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Friday, February 27, 2009

Online meeting

The traditional ways of meeting people has changed so much over the years, years ago you would meet people in your own area mostly but with the invention of online chat rooms you can literally meet people from all over the world almost instantly. You can search all over the net there are chat rooms set up for almost any walk of life. This is kind of a neat idea as it allows you to find people from your area or from all around the world that have interests similar to you. I was recently reading about a LDS Chat Room which is a meeting room for people of the religion Latter Day Saints. This site offers you a free account and set up. Once signed in you can view all the other members and start chatting with all the online members. If you chose to you can also web-cam with other particpants to get the chance to get to know them better. This is a very interesting way to make new friends and connections if you are looking for that special person. It's really a great opportunity to spread your search world wide instead of just your tonw or community. Take a moment and checkout the site, you can view the member pages and get a feel for the site before joining.

I got an awesome deal on furniture

When we moved into our new home last year we found it was so much bigger than our old home that we didn't have enough furniture to fill all the rooms. With the move and all the extra expenses of selling and buying our new home we didn't have a lot of extra cash around to buy new Home Furniture to fill up the rooms so we had to make do with what we had for a while. Now that Spring is coming we have begun looking for some great deals to finish making our home feel cozy and comfortable. One of the major renovation projects we completed last year was turning our attached Garage into a master suite for my husband and I. That might seem a bit strange but it had a loft that was attached to our kitchen that was a room for our youngest son and we wanted to be close to him. The garage was completely unfinished and the door was rotten too so we replaced that with a nice window and completely finished the space. It's kind of cool because now we have our own little getaway in the house. To finish off the living area of this room we decided to get one of those comfortable Sectional Couches so we could spend late evenings cuddleing up and watching our favorite shows or movies together. We shopped online and were able to find unbelievable savings on a great sectional at over 50% off and it even included free shipping which I was very surprised to get on such a big item. The next big renovation project we will be attempting will be a bathroom renovation so we are now finding all kinds of great deals on Bathroom Vanity Cabinets, we found such a fantastic assortment with savings up to 50% and again free shipping we are actually looking at getting 2 vanities so we can actually do both our bathrooms over for the price of just 1, it is definetly an exciting time around our house with renovations and everything we have so much fun.

ah, that's were the cold is coming from

In our house we have an attached garage, now when we moved in we decided to turn it into our master bedroom suite so we could be close to our youngest son whom is staying in the loft above (don't worry it attaches to the kitchen). Now his room has a cubby space along each side of his room as he has short walls. We use 1 for storage but we have never really gone into the other one. Well we were having a hard time to heat our room/his room. We finally moved his bed and went into the space, these spaces are unfinished and we found that at the beginning there was insulation but about 1/2 way down (no light in there either) there was no insulation. I'm heading to training at work today and hubby has the kids home from school but I believe he is heading out to get a bag of insulation and fix that up, let's hope it helps the problem.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Facial Care

Struggling with skin problems can be very frustrating, trying to find a treatment that will work and give real results. Suffering image and self confidance issues can be very hard for anyone to face. For many years your only solution was to wash your face with soap and water as much as you could, than came the cheap solutions from the drug store and more recently the acne wash industry has exploded with an every growing line of products than can run up to hundreads of dollars for the treatments with various results. It can be very confusing trying to find the best product for your severity and budget but there are now comparison sites that take the guess work out of your decision. The site will compare the best products based on ingredients, safety, effectiveness, research and customer feedback. You will also see the suggested price and the best price that could be found online. You don't have to suffer with embarassing acne anymore, find the best solution for you by doing a little reserch all in one stop.

I'm Tired of being Cold

It's that time of year when I find that I can't get myself warmed up no matter what I do. To put it bluntly I am completely sick of winter, I want spring to arrive now! I have so many projects around the house that I want to get finished but I just can't because of the snow and ice that is around. It is supposed to get warm this weekend and I know March is just around the corner

Vanity Renovation

This spring we will be completing our kitchen renovation and as soon as that is completed we are planning on re-doing our 2 bathrooms. Currently our bathrooms are distinctly different, 1 has a shower only and 1 has a bathtub only, with a family of 6 this has to change. We will be starting with the main floor bathroom which is the most central and is used the most. We are going to remove the shower and replace it with a shower/tub combo. The other main feature will be the removal of our custom built vanity ( a bit ugly ) with something newer and more modern. We have spent a lot of time searching for our new Bathroom Vanity, space is a bit of a concern as the bathroom isn't overly big and just getting the shower tub will be a big accomplishment. As we were shopping we found many beautiful types of double sink vanity that we really loved but they wouldn't work in the space we have available. If you are in the market for a new vanity you should check out the great deals at the link for modern bathroom vanities right now there are vanities featured at up to 50% off. The vanities are built in a variety of colors and sizes to match virtually any bathroom. They are also offering a flat shipping rate of only $200 per order no matter what size the order is so we can certainly get a great deal by ordering both our new vanities at the same time.

