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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Emergency Repair

Sometimes you just never know when an emergency is going to hit and what to do when it does hit. Our neighbors recently had an incident that nearly ruined the basement of their home. Overnight the pipes in their basement let go and the basement began to fill with water. It doesn't take long for water to make a mess of an area, the flooring, the walls and furniture once it starts to fill up. It's times like these when you need Birmingham Plumbing to be on call for emergencies just like this. Getting the plumber there quick to get the repairs done is extremely important to be able to start to get life back to normal. Once the problem was discovered our Neighbor was able to find the shut off to the system to stop the flow of water but it cut off water to the entire house. The plumbers did arrive very quickly and were able to get repairs completed very quickly and get things back to normal. It left them with some damage that had to be completed but it could have been much worse if they didn't discover the problem as soon as they did. The best thing as far as having a plumber is to get one you can trust, build a relationship with them by having them do all your maintenance and installations to build confidence in their work and to have them become accustomed to your system.

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