?

20) Current worry?
money and the decision of giving a statement to the police or not?.

21) Current hate right now?
hate the situation I am in because of my sister . why does everyone always have to be dragged into her messes. I can't deal with it right now. Will this ever end?

22) Met someone who changed your life?

23) How will you bring in the New Year?
with family, as usual.

24) What song represents you?
I don't know but one song I keep turning to is The Climb by Miley Cyrus? I am listening to it now.

25) Name three people who might complete this?
I have no idea...whoever wants to!

26) Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
nope. If I did, I wouldn't be who I am today.

27) Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?

28) Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
holes in my ears, that's it.

29) Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?
I believe so, yes.

30) Does anyone love you?
everybody loves me! lol!

31) Would you be a pirate?
nope. I don't steal.

32) What songs do you sing in the shower?
I don't have to sing...Blake does that for me...that kid is always singing in the shower.

33) Ever had someone sing to you?
all the time.

34) When did you last cry?
not sure but I have been on the verge with this investigation and trying to make a decision.
I don't want to be the one to keep my sister in jail but I also have to tell the truth.

36) Do you like to cuddle?
not too much. I like my space.

37) Have you held hands with anyone today?
yup with Blake (4 years old). I don't let him to far from me!

38) Who was the last person you took a picture of?
Blake after his needle this morning

39) What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
I don't kids on the block ????

40) Do you believe in staying close with your ex's/prospects?

41) Are most of the friends in your life new or old?

42) Do you like pulpy orange juice?
not really

43) What is something your friends make fun of you for?
worrying so much....right now it's what I seem to do best... I have to change that

Ready for Summer

The days are finally getting longer and the sun is so warm, we have survived another long cold winter and I am so looking forward to Summer. There is one thing that really gets me in the mood for summer, shopping for new Shoes. I have a big family, with 4 kids they need lots of shoes and sandals to make it through the Summer months. I have tried in the past to buy cheap shoes to save some money but what always happens you get what you pay for and they break at the worst times. I wanted to get the kids good quality sandals that would last them the Summer. I was shopping online the other night while I was at work (it's alright we are allowed to shop between calls) I was looking for great shoes for the kids and found some Stride Rite Shoes that fit the bill. I love the styles and colors and the quality looks very good. There are styles and colors that will fit all my kids and the site offers a 75 day return policy and free shipping. The entire selection of sandals are on sale right now up to 25% off so the more I save the more shoes I can buy. My son just turned 13 yesterday so he is a little harder to buy for, he needs to look cool. He looked through the selection of Converse Shoes and found a couple of pairs that will meet his peer groups approval. I really enjoy shopping for summer shoes and clothes I find it really lifts my spirits up after the winter blues. Common Summer we are ready for you in this house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

We have been renovating our home for a while and it is finally starting to come to a finish. We are now looking for some new ideas for decorating our newly renovated space. My husband used to be into exotic fish and when we got together he had this giant tank filled with all types of salt water fish it really was beautiful. He found it relaxing to sit and watch them swim around after a long day of work. We have one area in our living room that is big enough to support a nice saltwater tank and I am thinking of buying him one for Father's Day as a surprise. When looking into places to buy saltwater fish I found some great offers online, yes you can buy fish online, I was surprised too. The site I found offers free shipping on orders over $225 directly to your home. They take such great pride in their livestock that they issue a 14 day guarantee and if they for some reason perish you can receive a store credit depending on certain conditions. This guarantee allows you to shop with confidence that you will be receiving quality products. I will have to also order some live coral to add for decoration. I love the vibrant colors of the coral. I think he will be surprised with his gift and will be able to relax in the evenings when I am at work.

The Maniac Mansion

A friend of ours bought this turn of the century, 3 storey 11 bedroom home last summer. It over looks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most desirable locations in our area. The bad thing is this home had been neglected for years and was completely destroyed on the inside due to pipes that had broken over the previous winter. He got it for a real steal of a deal but rather than rip it down he wanted to renovate and fix it up as it had some great architecture and character and the frame was in excellent shape. My hubby has been working with him on the demolition with some guys from work and now it is time to start reconstruction. It's time to call in the experts for this stage. The starting point has to be the roof, as currently it is about 30 years old and is past it's prime, it leaks in some areas and he can't get insurance on the property until it is replaced. He did some research to find the best San Jose Roofing experts to have a reliable company that is covered by insurance and workers compensation to do the work. With the renovation now in full gear he is planning to develop it into a 4 unit home and is hoping to have one unit completely finished for him to move into for Fall. I'm sure that means lots of extra time spent down there over the summer helping him out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Fresh Look

One thing that was a must when we moved into our new home was that it had to be painted from top to bottom. We love to do most of our renovation projects our self but we only had a couple of days between our closing date and when our belongings arrived from storage. We had to go with a professional painter to get the job done quickly and still have a quality job. One of the challenges was to get a trustworthy Atlanta Painter to come and do the job for us when we were not from the area and didn't really know anyone to ask. I felt it was important to have meetings with the prospective companies before I agreed to working with anyone. After talking to a couple of local companies it was time to bring them out to the new house. One company stood out from the rest as they brought proof of their insurance and license. Asking to see pictures of their work and having them walk through the house was a good idea because we were able to come up with a great color scheme together and decide on a reasonable price. The final step was negotiating out the contract including the type of paint and materials that would be used, the summary of the job to be done and the contact information for us and the company. It was a rush to get into our house but the painting was done on time, on budget and with the quality we expected. I can certainly tell you one thing it was so much easier to not have to worry about all the painting and just focusing on the other hundred things we needed to do to get ready for the move