Baby Bump Beauty

One of the most exciting time in any women's lifetime is going through a pregnancy. We get so full of excitement of the new life developing inside us and thinking of what kind of little person they will be. I found one of the most stressful parts of being pregnant was finding flattering clothes to wear as my belly developed. I still wanted to be a sexy, attractive woman for my husband but it was difficult to find maternity clothes that flattered and were trendy to wear. I recently found a website that offers beautiful maternity wear for all stages of pregnancy that has fantastic colors and prints that look beautiful on compared to the boring or even worse bright colored clothing that a lot of stores carried. Their pricing is really great, as much as 75% off what you would see shopping through the local maternity shop at the mall, which is good for any impending mother that is only going to be wearing these clothes for a short time and probably has lots of other things to spend money on to get ready for her new arrival. This site is also offering a 20% discount right now if you order just enter the coupon code "blogfriends" to receive your discount and save even more.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shopping from home

In this day and age of busy schedules it can be very difficult to find the time to get all your supplies. With the creation of online shopping venues there are now vialble alternatives that one can use to get all sorts of merchandise quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home. Allegromedical is set up precisely to help busy people and people that can't get out to retail stores. You can basically sit at home and go through their online site and select through a great assortment of medical, fitness, diabetic products along with many others. Just think how easy it would be to sit down place your order for ensure, some diabetic supplies and a few other items and get them shipped quickly to your home, easy with no fuss, what an easy way to get the supplies you need shipped right to your door.

New Theatre

Tommorrow should be an exciting day, we went into shop for a overhead DVD player for the my new Torrent. We went to the Audio/Video store this morning and talked out a deal them. They had a Kenwood 10" player that was listed for 1199.99 and we were able to get them down to 800.00 installed and taxes included. Normally we do a terrible job negotiating deals but I think we did a really good job on this one. What a great hubby I have for going after the deal, oh yeah and he's also paying for it with some of his work bonus:0)

Chatting it up.

The great thing about the Internet is that it has opened up a true version of world wide communication in which you can actually communicate in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world instantly. One thing I noticed lately is the Chat Rooms that are designed to bring people together and make new acquaintances, for example today I just happened accross Tattoo Chat City which I thought was pretty unique. It is designed to create an open forum for people that share a love of body art & tattoo's. You can create your account free of charge and start viewing profiles of other Tattoo lovers from all over the world. The site allows web-cam use so you can actually share your tattoo's with others online and have them share theirs to. 125 If you are looking for certain characteristics in a profile you can search by relavant topics. You can search the users by name, and trust me there are some creative names on here. If you want to chat right now you can search for only users that are online now or search for users that are online the most time so you can have a better chance of chatting with them. With the free registration and user fees you really have nothing to lose and could meet some really intersting people at the same time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Collecting For the Future

In these days of uncertain economic conditions it can be very hard to decide what to invest you money in that is considered a stable investment. For many years real estate was a great investment but with the recent implosion of the real estate market many people have lost their entire investment. A proven stable alternative that can also be a fun past time would be collecting gold coins. Over many generations this precious metal has been a steady investment option. The Monex company has been helping investors for almost 40 years and are considered the industry experts in the trade of gold having helped investors invest over 25 billion dollars worth of precious metals.

Memories of youth

Every once in a while I will take a moment to think back to when I was a kid and all the great candies I would indulge in. Everyday I would take a trip up to the store and check out all the great colors and flavors of Candy that was available. As a kid I would have to say my favorites were the "Wonka" brand of candies. By far my favorite wonka candy were Runts, delecitble sugar candies in fruit shapes like oranges, banana's etc. They were fun to crunch on and had great flavors to go with them. Another favorite of mine would have to be Jolly Ranchers, I always found their flavor so intense it would almost bring tears to your eyes sometims. Now that I'm grown with kids I like to occasionally treat them to a little something, they really enjoy gummie type candies especially those from Haribo. Haribo has a great assortment of gummie candies which the kids love, especially the cola flavored bottle shapes and the little green frogs. Now my sugar candy days are behind me personally so I find myself going for a good chew of Gum to get that sugar craving fix every now and then, but I get to enjoy my sugar candy memories through my kids adventures.


