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Monday, February 16, 2009

Home renovations

After being in our house for a year we have decided it is time to start making the changes we want to make things work better for us in the house. Last year we had to do upkeep things on the house, the new roof and a bunch of windows that took up our renovation budget. This year we are working on the kitchen and the bathroom on the main floor. The bathroom is our first priority as it is not set up in a convient manner and only has a stand up shower in it. The plan is to put in a full tub/shower and get a new bathroom vanities to replace our tired old, custom built cubby. After spending to much time shopping around the local area stores we went shopping online for Bathroom Vanity Cabinets and found a great assortment of beautiful Vanities at fantastic prices. There were all sorts of sizes and finishes to match any decorating taste you might have. With our new layout plan of the bathroom we will also have to add a Bathroom Linen Cabinets that will let us have some storage for towels and things. This is going to be a much needed improvement for our bathroom and will be exciting when it is all finished.

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