Workboots for Safety

My husbands company recently made some changes to it's health and safety policies. In order to better protect all the employees they made it mandatory to have steel toe shoes or boots. Now my husband being in a management position needed something a bit more dressy than your traditional work boots and we found them a bit hard to find. With a little research we found a website that offered fashionable oxford style shoes with the protection he needs. They actually offered a fantastic selection of work shoes and boots so anyone (including women) can meet the footwear needs they have. The site offers free shipping on all orders over $50 within the US. WorkbootsUSA offers special incentives for large and government orders. With my husbands work covering up to $100 for his work shoes it was a great deal for him as a lot of shoes were offered at just over that price range. It was cheaper for him to buy these than it would be to buy standard shoes from the store. I feel better knowing he will be protected by his high quality brand name shoes as he tends to be a bit clumsy and I know he has dropped things and run over his feet numerous times over the years.

A wet experience

Last summer we had a wet experience we would rather forget about, while we were finishing the renovation of our garage into a master bedroom the roof of the garage developed a leak. This leak was accompanied by about 3 days of consistent, heavy rain. Luckily we were only beginning the renovation so there wasn't too much damage but it meant we needed to call in the Sacramento Roofer to come fix up the roof so we could get back at our renovation. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it protects you and your belongings from the elements and when it goes bad you can get in trouble quickly. It is important to have a good team of roofers on call for just such an emergency. One thing I learned from this experience is that you don't just call a roofer when you have a problem, you can call them for inspections as well to catch potential problems before they develop into serious concerns. The team at Sacramento Roofer can be contacted online for a consultation or via their hot line 888-658-9725, they even offer special offers to customers via their website. It's important to have a good reliable service so you can trust in what they are doing for you and you can have the confidence that they are billing you fairly for the work you are receiving.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Disney World Vacations

One of my favorite vacations would have to be my family vacation down to Disney Orlando. It was a very exciting week filled with lots of adventure, great dining and fun. We took advantage of the hopper passes so we could take in all the different parks that Disney has to offer. One big advantage that we also had was that we stayed in the accomadations offered by Disney rather than stay out of the parks. This allowed us to take advantage of the great Disney bus system to get around so much easier to all the attractions. The Hotel Suite was fantastic with all the amedities you would expect and more. We really had great weather while we were staying so we took advantage of the 2 great Water Parks, Disney World has to offer. I would have to say without a doubt that the Typhoon Lagoon was our favorite of all the parks. It was exciting to ride all the water slides, but I would have to say the Surf Pool with it's 6' waves was the most fun. I thought the Surf Pool was set up very well, with it's lounging area with beautiful white sand beaches. There were also a convient locker area so we could store our stuff there for the day. We especially loved the large clock that was set up so the kids could keep an eye on the time and new when to check in with us. If you are looking for a great family vacation that will give your family a lifetime of great memories I would really have to recommend a trip to Disney. There is literally something for everyone at Disney world, you can even order a Free DVD to help you get a better idea of what Disney has to offer. By visiting you can find all the best deals on Disney World Tickets and save even more on your dream vacation.

More kitchen renovations

We are finishing up the last of our projects around the house which means we can finally start our kitchen renovation. I have been waiting for 2 years to get this project underway, it is the biggest project we have to do. It will entail new doors to the cabinets, new floor, new counter top and a brand new sink. I totally hate our kitchen sink, it is a single sink and looks terrible. I have been searching online for a new stainless steel sink from mr direct. They offer a great assortment of sinks that are similar to Kohler and Blanco in quality but not price. They offer a great assortment of luxury available at warehouse prices. It will be exciting to see the finished results later in the summer when we have our project completed and can start enjoying our new kitchen and we can wash dishes without having to use a plastic dishpan to rinse them in.

Clothes Shopping Made Easy

There was a time only a few years ago when I had a severe struggle with my weight. I had just had my daughter and was tipping the scale at almost 200lbs, I felt awful about myself and would almost say a depression took over me for a period of a couple of years. It was a challenge to find clothes to fit and look good around where I lived and we would have to travel into the city a couple of hours away to find to go shopping. I recently found a website dedicated to plus size club wear clothing to fit anyone of generous proportion and allow them to feel that they fit in and are on trend with what everyone is wearing. The clothes they feature on their site have been seen on hit shows like American Idol and MTV. The shirt above would have to be my favorite of all the collections. I love the color combination and the print with the beaded look is really cool. The shirt is made of a spandex/polyester combination to allow for fit and durability. They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $75 all you have to do is enter the secret code "FREESHIP" This site is so full of great styles and colors you are guaranteed to find something that will compliment your wardrobe. This site gets my full recommendation to anyone looking for great, stylish and comfortable plus size clothing for any occasion.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who's saving you money

It's quite a process to keep track of your money and where you can find the best rates. There are a sites dedicated to finding the best rates on everything to do with bank rates. If you care to find the best CD Rates (Certificate of Deposit) you can find out where to go in just minutes. It's your money you might as well make the most of it. This site with give you a comparison of the best rates currently being offered so you can browse through the features of each and decide what the best course of action is to get your best rate of return.