After a full day at home yesterday cleaning, painting, playing, etc...we managed to get the kids in bed early. It was a busy weekend and late nights so they went to bed pretty easy. I didn't work yesterday so I managed to get to bed early too!
Well, I guess I can say that the kids got caught up on some sleep..... school was cancelled this morning so they all got to sleep in (yay, me too!) The kids have been busy playing on the computers, Disney Monopoly, Wii and now moon sand. I am doing some blogging and catching up on my SOAPS then it's time to get ready for work. Our hours were cut back on Wednesday and already they are calling me in early but I won't complain about that. Well I guess I should go see what kind of mess Blake is making ! :0)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finding the right solution

The weight loss market is so huge these days you can't go anywhere with out seeing a advertisement for the latest and greatest weight loss pill that is now available. How do you know what is the best, what will work? Using comparison websites is a great tool to find out just those answers. Sites like, use reviews from real people just like you, along with actual reserch results and studies of the actual ingredients effectiveness. It is a big decision and shouldn't be taken lightly, no pun intended to lose weight. Taking time to ensure you get on the right track is so important. It really can make such a differance in your life by taking control of your weight can give you a new vision of your life, new confidence and a new outlook. What decision are you going to make, think about all the things you could be doing different if you had control of your weight and were truly happy with your body image.

Waiting for the impending snow.

Well after last weeks supposed snow storm that never materialized I am awaiting the next big storm that is supposed to hit tonight. We were all set for a snow day and were so disappointed when we awoke to RAIN. The storm tonight is supposed to be a great one with up to 30cm of snow so hopefully when I get up in the morning I will be greated by a big hug and a beautiful blanket of snow outside.

Only the Best

It can be so hard trying to find the effective diet pills to make the differance in your program. How many times have you been going through your local store and saw displays of diet pills that promise incredible results but don't really cost a lot. This looks great and hey so what if they don't work, it only cost a couple of bucks so why not give it a try right. What sounds good is not always the case as sometimes these cheaper versions come with side effects that might not be all that fun to go through. By turning to websites that compare different diet pills and use feedback from actual customers that have bought and used them can be a very interesting look to decide what program you should use. Most sites like effective diet pills. net will compare and also show you were you can get the pills that are recommended. It can be a daunting task trying to make the right decision for you but don't take it lightly, take your time, do your reserch and it is always good to touch base with your medical professional to be sure you are getting an effective and safe program.

Awarded Behavior

My kids came home from dance class over the weekend with their certificate of achievement from their dance exams. They were very excited to show me their certificates and we quickly went and got them frames from the store to put them in. I put their reports in behind so I would be able to go back and look at their achievments. It is exciting to see them so happy and doing so well with their classes.

Dieting Safely

As you all know I have been working on my weight loss lately, making the last few pounds I want to melt off can be a bit challangeing and I have started to look into weight loss pills to help me get things going. It can be a very tricky thing picking the right diet pill for you, there are just so many options out there how do you know what ones to get. With so many ingredients some pills are safer than others and to find the safe diet pills can be a real challange. The Internet can be a great resource in finding out information that can guide you to your weight loss goals safely. If you are thinking about getting a weight loss diet pill be sure to do your research first to be sure you are getting the safest pills available that will still work for you to meet your goals.

School time lunches

It can be so hard to make school lunches for the kids, the school the kids go to limits a lot of things from the lunch menu that would make things so easy. The kids are not allowed to take anything containing nuts, which eliminates many of the kids favorite foods. It doesn't end there though they also have banned anything with eggs in it as there is 1 child in the school that suffers from that alergy. If you start to look at all the things that you might have in your cupboard most of them contain either nuts or egg products, it can be a marathon making a lunch the kids can take to school that they will actually eat too.

Losing the last few pounds

It seems like a never ending yo yo of life, my husband and I are not what you would consider over weight but we both personally feel we should lose 10 lbs or so to get to our prefered weight. We were very faithfull to our treadmill for many months but we moved our bedroom last year and never seemed to be able to get the motivation to get back into the swing of things. We have begun to look at other options to get some fast weight loss solutions to help kickstart our program. The Internet is a great spot to find information in a quick way, we discovered in our search a weight loss site that compares many different weight loss supplements and ranks them in order of effectiveness and speed of results. We are determined to get those last few pounds off before the beach season hits us in a few months.


