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Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting out to enjoy the Great outdoors

With Spring finally arriving it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We live in a beautiful part of the World that has all the best characteristics to enjoy the outdoors. We are right on the Atlantic Ocean so we have access to beautiful beaches but we also have some fantastic wilderness areas that allow us to soak in all sorts of nature's beauty. There are many scenic trails to walk and go climbing and we are planning on getting out as many Sundays as possible when no one has school or work. In order to enjoy the beauty we first need to update our Mountain Climbing Gear we bought some gear a couple of years back and have been replacing parts of it every year as we get more interested. This year it's new helmets for us as ours are starting to show some wear and distress. We really enjoy spending time hiking through the trails and taking advantage of the rock surfaces that are open to climbing. While we were shopping for helmets my husband also came accross a new full harness from Petzl, a well known quality supplier of climbing gear. I can hardly wait to get up on the warm days and get that feeling like you are hanging out over the edge of the World. I only wish we could find more time to get out and enjoy the beautiful views. I think this year I might also get a new pair of climbing shoes, I found a great pair from La Sportiva that will fit into our budget. If you are interested in getting into climbing check with your local climbers to find a qualified trainer and take lessons before venturing out on your own. It can be an exciting sport but it is also dangerous if you are not trained on the proper techniques.

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