Making Locks Simple

I have been keeping my hubby busy this Spring with lots of renovation projects and one of my favorite was the installation of our new entry and storm doors. The one thing I wasn't so keen about was all the new keys I had on my key chain thanks to the locks on the handles, deadbolt and screen door, six keys in total. I sure felt weighed down after that was added on. My son wasn't too keen about the situation because he walks home for lunch and had to carry this big bunch of keys with him to school. We had to come up with a solution to this so we called in a San Francisco Locksmith to help us get the locks all keyed the same so we could use just one key for all the locks. The website offers a hot line to call to receive immediate service or you can send your request online for a call back, either way the service you get is fast and friendly and the quality of work is impeccable. It is such a relief now that our lock debacle is behind us and we are back to one simple key to get into our home.

Radiators Issues

One of the most frustrating situations we face on a regular basis is vehicle repairs, it's hard to budget for as they normally occur when you don't expect it. If your vehicle is suffering from overheating it can lead to a radiator breakdown. When you lose your radiator you are stuck and need repairs, you can save money on your repairs by using online sources for parts like, they offer the widest selection of Honda Radiator and with their extensive network of stores all across the nation they can have your new parts delivered same day or next day in most locations. They offer great savings by giving your warehouse pricing so you save all the markup that the repair shops will add. If you need help getting your parts installed they also have authorized service centres all over the nation that can install your parts at a competitive rate. Just one call to their hot line 800-248-8720 and you can order your part, have your installation appointment made and do your billing all over the phone line.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bringing people together

Bringing people together has never been easier, with the excitement of the Internet there have been the introduction of many online chat lines. This is a step above the traditional chat lines that allowed people to chat over the phone. These Chat rooms allow people to sign up for free accounts and build their profile, once they are set up with their profile they are able to view through the profiles of all the other users and contact the ones that they would like to build relationships with. There are different types of chat, it can be through messaging back and forth or through a video chat in which you can see the person you are chatting with. Many of these sites have specific characteristics that they are trying to match up for example the jewish chat is designed to bring together people of the Jewish Faith in a secure place that they can get to speak to people with a similar background and beliefs. It's exciting to see such an open system available for people all around the world to use to make special connections with others. Whether it's around the corner or across the country you can find a special someone in just a few clicks.

Emergency Repair

Sometimes you just never know when an emergency is going to hit and what to do when it does hit. Our neighbors recently had an incident that nearly ruined the basement of their home. Overnight the pipes in their basement let go and the basement began to fill with water. It doesn't take long for water to make a mess of an area, the flooring, the walls and furniture once it starts to fill up. It's times like these when you need Birmingham Plumbing to be on call for emergencies just like this. Getting the plumber there quick to get the repairs done is extremely important to be able to start to get life back to normal. Once the problem was discovered our Neighbor was able to find the shut off to the system to stop the flow of water but it cut off water to the entire house. The plumbers did arrive very quickly and were able to get repairs completed very quickly and get things back to normal. It left them with some damage that had to be completed but it could have been much worse if they didn't discover the problem as soon as they did. The best thing as far as having a plumber is to get one you can trust, build a relationship with them by having them do all your maintenance and installations to build confidence in their work and to have them become accustomed to your system.

Camera Critter Bath Time

After a day full of digging in the mud we had to give the pup a bath, she generally doesn't mind the bath too much as I have found her in the shower with Blake on the odd occassioin but I had to give her the good scrub down today. Here she is in the tub after the scrub giving us the eyes.

She always likes to have a nice cuddle after the bath tub before she goes on her run around the house to dry herself off. I'm going to get a video the next time I bath her because it is hilarious to watch her run from room to room trying to dry off.

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A different kind of online auction

Shopping online is becoming such a great way to get the best deals available on everything from gift cards to electronics. Online auctioning sites are growing in popularity and acceptance. Most of these sites operate all the same, buyers line up and place bids, one upping each other until the time limit expires so the item goes to the highest bidder. 60 I recently discovered the Dubli Network which offers a completely different type of auctioning service. It's a revolutionary process called a reverse auction. What is a reverse auction, quite simply with each passing bid the price of an item is actually pushed lower and lower until someone purchases the items. The excitement of the Dubli system is you can decide how low you want to go and if you are patient you can wait for people to enter another lower bid and save yourself even more. Now the risk is that someone else might just buy the item out from under you if you wait too long but don't worry because as soon as one item is gone another one is put in its place and the process starts all over again. In Dubli the site is always full of excitement as the buzz of activity and people saving money is very obvious.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The joys of moving

With us moving is an every couple of year project, hubby is always getting transferred with his job and it can be a lot of work to get everything packed and stored. Our last move was probably the toughest as we had to be out of our old house before our new home was ready for us to move in to. We had to find options on what to do with all our belongings and with a family of 6 we had a lot of belongings. We decided to look into Self Storage El Segundo CA options to allow us to keep all our things safe and secure while we were living in the hotel. Luckily our move happened during at the first of the summer so it was almost like being on vacation with the kids. They were not missing any school and it allowed us to have a mini getaway and spend the time getting ourselves familiar with our new community instead of just focusing on setting up the new house and decorating. Everest self storage is a great option if you are looking for Self Storage Facilities Rosemead CA or really anywhere as they are also part of an affiliate program to help people find realiable clean storage options in many communities throughout North America. They help provide Self Storage Anaheim CA options that are both reliable and clean and well managed by a professional staff. It's your belongings when it comes to storing them whether for short or long term you need to have a reliable space to put them in.

