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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thinking about a 2nd honeymoon

Friends of ours that live in Alberta have been asking us to come out for a visit for almost a year. We have always wanted to go out and vacation around the banff national park and the rest of Western Canada. I have always wanted to explore the beautiful mountains and spectacular lakes. Seeing as we didn't get our honeymoon in when we were married we would like to take an adventure just the two of us without kids. We would also like to enjoy some skiing while we are in Banff and perhaps a romantic lodge that we could spend the days skiing and the evenings relaxing by the fireplace. We are considering going next fall after I get my trip over to New York in the summer. The area of banff canada and the Banff National Park was established back in 1885 and officially is Canada's oldest National Park/ While in Banff we will experience all kinds of new experiences from sight seeing tours. Another exciting experience will be the tour of the ice fields. I am excited to check out the Helicopter experience, I can only imagine what it would be like to be above it all and be able to take it in. Once we finalize the dates we will begin to finshig up all the details of our trip/

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