My son and I went skiing yesterday with his youth group, it is an annual outing that we look forward to every year. The conditions were not quite perfect yesterday and there was a layer of ice under the snow which made it very slippery. We were not doing too bad but after a few runs on some of the easier hills we were getting some confidence in us. On the next run my son fell and not wanting to take off on him I tried to slow down and ended up on my a** too. I slid down the hill on my but and shoulders and today I am one hurting unit, it was fun though.

Hair Folies

Now don't get me wrong I want to sound as positive as I can about this but over the last few years my husband has begun to start suffering from a "thinning" problem with his hair. He would is still in somewhat of a denial stage as most of his thinning is taking place in the top/rear area that he can't readily see everyday. He was very shocked on day recently when he was watching some surveilance video from work and saw himself from the top view and didn't really care for what he saw. He sent me off onto the task of finding him some hair loss products to help stop the loss and preferably reverse the trend he was on. It didn't take me long to find a great hair loss treatment site that compares all the leading products available so you can do your research all in one place with reputible products that have proven results. You can use this site too to help yourself or your loved one find solutions to your/his thinning problem. It can be a very hard hit to the ego to have a thinning hair problem but it doesn't have to ruin your life, there are solutions you just have to know where to look to find the help you need.

Finding new Wrist Watches

I found myself the last couple of years of getting into a bad habit of using my cell phone as a watch and not wearing a watch at all. Now how did I get to this point, well I broke my favorite watch, one that I wore everyday for years and just couldn't find another watch that I felt good about for a long time. I recently realized that my obsession with my cell phone watch was a bad idea as I was on a trip and my phone ran out of charge and I was lost not only without a phone but without anyway to find the time. I decided it was time to go shopping for Wrist Watches that would work for me. I like a professional gold or metal type wrist watch that I can wear comfortably to work everyday and also use for the occasional night out. This watch has all the qualities I love with brushed metal and 18k gold accents. It has a sleek design and easy to read hands. The watchery is currently featuring many great deals including free shipping in the US on many beautiful watches. If you would like to get more information on all the great watches offered by you can check out their
website or give them a call at 1-866-843-9282 to speak to a representative.


Yesterday I enjoyed the day one on one with Jay! One of our favorite things to do together is skiing but unfortunately we only get to the slopes once a year :0( (hey it's better than not going at all) The weather was great and we enjoyed 7 hours of skiing and we left with minor injuries, well Jay left in better shape than I did LOL I have to admit I am lucky to have left with both thumbs, wrists and arms still one point it felt like they were being ripped off from my body. We are both pretty sore today but I am happy to be able to take a deep breath once again without the pain of sore muscles in my chest and back.
Now with all that said we are still looking forward to our ski trip next year (if not sooner) and maybe we will get a few more of the kiddos on the slopes...they will have to stick with the bunny hill for a while!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Internet Security

The internet can be a very scary scenerio, how do you protect your vital information for hackers. Once they acquire your IP address it becomes a very dangerous game. By using a vpn you can protect yourself by sending their IP address instead of your own, basically this sets up similar to a fire wall and protects your information from others. You might think your surfing is safe but if you don't take the proper precautions you could setting yourself up for a disaster.

Protect your family

The world can be a scary place, so much that you don't really know your own neighbor and what they are capable of really. You would be shocked to find out how many convicted sex offenders might actually live in your city, neighborhood or possibly even right on your own steet. To truly protect yourself and the ones you love it is absolutely vital to have the information so you can be aware of who might just be around. History tells us that once someone has offended they are very likely to re-offend. The information is available if you want to look for it as convicted offenders need to register and sites use this information to actually Track Sex Offenders. You can find all sorts of information on these offenders from current and previouse address, photo's and even names so you can be prepared to protect your family. These detailed reports are so vital to ensureing your families safety. You can access instant information by just entering your zip code, you will instantly be linked to the details of all the offenders around your area. You owe it to your peace of mind and to your family to be armed with the necessary information to protect them everyday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

