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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who's that Number

We've all been there, we hear the phone ringing and when we look at it you don't recongize the number on the display. Who could it be, would it be something important or a telemarketer calling to harrass you again. You can now do a reverse look up with just a phone number through USA Phone Lookup. Find out who belongs to that phone number before deciding on calling it back on not. Use this service with confidence that it will help you with your search, with real results.

Happy New Year

Well with the final hours of 2008 ticking away I am getting ready to have a wonderful New Years Eve party at my InLaws home. We have had a wonderful week of visting between the grandparents homes, with lot's of great meals and catching up. I'm looking forward to a great year next year with filled with lot's of fun, dancing, family, a great trip to NY with Trin, and a new Van for me, the downside I got my permanent position at work so I'll have to fit all that in around my shifts at work. I know I'll make it work with the love and support of Hubby and the kiddies. Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!

My Christmas gift to myself

I am so excited that Christmas is now behind me, while I had a lot of fun this year getting gifts and celebrating Christmas with the kids, I have been in desperate need of glasses to help me at my new job. Working at the call centre has been a great experience for me but looking at a computer screen for hours a day can sure be hard on my eyes. I have broken down and begun looking for frames that I would like, seeing as I have never work glasses before it was hard for me to make this decision but after looking at the great assortment of Holiday frames available at ZenniOptical it has become a lot easier. I think I have decided on this pair of glasses which are great as they are available in my favorite color"pink" and are made from bendable titanium to ad security to me as with a busy lifestyle like mine with work and the kids I can see my glasses getting a lot of abuse and they need to be able to stand up to it all. I never thought shopping for eyeglasses would be so easy but with the great assortment and even more important great prices that are available it was a breeze for me to select a great pair for myself.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well it is finally here! It is now 12:00am Christmas morning and I am just about ready to head off to bed so that Santa can make is visit to our house! It was without a doubt a very busy day full of running around to get the last minute things taken care of. I tell you that getting ready for Christmas and working a full time job really does make things a lot harder but I survived, well so far, LOL I just have to get through tomorrow excitement :0)
After all the running around and finally getting hubby home from work, we all settled on the couches in the family room with our supper, (donairs and garlic fingers from the pizza joint MMMM) while watching the new Chronicle of Narnia, Prince Caspian DVD. Without having family around to visit the kids then watched "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" that was on tv while coloring Christmas pictures then it was off to bed! Oh yeah we let the kids open one gift before they went to bed....just a practice run for tomorrow :0).....So you can say that today was a full day!
Tomorrow's agenda is the unwrapping of the gifts and then lots of fun. We had to change our plans for our Christmas Turkey until earlier tomorrow because the movie theatre only has evening shows playing this year, I think we are going to see "Bedtime Stories" and then tomorrow we will go back to see "Marly and Me". Ok speaking of movies I have to say that this evening when Jay's best friends mother dropped off a Christmas card to the family I was surprised, inside the card was movie gift cards for $50 along with a $50 gift card to Boston Pizza! She said it was her way of saying thanks for letting Matthew (jay's friend) come here everyday for lunch (he always brought his own packed lunch) and for Jared her youngest son who comes home from school with me and the kids everyday for about an hour. It's a great feeling to feel appreciate when you aren't expecting anything in return! :0)
Anyway that's about if for now I have an early morning ahead of me so it's off to bed, Funny I haven't heard from my mom yet????? Oh well I guess she's busy, I will have to call her tomorrow!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's almost here! Christmas is only a few days away and I am happy to say that we are finally ready! We do have a few little things to pick up at the last minute but that is always the way with us. Anyway I have been trying to get my blogs updated my I haven't been getting along real well with our new picture program that was installed on my laptop from our new printer/scanner. I think that I have finally been able to download my video so I will spent the next little bit working on my blogs. I have lots to catch up on but probably wont have it done before I go to work in a couple of hours, so you may have to check back tomorrow some time. There are lots of dance video from parent night along with lots of pictures of the kids. Most will be put on my Family Blog so pop over for a visit!
Hope all is well with everyone! I miss you all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Searching for a new career

