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Friday, February 27, 2009

ah, that's were the cold is coming from

In our house we have an attached garage, now when we moved in we decided to turn it into our master bedroom suite so we could be close to our youngest son whom is staying in the loft above (don't worry it attaches to the kitchen). Now his room has a cubby space along each side of his room as he has short walls. We use 1 for storage but we have never really gone into the other one. Well we were having a hard time to heat our room/his room. We finally moved his bed and went into the space, these spaces are unfinished and we found that at the beginning there was insulation but about 1/2 way down (no light in there either) there was no insulation. I'm heading to training at work today and hubby has the kids home from school but I believe he is heading out to get a bag of insulation and fix that up, let's hope it helps the problem.

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