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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Looking for the Green

We have been struggling to make our lawn green and full since we moved in 2 years ago. There were some areas of just weed that we had to remove and some completely bare areas as the previous owners had a dog that was tied in the back yard and had it completely grass free. We started with putting down sod a couple of years ago and it is starting to fill in but it really needs a boast. I really don't want to use tradional fertilzers because with 4 young kids and our dog constantly running, playing and rolling on the lawn I am concerned about the chemicals used those traditional fertilizers. I was searching for an organic alternative that would provide me with the lawn I want without the pestisides. While searching online I found the ringer lawn restore which is organic and has a time release formula to boast the lawn and keep it green and healthy and helps control the weeds. Summer time is coming and that means it will be time to start having campfires at night, swimming in the pool and lounging in the sun during the day and I can't wait to enjoy it on our all green, organic lawn.

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carmat said...

Great information, I have a hard lawn, the grass grows fast but just won't thicken up. The kids are always out playing so it's great to hear of an organic alternative