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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mother, Daughter trip

There are a few city's that are exciting no matter who you are and NY is one of those historic cities, everyone knows this city and the history around it. I am very excited to be going to NY this summer for my first visit to the city and I can't wait. I have been reserching every night to try and find out the best locations, sites, events and dining experiences. My daughter and I are traveling down with our dance group. We are searching and creating a list of all the best New York Restaurants there are for us mom's to take the kids out to, it will be very exciting. Using we are able to find all the reastaurants that are around our hotel area and also be sure have kid friendly environment and price ranges we can all afford. This website has features that allows us to sort all these qualities so we will have a list when we go and it also has reviews of all the restaurants too. This will definetly be a trip of a lifetime for us and with the help of villagevoice it will be that much more organized.

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