The next big plan

Around here we are always working on the next big plan for our home remodeling. That's the beauty of having an older home, there is always something to do. Next year we would love to have our unfinished attic renovated. We really want to make a games room for the kids to go hang out in. We are able to do some of the work ourselves but to get started we need to make a big enough access stairwell to get up to that floor. There is a lot of work to be done to get this room ready as there aren't any windows, interior walls or electrical run yet so we will have to get a contractor to come in and plan this for us. When hiring a contractor it is important to find one that you can trust. The easiest way to begin is through word of mouth around your area and also to do an Internet search to find your contractor. 150If you are looking for the experts in Boston Remodeling Jobs you can check out the experts at boston remodeling, the experts at Yoston Remodeling have been working to build a great reputation for quality work at resonable pricing for over 18 years in the Boston area. The specialize in kitchen, bathroom along with indoor and outdoor remodeling projects both big and small.

The Graduation Gift

I have to say I am very proud of my son, I was worried when we moved a couple of years ago. He has always taken our moves the hardest when it was time to leave. This move was great for him he made friends right away at his new school and loved some of his new found freedom. Our house we bought was only 3 houses down from his Jnr. High School so it was great he could walk himself to school and come home for lunch, he has friends that lived right beside us so he is able to hang out with them all the time. The best thing for him was one of his friends Mothers was a teacher at the School so he would go there on Friday nights for the "Adults" Poker night and hang out with his friend while the adults played cards. The great thing all the adults that were there were teachers at the school so he got to know them well. He has done a lot of us over the last year as he has taken over as our babysitter on the odd night that both hubby and I work and he has done a super job. Now he is graduating to high school and I want to get him a new watch so he can keep track of his time better. I wanted to get him a watch that looked cool but would last. Seeing as he is all boy he is hard on watches and normally breaks them pretty fast. I found these casio watches with the metal strap and "G" Shock technology I think it will last for him. He prefers digital time rather than analog time so that was something I had to consider. It also features a stop watch which is great because he is often having races with the kids. He also does a lot of swimming in the summer so it has to be water-proof because if he takes it off he will lose it. I think this will be the perfect watch for my growing young man. The site I found it at also offers free 2nd day shippins so we can get our watch in no time at all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thinking about a 2nd honeymoon

Friends of ours that live in Alberta have been asking us to come out for a visit for almost a year. We have always wanted to go out and vacation around the banff national park and the rest of Western Canada. I have always wanted to explore the beautiful mountains and spectacular lakes. Seeing as we didn't get our honeymoon in when we were married we would like to take an adventure just the two of us without kids. We would also like to enjoy some skiing while we are in Banff and perhaps a romantic lodge that we could spend the days skiing and the evenings relaxing by the fireplace. We are considering going next fall after I get my trip over to New York in the summer. The area of banff canada and the Banff National Park was established back in 1885 and officially is Canada's oldest National Park/ While in Banff we will experience all kinds of new experiences from sight seeing tours. Another exciting experience will be the tour of the ice fields. I am excited to check out the Helicopter experience, I can only imagine what it would be like to be above it all and be able to take it in. Once we finalize the dates we will begin to finshig up all the details of our trip/

Moving our Driveway

We have been doing so much with the house over the last couple of years you would think we would be almost done with projects, but thinking up new projects is one of my favorite projects. Now that I have my truck our driveway isn't big enough for both my truck and my husbands van so we are looking at changing or driveway. We are located on a corner so what I really want to do is move the driveway to the front of the house so we can make the back yard bigger. We considered a couple of different applications for what to use for material and have decided that we would make a concrete driveway. Now we wanted to be sure to get the most qualified concrete contractor to do the work. We decided to go online to search for Jersey City Concrete contractors to get a better idea who was available to do work in our area. Once we found out what contractors were available we did some research to see what quality of work they have performed by checking with the better business buereau. We are planning on being here for a number of years and would like the driveway to last for a long time. I can't wait to get the work done so I don't have to park on the lawn anymore.

The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift...Direct TV

I have been racking my brain trying to decide what to get my wonderful husband for Father's Day. It has been such a busy year with me going back to work and working every night until 1am he has really had to take over the home front and I want to show my appreciation. He manages to keep the house reasonably clean, the laundry and dishes done, the kids get homework, showered and fed every night and he never complains about anything. The one thing he really enjoys is being able to sit back and enjoy some relaxing TV time after the kids are all off to bed, oldest goes at 10pm. Sometimes he has a hard time finding anything to watch so I was thinking an upgrade to direct tv would be a great idea for Father's day. It comes with free installation so I figured I could it set up while he was at work during the day and surprise him. The upgrade to HD programing would make the most out of our HD Tv and with the built in DVR he can set it up to watch his favorite shows when he has time. I know he hates missing his Nascar races when they are on while the kids are up, especially the Saturday night races and this way he will be able to watch them after the kids go to bed. I think I might be more excited planning the surprise than he will be getting it but I know he will love have the HD experience and programing selection of Direct tv for all the nights he stays up to make sure I get home alright.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Dream Bathroom

I have decided we need to make a change to our main floor bathroom, I am tired of being cramped in a tiny little shower stall. I have not liked my bathroom from the day we moved in. My plans are to move toilet over to the other side of the room and have a full size shower and tub installed. We have a window over the toilet but that is old and needed to be replaced anyway so we will just have it removed and framed in. Seeing as we are getting the whole room redone we will be replacing our vanity at the same time. I can't wait for this project to get done so I can stretch out and have a nice hot soak at the end of a busy day. Now this will have to be a project that we get completed by professionals, it just seems a bit to intimidating to get into ourselves. With water you don't want to make a mistake because if you get a leak, especially one you don't notice it can cause devastating damage to your property. If you are looking for a Fort Worth Plumber to take care of any of your plumbing needs before you get in over your head.

