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Saturday, May 9, 2009


I can remember one of the most embarassing days of my life I had a busy day and was rushing to get back to pick up the kids at school. I had been rushing to a couple of appoinments in the morning that took me into the city and I had to make the rush drive to get back in time to get the kids. I might have been going a little bit too fast and got the red/blue's in my back window. Great I thought already behind and now this. Luckily I wasn't too much over and got away with just a warning. I finally got to school and as I was a couple of minutes late for Kohl, he had gone back in to wait for his sister to get out at 2. I had to go into the school and get the kids and in my rush I left the keys in the truck but still managed to lock the doors somehow. After getting the kids we went back out to the truck and after searching through my pockets and purse began to panick, where were my keys. Kohl being his helpful self said "Mommy I think your key is on your seat." Now I have a great idea for everyone, have a number of a Arlington Locksmith in your cell phone or in your purse for just these occasions because it's hard to find a phone book sometimes. The Locksmith can be contacted online or by phone, we managed to get the local locksmith out to help us get into the truck. Luckily he remembered me because we just had him out to the house the week before to change our entry system to the house. I even got a great deal on the emergency trip because I was such a great customer.

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