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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Maniac Mansion

A friend of ours bought this turn of the century, 3 storey 11 bedroom home last summer. It over looks the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most desirable locations in our area. The bad thing is this home had been neglected for years and was completely destroyed on the inside due to pipes that had broken over the previous winter. He got it for a real steal of a deal but rather than rip it down he wanted to renovate and fix it up as it had some great architecture and character and the frame was in excellent shape. My hubby has been working with him on the demolition with some guys from work and now it is time to start reconstruction. It's time to call in the experts for this stage. The starting point has to be the roof, as currently it is about 30 years old and is past it's prime, it leaks in some areas and he can't get insurance on the property until it is replaced. He did some research to find the best San Jose Roofing experts to have a reliable company that is covered by insurance and workers compensation to do the work. With the renovation now in full gear he is planning to develop it into a 4 unit home and is hoping to have one unit completely finished for him to move into for Fall. I'm sure that means lots of extra time spent down there over the summer helping him out.

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