My Husband...the Genius (or not)

I have the final piece of proof that my husband is a pure genius. This morning he was trying to help Jay get his project done for school, which is an entirely different story. While he was doing this he was also making lunches for the kids. He threw a pack of sub buns in the microwave not thinking about the metal twist tie on the bag. Within a few second there were sparks...then flames...then stink of smoke. He managed to clue into what he did fast enough to open the microwave before their was any real damage other than some smoke. The buns were saved and lunchs finished but yes even he admitted his stupidity today! Lucky me.

Finding someone special

In todays world it can be extremely difficult to find that someone special. There is an increasing movement online that brings people together. Online Chat centers that are specifically designed to bring certain types of people together are popping up all over the Net. I recently came across a black bbw dating site that allows users to register and create their profile for free and than browse all the users to see all people they would be interested in. The site allows you to narrow down the site by gender, geographical area, age and many other catagories to make it easier to find the perfect someone. You can upload photos, instant message, or join audio/vidoe chats. Online Dating sites are certainly a great resource to meet your future.

Girls Getaway

You can tell that our culture has taken a significant shift in it's openness, with the amount of acceptability Gays and Lesbians have come to have compared to the past. I certainly believe people should be allowed to live their life the way the see fit as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. I recently came accross a blog about a resort dedicated solely to women and lesbian accommodations. This resort in KeyWest Florida provides a getaway for both lesbian and straight women to use as a get away without those pesky men around. It certainly is an interesting concept and Pearls Rainbow provides gay friendly places to live and play for Women from all over the World to enjoy. On their blog they advertise upcoming events like the Memorial Day Pool Party with drink specials and an all you can eat BBQ, including live entertainment. In June they are featuring a "Bad Girls" Night out including a "Drag King" Contest. This resort is set on amongst tropical landscaping with beautiful scenery Key West Dining and a dedicated staff that is available to support you through your entire vacation. The resort offers 2 heates swimming pools, 2 outdoor hot tubs, extensive decks to work on your tan and even a pool side bar. If you are looking for a girls getaway you should check out everything the Pearls Rainbow has to offer

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Locking Up!

I have become increasingly worried about our home security as there have been a rash of home invasions and break-ins in the neighborhood over the last few weeks. The person pulling off these break and enters has absolutely no fear as they are even breaking in during the day. It really hit home last week when the house next door to us was broken into at 8 in the morning when the boys were actually home getting ready for school. Their mom goes to work early in the morning so it must have appeared that no one was home. It was time to beef up our security so we had to place some calls to a Locksmith to help us out. We decided to install deadbolts on both entrances to the house, they had always been just regular handles with locks. We also had security chains installed on the inside to help hold off anyone trying to break in while we were home. I always thought our neighborhood was so safe but until they capture the person responsible for these crimes I will be on edge. If you are looking for a Kansas City Locksmith you should check out the link to find a website of a trusted locksmith that can quickly help you with any of your security needs. They can install new locks, beef up what you already have to add security. They can also help you get into your car or other locked areas that you are not able to get into for any reason.

Cell phone Shopping

We recently had a falling our with our cell phone provider, I don't want to get into the whole issue but it had to do with the washing maching a broken phone and how much they were going to charge to get a replacement. It ended up being cheaper to cancel our contract rather than buy a replacement. Now the hunt was on where to go and what to do, we have built a dependance on our phones so we really had no choice but to get new phones and service. We discovered where we were able to find all sorts of industry news and Smart Phone Reviews to get a good idea of what was available. They also offer listings of new and used phones that are available so once you know what type of phone you are looking for you can check back to find the type of phone that you want. 150It is very impressive what is available on the market for phones these days compared to what we had a few years ago. The technology continues to grow as more and more applications are added to cell phones. With the help of SmartPhoneMonkey it won't take us long to figure out what phones are best for us.

Lawyer Consultation

Unfortunetly in our society accidents happen, everyday in every city and town accorss the continent people are injured in automobile, work place or household incidents. When things happen that are out of your control and you find yourself or someone you care about injured the costs can be crippling financially. As time passes after an accident you may begin to have lost time at work, costing you wages. You may suffer from pain that forces you to do less than you normally would, playing with children or doing routine household activities may be impossible. If you find yourself suffering through an incident it is best to consult with Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers. These lawyers specialize in dealing with these types of injuries and getting their clients the appropriate compensation to cover their expense.
Another common area of injury is due to Medical Malpractice, this is unfortuenly part of daily life, when we go to someone we are supposed to trust with our lives make mistakes that cause us harm or worse death they need to be held accountable. If you have concerns about your medical care it is always best to consult with an Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney to discuss the details of your case. You might be able to get compensation to help assist with your life.
Workplace compenstation is another area of concern and there are actually different laws depending on what you do, for example there acts (FELA) that pertain to railroad employees only. This act was designed for railroad employees specifically but puts the burden of proof on the employee. There are lawyers specifically trainded to deal with this area of law and if you find yourself in need of this contact a FELA Attorney for your consultation.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dating Alternatives

Technological advancements have created a whole new way for people to meet and get to know each other. Traditionally people would meet at work, school, bars or through friends. You would have those awkard moments face to face as you tried to get to know each other. Another option would be to meet through the personal adds. In the new world we have the Internet and many online singles chat lines that have developed over the last few years. Many of these chats are specific lifestyle choices so you can narrow down your search even faster. Many of these sites are also completely free to use. You can sign up for your free account and create your profile. Once you have everything set up you can start to browse through the different users to find ones that are interesting to you. Send out a communication to them and start to chat or even web cam with them if you both are able to. 162It is great to have different alternatives so you can explore all your options and meet people in new ways. For example if you are interested in a free bbw chat you can sign up and explore different people from all over.

