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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a Disaster

What a mess we have in our house, it all started innocently enough after a very busy day I was off to work and hubby was trying to get some cleaning done around the house. He started a load of laundry and went out to check on the kids in the yard for a few minutes, came back in washed his hands and went upstairs to check for more laundry. When he came back down he heard running water. He thought it was strange because he was sure he had turned off the water after washing his hands. He listened for a minute and finally figured out where the water was coming from...our bedroom. He ran down and sure enough it was like a flood and rain shower, as it turned out the tube on the back of the washer popped off so it would register as being full so the water just kept filling and filling. He has spent the last few hours trying to suck up water with our shop vac but there is a lot of damage, it looks like the floor is ruined and some of the walls are suffering from water damage as well. We had only recently finished our bedroom so this time around it will be necessary to get a Washington Remodeling expert to come in and fix the mess. Going online you can arrange a appointment or talk directly to an agent about your remodeling need. I am going away to New York for a trip with my daughter soon so I am hoping all the remodeling is done when I get back.

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carmat said...

Sure sounds like you were lucky to be at work. That would be very frustrating, I think the washer would end up on the lawn if it was me.