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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Workboots for Safety

My husbands company recently made some changes to it's health and safety policies. In order to better protect all the employees they made it mandatory to have steel toe shoes or boots. Now my husband being in a management position needed something a bit more dressy than your traditional work boots and we found them a bit hard to find. With a little research we found a website that offered fashionable oxford style shoes with the protection he needs. They actually offered a fantastic selection of work shoes and boots so anyone (including women) can meet the footwear needs they have. The site offers free shipping on all orders over $50 within the US. WorkbootsUSA offers special incentives for large and government orders. With my husbands work covering up to $100 for his work shoes it was a great deal for him as a lot of shoes were offered at just over that price range. It was cheaper for him to buy these than it would be to buy standard shoes from the store. I feel better knowing he will be protected by his high quality brand name shoes as he tends to be a bit clumsy and I know he has dropped things and run over his feet numerous times over the years.

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