Pearly Whites

Craving that ever elusive white smile can be a significant challange, with all the product available on the market. It seems like everywhere you look there is an advertisement on whitening product. How do you know what the best product for you would be. I was doing some research on some of the best selling products on the market to try and decide what to use to whiten my teeth. One of the most interesting products I found was the Nite White system that not only improves sensitivity while providing un-paralled whitening properties. The Nite White also rebuilds enamel to help in the protection from cavities. Now if you are looking for a more traditional product you might be interested in the rota dent electric toothbrush. This electric toothbrush comes with it's own charger and reduces plaque by 92% in just one minute, 1/2 the time of a manual brush. It also comes with a stand and built in tongue cleaner. To compliment your brushing routine you should consider using a toothpaste designed to deliver the perfect combination of calcium and phosphate to enhance enamel. The MI Paste Plus forumulation is an effective product when used as directed. In thinking about a whitening program make sure to take some time to evaluate all the products that are available to get the best products to match your expectations.
With things not being very busy at work lately I thought I would turn my time away from crossword puzzle books and take on something new. Yep that's right I am now crocheting blankets and I finished my first one last night! I would have to say that it turned out pretty good for only crocheting for 3 weeks! Trinity has claimed this one and Jay has put in an order for one for his room. Brown, Green and Beige to go with his army camouflage room so I am off to the store before work to get more yarn. Sounds like I will be busy tonight at work after all! LOL

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Need A Real Bath Tub

The one thing that we have not liked about our home since we moved in was the bathroom situation. We do have 2 bathrooms but I don't find either one is very nice. The one on the main floor, which is also closest to our bedroom only has a small stall type shower in it. The bathroom upstairs only has a tub, which is a nice porcelin footed antique bath tub but I find it a cold tub. I am intending to have this situation fixed, and maybe it won't be both bathrooms right away I do want to make changes to the main floor bathroom. This change entails moving the toilet and then installing a tub/shower in it's place. I tend to lean on my husband for almost all the renovation projects in our home but when it comes to water he is hesitant to tackle the job. We will be consulting with Carrollton Plumber in the near future to find out an accurate price estimate and scope of work to get the bathroom changes that we want. Sometimes you just need to know when to contact the experts and let them do the job. When it comes to water what might be a small imperfection or error in the work could cost thousands to have repaired down the road.

Dating In NON-traditional Ways

In a society that is becoming increasingly more open and excepting of non-traditional relationships it is very encouraging to see more and more avenues for people of all genders and races to be able to come together. If you know much about history even 20 - 30 years ago it was very much frowned upon in many areas of the country for people of different races to be in a relationship. Today it is becoming more and more common place to see white women with black men or vice versa. There are even websites completely dedicated to the concept of black men white women chat. This site encourages people to sign up via a completely free process. Once they have their profile built they are able to browse the other users and contact the ones they wish via chat or web-cam. 130 It is completely up to the users how far these relationships go, you can simply be friendly over the Internet or arrange for face to face meetings and possibly a more meaningful relationship. This type of service is really great because it takes a lot of the pressure off meeting someone face to face right away. You can take your time and get to know them over the chat and when the time is right make the move to a connection.

Emergency in Need

My husbands friend recently called us in a panic, it had been raining steady for a couple of days and his roof began to leak. He was planning to replace it this summer and was hoping to just get through until the nice weather hit. They were in a bad spot with water flowing in and wrecking their belongings. They made inquiries to find someone that could help them out in a hurry, an emergency Roof Repair 22031. It's amazing how fast water can damage your home and household items, not to mention how dangerous water is when there is electrictiy involved. 100 Finding a reliable repair contractor is easier than you think, you can check out the yellow pages or go online to look for repair specialists in your area. Most roofing contractors also provide many other exterior services like replacing siding, windows and gutter systems. If you are looking for Roof Repair in Haymarket, VA you can set that up in your search engine and find out who can help you in your area. For our friends after he got his emergency repair job completed it was time to schedule his Roof Replacement in Gainesville, VA with the contractor to get the job done right before any further damage done.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's time to cool off

Finally the sun is shining and it is HOT outside, it feels like I have been waiting for a year to get a nice day. We were in town this morning and I had to kick on the Air Conditioner to cool off. The kids have a movie screen and for them to hear it the wind makes too much noise. I was talking to my dad this afternoon and he's having a bad day, the AC Compressor in his Van isn't working so he is sweating it out in the heat. I had to take the chance to brag up my a/c compressor and it's efficiency to him as he was sweating. I told him about a great website for him to contact to get the parts he needs. They offer free shipping and the largest selection of AC parts avaailble to get you cooled off fast. They also offer a hotline for any support you may need, via phone or Internet. Take the time to check your AC Compressor out now before all the hot summer weather hits.

