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Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's time to cool off

Finally the sun is shining and it is HOT outside, it feels like I have been waiting for a year to get a nice day. We were in town this morning and I had to kick on the Air Conditioner to cool off. The kids have a movie screen and for them to hear it the wind makes too much noise. I was talking to my dad this afternoon and he's having a bad day, the AC Compressor in his Van isn't working so he is sweating it out in the heat. I had to take the chance to brag up my a/c compressor and it's efficiency to him as he was sweating. I told him about a great website for him to contact to get the parts he needs. They offer free shipping and the largest selection of AC parts avaailble to get you cooled off fast. They also offer a hotline for any support you may need, via phone or Internet. Take the time to check your AC Compressor out now before all the hot summer weather hits.

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