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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where's the Leak?

Living in an older house sometimes means there are unexpected repairs that come up without notice. Recently we had one of these circumstances that we were not expecting at all. My husband was working on another one of my "happy hubby" projects that I cooked up for him. He went down into our basement to get some tools, now our basement is about 6" shorter than he is and the light is on a pull chain so you have to feel your way in a bit before you can turn the light on. So as he went in he heard a hissing sound, he wondered what it was and as he got to the light he got a surprise...water spraying in his face. Now as I mentioned our basement is a little short so you have to walk in a bit hunched over to not hit the beams and pipes, well when he got the surprise water hit he kind of jumped a bit and cracked his head off the beam, splitting his head open. Funny, but not funny depending on who's opinion you ask. Anyway we had to call a plumber to come and fix the pipe, he put some plumbers tape over the spray to slow it down for a while until our plumber could get over. Getting the right plumber was important for us so we asked around to find a good one and he really takes the time and care. For my Handy husband he knows when he should try to fix things and when he should call the Plumber for help. If you are in the Atlanta area and looking for an Atlanta Plumbing Specialist you can talk to the team at AtlantaPlumber, they are a husband and wife team that specialize in all aspects of plumbing from new installations to replacement and repair and they pay attention to every part of your plumbing job from the initial consultation to the quality of work on their repair. Plumbing is an important part of your home so to keep it working the best you need the best tradespeople to look after your needs.

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