Camera Critter

A boy and his dog is a special bond, I caught Jay and Breigh cuddling on the couch watching a movie when I got home from Dance with the kids this week. Luckily I had my camera in hand from taking a picture of the new door and got this shot before the dog attacked me for being home.

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Teenage Memories

My son is approching his teen years and it made me think back to the issues I had when I was his age. The biggest issue everyone had when I was going to High School was the battle with Acne it was an agonizing battle when you would get up in the morning with eruptions on your face. Now I wasn't too bad off I would have the occasional problems but it was a couple of my friends that had significant and everyday problems that I felt really bad for. The constant ridicule "Pizza Face" was the favorite term at my school. It was always believed acne was somehow caused by what you ate and that if you had it all you at was junk. Anolther great myth was that you were a "dirt bag" if you had acne because you would get it if you weren't clean. Some of the harsh treatments they used to try and get control of their problem were very hard on them. On the market these days, thanks to years of reserch are Natural Acne Treatments that according to the reports show real improvement in 9 out of 10 people in as little as 14 days and improvement in 100% within 30 days, yes I said 100%! The change in philosohy in acne treatments is incredible, you don't have to use the harsh ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide or some of the other ingredient found in traditional treatments. The one thing that is important before trying any treatment program is to consult a dermatologist to find out what your best course of action is. There are so many Acne Products available on the market today it is hard to sort through them all and find the best choice for you and your particular condition


I can remember one of the most embarassing days of my life I had a busy day and was rushing to get back to pick up the kids at school. I had been rushing to a couple of appoinments in the morning that took me into the city and I had to make the rush drive to get back in time to get the kids. I might have been going a little bit too fast and got the red/blue's in my back window. Great I thought already behind and now this. Luckily I wasn't too much over and got away with just a warning. I finally got to school and as I was a couple of minutes late for Kohl, he had gone back in to wait for his sister to get out at 2. I had to go into the school and get the kids and in my rush I left the keys in the truck but still managed to lock the doors somehow. After getting the kids we went back out to the truck and after searching through my pockets and purse began to panick, where were my keys. Kohl being his helpful self said "Mommy I think your key is on your seat." Now I have a great idea for everyone, have a number of a Arlington Locksmith in your cell phone or in your purse for just these occasions because it's hard to find a phone book sometimes. The Locksmith can be contacted online or by phone, we managed to get the local locksmith out to help us get into the truck. Luckily he remembered me because we just had him out to the house the week before to change our entry system to the house. I even got a great deal on the emergency trip because I was such a great customer.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Unlimited Access Chat Room

I think a really cool thing has happened with the creation of Internet Chat Rooms, there has been the introduction of specific websites that are dedicated to different lifestyles and circumstances to allow people with similar characteristics and life styles to come together in a friendly environment to discuss there lives without the fear of prejudice. A recent one that I came accross is a wheelchair chat site that brings people together from all over the World bringing wheel chair users together to discuss their life experiences. Users simply sign up for their completely free account and create a profile to share with other users. Once they have completed their sign up they can begin to browse the different users and make connections with the ones that they choose to contact. They can instantly chat with the different users from all corners of the World or even Web Cam if both participants have the ability to do that. It is a great way for people that sometimes find themselves limited to their abilitity to get out and meet other people, to get access to people they would otherwise never be able to meet. It's fast and easy and remember the best part is 100% free to sign up and use.

Getting out to enjoy the Great outdoors

With Spring finally arriving it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We live in a beautiful part of the World that has all the best characteristics to enjoy the outdoors. We are right on the Atlantic Ocean so we have access to beautiful beaches but we also have some fantastic wilderness areas that allow us to soak in all sorts of nature's beauty. There are many scenic trails to walk and go climbing and we are planning on getting out as many Sundays as possible when no one has school or work. In order to enjoy the beauty we first need to update our Mountain Climbing Gear we bought some gear a couple of years back and have been replacing parts of it every year as we get more interested. This year it's new helmets for us as ours are starting to show some wear and distress. We really enjoy spending time hiking through the trails and taking advantage of the rock surfaces that are open to climbing. While we were shopping for helmets my husband also came accross a new full harness from Petzl, a well known quality supplier of climbing gear. I can hardly wait to get up on the warm days and get that feeling like you are hanging out over the edge of the World. I only wish we could find more time to get out and enjoy the beautiful views. I think this year I might also get a new pair of climbing shoes, I found a great pair from La Sportiva that will fit into our budget. If you are interested in getting into climbing check with your local climbers to find a qualified trainer and take lessons before venturing out on your own. It can be an exciting sport but it is also dangerous if you are not trained on the proper techniques.

Getting Ready for Spring

When it comes to going comfortable to work my friend that works at the hospital tells me that there is nothing more comfortable than Scrubs. She has a collection of scrubs that can fill an entire closet and not only does she wear these to work but also around the house as casual wear and for PJ's. She finally convinced me to try a pair for around the house and sold me on a beautiful pair of cotton scrubs. It took me a bit to pick from all the fantastic styles and colors that were available but I finally picked a Cherokee top that you see above, I loved the colors and pattern and could see wearing this just about anywhere. To finish off the look I of course had to find a pair of co-ordinating Cherokee pants to complete the outfit. I was surprised by the pricing for the quality of the products that were offered on the website. There was even free shipping offered on all orders over $50 so it definetly made it well worth it to shop for a complete outfit.
If you are looking to add some excitement and flair to your work wear for Spring you should checkout the colorful new lines of cherokee workwear scrubs that are now available. There is such a great assortment you don't have to worry about looking cookie cutter at work. With such great colors and patterns you can definetly show off your individuality while still portraying a professional image.

