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Monday, May 4, 2009

Saving Time...Shopping Hard

Now I would be what most people would consider a time starved women. I have a husband and 4 kids which raising 5 would be considered enough for anyone person. On top of this I work a full time job around my husbands work schedule. I work the night shift so I am on the go all day with the kids and than we swap off duties and hubby takes the kids for the night and I go to work until 1am. It is hard and doesn't leave much time to get out and shop for things, especially the busy times like Christmas. We find ourselves shopping online a lot and when Hubby or I find something we like we leave the link for the other to look at so we can decide together.
With Mother's day coming up we had to make some choices for our respective Mom's so we considered a lot of things during our search we found a website called shopwiki that does comparison shopping for you and shows you all the items available around the web for your search criteria. One thing we considered for Mom was something to pamper themselves with so we searched for Beauty Products and in an instant had a comparable list of items from all over the net the matched our criteria. We got some great ideas here but didn't want to stop short so we looked around a bit more and did a search for something Mom's could use to relax at the end of a hard day so we searched for Bath Products to see if we could find something they would like from that assortment.
Now once we had all this searching done we were thinking about how Mom always wants to save the Earth with Earth Day just behind us we thought it would be good to narrow our search a bit by looking for natural items in the Organic Search . Using Shopwiki seemed like a great idea as it allowed us to find and compare items without having to search all over the Internet. What a time saver for time starved people like us.

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