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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doggy Problems

My dog is such a jeckle/hyde, on one had she is a sweet dog that is good with the kids and on the other hand she is a pain in the a**. She eats literally anything in the house, blankets, pillows, shoes, we tried buying her toys but she just eats them, even the ones your not supposed to be able to eat. Now she has started "P"ing on the floor by the door, she has been so good since she was trained but all of a sudden she has started again. Like tonight she comes down stairs walks straight to the door and let's it fly, I even saw her going by and was right behind her going down to the door. Normally she will go down to the door and whine, nope not tonight, which meant I had to stop cleaning up the house and get out the steam cleaner to clean the floor AGAIN! What are we to do with our darling pup?

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jenn said...

I have no advice...I'm the cat girl.