Renovation Planning

I have often talked about all the wonderful plans that we have for remodeling our home. We had to make a plan as to what was our priority projects and what projects could wait for a while. After we made up our list of projects we had to take a real look at them and decide what ones we could tackle ourselves and which projects we would have to consider getting a contractor in to do the work for us. We have a 2 year remodeling plan for the house and although we will be planning a lot of the jobs ourselves the bigger projects will involve getting contractors to do the work for us. We are currently planning on completing a kitchen update this fall, a face lift with new doors and a lighter color. I would also like to replace the sink and counter top which will require a contractor. Next summer we are considering moving our driveway to the other side of the house and building a big deck off the side with the addition of a patio door off the dining room. Des Moines Remodeling Contractors are able to help you with all your needs and have over 25 years of experience working with people just like us on remodeling projects. They specialize on porches, windows, kitchens, bath, decks and siding. There professional attitude and attention to detail can make your project go smoothly and guarantee great results and added value to your home.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Emergency Money

Times are tough, there is no way around it these days, with jobs disappearing everyday and everyones bills going up it is hard for the average person to keep everything a float. There are time in everyones life that an emergency comes up that takes money. There are ways to take advantage of the value of your property to get the funds you need for whatever reason in as little as 1 hour. If you own your vehical and it has a value of over $5000 you can apply online for Car Title Loans. It is extreamly easy to apply online with just a few simple questions you could pick up your money the same day and you don't even need to go to the lenders office to apply as long as you have the proper documentation. These type of loans can also be called Pink Slip Loans basically you turn over the pink slip to your vehical along with some other required documents and get your cash the same day. Even with bad credit you can still take advantage of this type of loan at excellant rates and take as much as 36 months to repay. Once your repayments are complete you get your pink slip back. Taking out
Collateral Loans are another option as well, you are basically borrowing against the value of your property and agree to repayment terms. The collateral loan is great because you get to keep and drive your vehical while getting the cash you need to pay up the bills you need. Whatever your situation may be remember these types of loans can be very useful to getting through tough times if used properly.

Where's the Leak?

Living in an older house sometimes means there are unexpected repairs that come up without notice. Recently we had one of these circumstances that we were not expecting at all. My husband was working on another one of my "happy hubby" projects that I cooked up for him. He went down into our basement to get some tools, now our basement is about 6" shorter than he is and the light is on a pull chain so you have to feel your way in a bit before you can turn the light on. So as he went in he heard a hissing sound, he wondered what it was and as he got to the light he got a surprise...water spraying in his face. Now as I mentioned our basement is a little short so you have to walk in a bit hunched over to not hit the beams and pipes, well when he got the surprise water hit he kind of jumped a bit and cracked his head off the beam, splitting his head open. Funny, but not funny depending on who's opinion you ask. Anyway we had to call a plumber to come and fix the pipe, he put some plumbers tape over the spray to slow it down for a while until our plumber could get over. Getting the right plumber was important for us so we asked around to find a good one and he really takes the time and care. For my Handy husband he knows when he should try to fix things and when he should call the Plumber for help. If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for an Atlanta Plumbing Specialist you can talk to the team at AtlantaPlumber, they are a husband and wife team that specialize in all aspects of plumbing from new installations to replacement and repair and they pay attention to every part of your plumbing job from the initial consultation to the quality of work on their repair. Plumbing is an important part of your home so to keep it working the best you need the best tradespeople to look after your needs.

My Handy Man

Well we finally got frustrated waiting for over a month for the Home Depot to come for our front door. They were completely crazy wanting $1700 + tax to put in one door. The other day we went and bought a door and all the parts and Hubby set to work. With my supervision ( I think he likes it when I watch him work and offer him smart alternatives to the way he is doing things) we managed to get the door done before night fall. I think it turned out great, no more rotton doors that don't close right. This will be great for the power bills next fall. Now for doing such a great job I had to find some way to reward him (not like that...he wishes). So he got to go buy another door and a screen door for the other entrance for me for Mothers Day. The great thing when all is said in done we did all three doors for $700 less than the home depot wanted for just 1 door. Yeah us....Booo! Home Depot

The old rotton door in it's last moments...

Newness in progress...

All done.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Party Planner

There is so much to consider when planning a party, with summer comming it means one thing , it's BBQ season. We are hoping to build a new deck out the side of our home this year and with that comes lots of new plans on how we can enjoy our new space. The first thing of course will be buying a new BBQ to replace our rust bucket, after that it will be to make a real entertainment destination. We are planning on building benches all around the perimeter of the deck so we can have seating for everyone to come over. Now once we get outside in the sun we don't want to have to be going in and out for beverages so we though ti would be cool to have some decorative Ice Buckets. To match our home we decided to look for a Red Champagne Bucket. We were able to find some at the Champagne Bucket website. We found a great assortment of buckets at very reasonable prices with guaranteed fast shipping you can order and be ready for your next event. So once the wheather starts to co-operate we will be getting out to start our yard make over. Summer is coming what will you do to enjoy your hot days.