time for a vacation

My husband and I have been together for 10 years now and one of the big regrets so far has been that we never had a real honeymoon. With having a couple of small children it was hard to leave them behind as we are a bit on the protective side. We always wanted to get away to somewhere tropical and enjoy some time on the beach together just the two of us. With me working now we are starting to get caught up on some bills and after planning a big trip with the kids we will plan a trip for just us after that. Every once in a while I find myself sneaking a peak at the beautiful caribbean hotels that we are hoping to travel to. It will be absolutely fantastic to get away to relax and just enjoy being together without all the demands of daily life. We of course will be looking to get an all inclusive vacation package so we don't have to worry about taking a bunch of extra money with us to cover expense and we won't have to worry about travelling off the resort itself. I think it is probably every couples dream to have a beautiful caribbean vacations together, what kind of trips have you taken with your significant other and would you have any advise for us in planning our trip.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I just got home from picking up the kids from school and have lots to get done in the next couple of hours. Trinity dances at 5pm, I go to work for 5pm and Matt is off at 5pm, oh and I can't forget Jay has a basketball game at 5pm....luckily somehow everything will work out and everyone will get to where they need to be, hopefully the snow will hold off until at least the kids get back home safe. We are expecting a messy night right until morning so I am thinking the kids won't have school tomorrow but hopefully the roads clear by noon because I have to go get the registration and plates done on my truck.
I am getting pretty excited for Saturday. This is my day with Jay at the ski hill and we have both been looking forward to this day since last winter! The weather is looking great with nice temperatures so we could be staying into the evening!
I am almost finished the painting on Blake's wall! Then that will put us into kitchen renovation mode. We have huge decisions to make with the kitchen cabinet doors but first we will have to have a few more cabinets built. Well that's it for now....lots to do!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring is coming

As my 4 year son tells me it's still Winter Spring and he can't wait for Spring Summer so it's warm everyday. It's that time of year I start to think of the warm days and one of the biggest things for me is trading in the winter boots for more sensible Shoes. I love looking for summer shoes and sandals on a cold winter day to help warm me up. I can start to day dream about walking on the beach or going to the park. Usually I shop early so I can get the pick of the selection, I find if you wait for a while the sizes you want are gone and you have to settle for your second selections. It can be difficult to find Women's Shoes in my size that I like, but this year I have turned online and found great deals of up to 60% off and free shipping on all the latest styles and colors. Now if buying shoes online is difficult for you this site offers a 75 day no hassle return policy so you can order a couple of pairs and return what doesn't suit you. This site is really a one stop shop as it also offers a great assortment of Men's Shoes and shoes for kids too. They carry the best brands at the best prices and you can get their shoes online or instore at the same prices. Shoe shopping made easy is a wonderful thing.

Good News

Hubby found out today that he won a sales bonus for the Christmas season from work. He's known since the end of January based on his numbers but finally got the confirmation email and pay out date so it's official now. It's pretty exciting because he is planning to use it to finish paying for my daughters trip to NY with her school. I will be going and he will be staying behind with the boys :0( but it will be great to have it paid off so we don't have to worry about the big payments anymore:0)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Home renovations

After being in our house for a year we have decided it is time to start making the changes we want to make things work better for us in the house. Last year we had to do upkeep things on the house, the new roof and a bunch of windows that took up our renovation budget. This year we are working on the kitchen and the bathroom on the main floor. The bathroom is our first priority as it is not set up in a convient manner and only has a stand up shower in it. The plan is to put in a full tub/shower and get a new bathroom vanities to replace our tired old, custom built cubby. After spending to much time shopping around the local area stores we went shopping online for Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and found a great assortment of beautiful Vanities at fantastic prices. There were all sorts of sizes and finishes to match any decorating taste you might have. With our new layout plan of the bathroom we will also have to add a Bathroom Linen Cabinets that will let us have some storage for towels and things. This is going to be a much needed improvement for our bathroom and will be exciting when it is all finished.

Saturday, February 14, 2009



It worked out great for us today.... both hubby and I had the day of from work so we went to a Valentine's Gala! The dinner was great, we had fun and both won prizes. I won a mother and daughter set of heart lockets and Matt won a digital photo frame! Great prizes and things we can use :0). Well it's now almost 11:30pm and I think it's off to bed, so the renovations will have to be put off until tomorrow evening. We are getting things done little by little but making progress.

Hope you all had a great Valentine's day!

