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Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Handy Man

Well we finally got frustrated waiting for over a month for the Home Depot to come for our front door. They were completely crazy wanting $1700 + tax to put in one door. The other day we went and bought a door and all the parts and Hubby set to work. With my supervision ( I think he likes it when I watch him work and offer him smart alternatives to the way he is doing things) we managed to get the door done before night fall. I think it turned out great, no more rotton doors that don't close right. This will be great for the power bills next fall. Now for doing such a great job I had to find some way to reward him (not like that...he wishes). So he got to go buy another door and a screen door for the other entrance for me for Mothers Day. The great thing when all is said in done we did all three doors for $700 less than the home depot wanted for just 1 door. Yeah us....Booo! Home Depot

The old rotton door in it's last moments...

Newness in progress...

All done.

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