Mother, Daughter trip

There are a few city's that are exciting no matter who you are and NY is one of those historic cities, everyone knows this city and the history around it. I am very excited to be going to NY this summer for my first visit to the city and I can't wait. I have been reserching every night to try and find out the best locations, sites, events and dining experiences. My daughter and I are traveling down with our dance group. We are searching and creating a list of all the best New York Restaurants there are for us mom's to take the kids out to, it will be very exciting. Using we are able to find all the reastaurants that are around our hotel area and also be sure have kid friendly environment and price ranges we can all afford. This website has features that allows us to sort all these qualities so we will have a list when we go and it also has reviews of all the restaurants too. This will definetly be a trip of a lifetime for us and with the help of villagevoice it will be that much more organized.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well it has been a pretty good 3 days. Hubby has been away for manager meetings and will be home later this evening so needless to say I have been on my own with the kids. Jay has been a huge help with babysitting Tuesday evening until I got off work at 1am. He sent me lots of emails to keep me updated on things here at home. I had the 4 and 6 year old boys in bed already sleeping so it made things easier for him. I am so proud at how responsible he is getting. Yesterday I took the kids to McDonald's for supper then it was off to Trin's dance class! It was only an hour so we were there long! Since I had the night of from work I spent it painting Blake's Transformers wall mural. It is pretty time consuming but it's getting there...little by little! (I will post pictures later). Well this is my final day going it alone. The kids are getting ready to get the clue to their final scavenger hunt that their father left for them....lots of treats in the morning but they are having fun! Then it is off to school, this morning, Kohl and Trinity go skating with their school so I will take Blake along for some fun as well so they are pretty excited.
Guess I should go get things ready and my butt out of bed!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Cosmetic Solution

As I am getting a little older I am becoming more aware of the aging process by looking at members of my family, many of them suffer from spider vein in their legs and are very self conciouse about them to the point of not wearing shorts/bathing suits in the summer. In the past this was a painful and intense treatment to get rid of these but there is a new tecniques using what's called a Splash Laser to target these spider veins. The splash laser effectively passes through your skin and eliminates the spider veins quickly and easily. The only side effect could be some reddness of the skin right after the proceedure and perhaps some minor bruising for about a week. This is a permanent solution for an age old problem and can significantly improve your attitude about your body.

What's your footprint

In this "Green Age" we are in right now everything is about reducing our need for fossil fuels and reducing our carbon foot print. It can be a tricky concept to balance the lifestyle we are accustomed to and the responsibility we have to protect the world environment for generations to come. The process of Carbon Offsetting basically means what you would need to do to off set the polution you create by for example running your car. How many trees would you have to grow to combat the pollution caused or what type of alternate transportation can you use to get where you need to go. There are a growing number of unique ways to gather energy without gathering pollution, clean energy like that gathered from wind or solar power are great examples of creative forms of creating sustainable energy.

What's hiding behind your walls?

You never know what's hiding behind your walls, yesterday hubby was replacing an old door to Blake's bedroom and when he had to remove part of the base board as the new molding was bigger than the old molding. Well what a chuckle he got when he pulled this off and read the back of it. It was true it was chewed at one end but luckily he had to cut that end off of it anyway. You have to know the former owners of the house you can so see that happening, makes you wonder what's behind your wall?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Building Traffic

One of the biggest challanges in building a website is figuring out how to get your message out to the people you intended it to get to. Building Traffic can be hard if you don't know how to get your site out their where people are looking, the Internet is a massive entity and you need to have your self on the map so people can find you. There are ways to do this cost effectively by using free web directories. These directories will offer you a free one way text link to your site to help build your link popularity. Now there are also paid web directories that will basically do the same thing but are considered of higher quality. There are literally thousands of these free directories available so with a little work you can quickly build links for yourself to help people hear your word. Simply go through the link above and start searching through all sorts of web directories and work with the ones you like the best. You can also install tools that will track your clicks so you can see the effectiveness of your directories.

Doggy Problems

My dog is such a jeckle/hyde, on one had she is a sweet dog that is good with the kids and on the other hand she is a pain in the a**. She eats literally anything in the house, blankets, pillows, shoes, we tried buying her toys but she just eats them, even the ones your not supposed to be able to eat. Now she has started "P"ing on the floor by the door, she has been so good since she was trained but all of a sudden she has started again. Like tonight she comes down stairs walks straight to the door and let's it fly, I even saw her going by and was right behind her going down to the door. Normally she will go down to the door and whine, nope not tonight, which meant I had to stop cleaning up the house and get out the steam cleaner to clean the floor AGAIN! What are we to do with our darling pup?

Facial Care Made Easy

I have noticed lately that the amount of commericals and ads for Skin care and acne treatment is becoming so huge it must be confusing to know what treatments actually work and which ones don't. When searching for anatural acne treatment it becomes even more difficult to sort through all the hype. You can turn to the internet to search out comparison sites that will sort through all the different treatments and give you the best of the best. Many of the best treatments like Zyprox can provide fast relief to your acne needs, as fast as the first treatment. The makers are so confident that you will get great results they even offer a money back guarantee so you really don't have anything to lose except the embarassing acne. On this comparison site you can quickly compare each product to see what will be the best for your needs, each product is ranked on 6 factors including safety, quality of ingredients, side effects, acne fighting power, customer feedback and overall value for the money.

Lookout Construction Zone!

We are working deligently on finishing up renovation projects around the house, it's frustrating when you are holding to a budget and can only do projects a little bit at a time. This weekend the big project was replacing Blake's bedroom door, it was an ancient ugly looking door right off our kitchen and it has bugged me from the day we moved in a year and a half ago. Blake was Matt's assistant through the process and they both had some fun working on it. The door came down last night and the new one is up with molding being finished tonight. That's part of the hard thing about buying an older house after you have had a new one, but we will keep working on projects as we can to get the house fixed up.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Planning Ahead

In life I have come to discover that you have to plan ahead and be prepared, it's important to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected in case you get sick. It is very important to have quality health insurance even if you are not sick just in case. We have a large family and with kids you just can't be sure what's going to happen with them as they grow and develop so a good health plan is key to having peace of mind. It's important to research the plans available in your area and not just grab the cheapest plan available, you get what you pay for sometimes. With Kaiser Permanente California plans you can select what type of plan best suits your needs. If your very budget concious you may want to choose a co-pay plan which offers you a higher monthly premium but you only pay the copay amount for your prescriptions and doctor visits. The team of Kaiser Permanente Colorado also offers Deductible plans which offer you a lower monthly payment but you are also responsible to meet your deductible limit before you are eligable for co-pay options. Now it's not just all about health plans at Kaiser Permanente Georgia either because they also offer a choice of dental and chripractic plans as well to give you true full health coverage for all your needs.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hair Crisis Diverted

I find myself constantly having hair issues, I just can't decide what type of hair I want. I constantly debate on growing my hair out long so I can have different hair styles. I have had my hair cut short for quite a while now and it sometimes seems boring because it can only be styled one way, so no matter what I have to style it everyday before I go anywhere, no quick ponytail to go for milk. It doesn't matter if I'm going out to the mall or a ball my hair pretty much looks the same and I am starting to get bored with that. Especially this time of year when it's so dry my hair sometimes has a mind of it's own. I have been looking for new products to try to help beautify my hair and recently came accross bonacure hair care products they have a new product line of Repair Rescue hair products that should do the trick to fix up my dried out damaged hair. Hello-Gorgeous offers great discounts on all sorts of products from haircare, nailcare, makeup and hair color, it's a great one stop shop when I need a pick up day. They offer fast shipping with a flat rate of 4.95 and order so I can get what you want without a big shipping bill.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Following the Dream

One thing I always wished I had an opportunity to have done is finish my education. I had children young and although no excuse with moving around with my husbands work and raising 4 children finding the time to get my degree just didn't seem to work with our lifestyle. Now that the kids are getting older and will all be in school this fall I think I might have the time now to look into a online university degree program so I can get the education I want but still have the flexibility to be MOM, WIFE and WORKING WOMAN. When I started looking for options I found Capella University that has been working online for over 15 years and currently has students in 45 countries. What will happen next I don't know but just to have a program available that can work around LIFE is an exciting scenerio.

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Comparing services

When searching for a home to build your web-site it is important to have as much information as possible on the available host services you can use to create, store and host your blog from. The art of web hosting has developed a lot and has become a very competitive market with many service providers to choose from. Searching for a relevant ranking of the best hosting services can be very beneficial to you before you sign up for service. Using services like those offered by web hosting geeks. com can really help you because they rank the best service providers and offer links to their sites so you can shop around and see what they all have to offer in one quick easy location.
Some of the things I was looking for before signing up was to compare all the vital statistics like price, available space to host my site and traffic. Now it's also important to have a service that can provide you with what you need for domain names, so I wanted to make sure how many domain names I could use and how much it will cost me to get them. If you are looking to start hosting or change to a new host checkout the comparison site or possibly BlueHost which seems to offer great value for the money.

You've got to move it!

It's finally releasing tommorrow, and the kids are excited, "you've got to move it, move it" Madagascar 2 is coming out to stores tommorrow. I was surprised to see this as normally movies are released on "new release Tuesday" but for some reason this one is out on Friday. The kids have been waiting for this to arrive since we all went to the theatre and saw it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Web Hosting Service

I have been toiling the idea around of changing my website over to a paid web hosting service. Since I have been blogging for a couple of years it only seems to make sense to move over to a paid program that can offer me more service but the question becomes what host do I turn to? It seemed like a good idea to find a comparison program to find the best dedicated servers for me. Now when it comes to web hosting services there are many options and while they all offer similar services the also all slightly different. It's important to weigh all your options before making a decision to take your time and find the best options to make your website the best it can be

My baby is growing up

Yesterday I had to take my baby to kindergarten registration, he will be turning 5 in early November which makes him eligible to go to school this fall. Now I'm having a hard time with this as he is my last baby. He is a self proclaimed genious and is so social active he really has to go to school this year. He is very excited to go and can't wait for his orientation day. What will I do without him around to lighten my day? :0(

Feeding the Sweet Tooth

My Hubby and I are trying to lose a few pounds and with the cold weather months it seems to be more difficult than ever. We enjoyed getting out and walking whether up to the school for the kids or around the block. We also suffer from what you would call a sweet tooth that finds us craving Candy Bars all the time. My husband and I both work in the mall although at opposite ends it makes it so easy to sneak a treat for break. One of our favorites is the Milky Way Candy Bar a delicious mix of chocolate nougat and caramel coated in my favorite milk chocolate. Now we don't want to exclude any of our other favorites but we have many, if I'm not in a chocolate mood I usually turn to my favorite sugar candy, Mike N Ike's, they come in so many flavors you can fix almost any craving. They come in all kinds of flavors, grape, berry, tropical and of course the original fruit flavors pack. These are a great solution for those snacky moments that you need a little fix. These are just some of my favorite Candy what kind of sweets do you enjoy when you need a snack?

St. Valentines Gala

My husband and I are supposed to be going to a Valentine's gala on Valentines Night and we are excited to get out for an evening without the kids. We went to this event last year and had a good time. There was a fantastic meal and some nice music to enjoy the evening with. I am thinking we need to dress up a bit more this year and we are thinking about getting matching Bulova watches for the big event. He likes gold watches so he likes the Mens Bulova 97a67 and for me I think I really like the Ladies Bulova 97t39. With a name like Bulova you know you are getting only the best quality and right now they are offering free shipping and sizing on all orders. What are you doing special for Valentines Day, don't forget February 14th is coming up fast.


We are home today with the start to another snow wasn't cancelled today only because there already wasn't school due to teacher meetings. The snow started at noon and it's getting pretty heavy. Just a few minutes ago I got a call saying that Trinity's dance class is cancelled for this evening so no running the roads for Matt tonight! Matt will be home at 5pm so I will have to get out with the kids to get the driveway cleared out then I'm off to work for 7pm. I'm sure that by 1am the roads will be pretty bad with the snow turning to freezing rain by then so I will probably get Matt to pick me up. Other than the snow it's been a pretty quiet day and the kids enjoyed another new movie .... "Space Buddie"!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Piece of History

What an exciting time the world is facing as we see the change of administration in the US as Barack Obama has taken control of the Oval Office and is striving to make change and turn the economy back around. It is an important moment in the history of not only the US but the World. One of the great souvenirs that have been created are hand painted President Barack Obama oil painting it is incredible the quality and realistic characteristics these hand produced paintings offers. Right now you can order your original hand painted Barack portrait starting at only $179.


I got the bestest award ever from Jenn. She is one of the most thoughtful and caring person I know, I just wish I could find more time to blog and keep in touch!
Thanks Jenn! Miss ya :0)

Help with addiction

It can be very hard when you or someone you love is suffering from addiction issues. Addictions come in many different forms but the most common addictions people are facing these days are alcohol and drug addiction. When it's time to make a change and get help you need to know where to go to find the help and advice you need. There is a referance centre that was recently launched that can help you find your way. The was designed and created by experts to provide online addiction information to help people suffering from addiction to find the help they need. Their hotline is available 24 hours a day and is set up completely as a non-profit option to help.

Creating work space

We have been doing lots of renovations around the house and one cool thing we managed to do was create mini offices in the kids bedrooms to give them space to work on homework and projects. To finish up the rooms we were one computer chair short so we moved the small chair up from our main computer to Kohl's room and decided to buy a new chair for our computer down stairs. We decided to go online an shop for the largest assortment of leather office chairs we could find. My husband really wanted a leather chair to make his office area feel classier so we were glad to find the best assortment and best prices at We now have work areas completely set up and everyone is able to go work on their own in a nice quiet area.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Results from orgainic skin care

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