Thinking about a career that can withstand the tough economic times it's a great opportunity to look into cosmetology colleges. No matter what the economic outlook is it is a given that people will always want to look their best and for many that means regular trips to their specialist. One of the best and growing schools is the regency beauty school which has grown from 2 schools in 2002 to over 30 schools with plans to grow accross the country. This is a career that has a lot of security it you learn your craft and are able to speak well to people. It can be a lot of fun working directly with people and having them give you their trust in their appearance. Check out more information on the courses and locations at

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally a real snow

It hit here today, a real snow and the beautiful part it is supposed to stay cold enough that it isn't supposed to melt. I actually had to go out and shovel the driveway and the kids got out to enjoy the fun. Jay built a snow wall for the dog to use for her business in the yard. It was great to get out and get some exercise and of course fun with the kids. It's still snowing so lucky for Hubby he will get to do some shoveling too when he gets home from work. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Securing your Retirement

Sometimes even though we think we are doing all we need to secure our retirement income once the time arrives to retire there isn't enough income to make everything work. There is a program developed to help people over the age of 62 unlock the value in their home and help them by using reverse mortgages to secure income every month. The concept is quite easy to understand, you borrow against the value of your home and get a payment every month and as you are basically borrowing money from yourself you do not make any repayments as long as you live in your home. There are many Reverse Mortgage Benefits you get monthly payments, you get to tap into the value of you home when you can best enjoy it, you make no repayments until you pass away or move out of your home, and you receive counseling to ensure you understand all the details of your reverse mortgage. The process is quite simple if you meet the age requirement, 62, and own you home you may qualify for a reverser mortgage, the amount you can borrow against would be the current market value of you home minus any balance owing on your property. Going into retirement doesn't have to a be a scary experience, you've spent your lifetime building equity in your home you should be able to access it. If you are in the California area check out reverse mortgage California for more details.

Christmas Vacation

I'm getting excited the kids are starting Christmas Vacation this Friday, they will go to school for a 1/2 day and then we will find something interesting to do for the afternoon. I believe I am working in the evening but we will be out getting some shopping finished up in the afternoon. I think hubby and I will get the stocking stuff picked up with a dollar store run on Friday. The kids stockings are done but ours aren't finished up yet so we will take the kids out to get some stuff. The big part of Christmas shopping is all done so that is great. I'm looking forward to a few fun days with the kids before Christmas and we will be going away to visit with family after Christmas for a few days. Merry Christmas to all

Reliable transportation

With my new job going well and looking like it will be becoming permanent it will soon be time to look for a second vehical to eliminate some of the extra running around we have been doing lately. One of the big concerns we have is that the warranty will soon be running out on our van and with that will come extra costs for repairs that we haven't been used to the last few years. We are debating on whether we should by a new or used vehical for the spare one. We began to search for a parts supplier to help us when we need repairs done on the van and came accross the website devoted to giving the best deal on car parts whether new or used. Peugeot Car Parts prides itself on finding the parts you need faster and cheaper than any other service available. In just a few short steps you can get a quote for the parts you need and with their reliable check service you will be sure to get the right parts no matter what make, model and year you have you will get the right part. You can find reliable pricing on all types of vehical from SUV's, cars, trucks if it rolls on 4 wheels more than likely you will find the parts you need fast. The site is easy to use and is completely secure to complete your online transactions fast and efficiently.

Working it out

Well it is certainly busy season at my work and I have been working a lot of hours lately, even going on 9 days straight. I am looking forward to taking a day off tommorrow and just have to get through my 7 - 1 shift tonight. It keeps me going knowing that it will soon be Christmas and I am taking a week off to spend with family and than things should quite down after Christmas with less orders coming in at work. The hours and $$$ are nice at Christmas but I miss the evenings tucking the kiddies into bed and spending time with Hubby :0( He's taking a lot of extra work with the full day of work and running the kids around to activities and picking me up at work (late) and normally letting me sleep in when he's off or working at lunch time. I am sure looking forward to the week off for both of us from work.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

making connections

Being fairly opiniated I like to be able to share my thoughts on different topics. With having a large family we are true consumers and purchase a lot of normal everyday things. I recently discovered a great site where I can share my opinions with other people that use the same types of items that I do. This site is called acobay and although it is a fairly new site it is gaining members everyday, there are thousands of people out there that are sharing opinions and reviews on various products. It can be a great resourse when you are thinking of making a purchase because you can get honest opinions from other people that have actually purchased and used the item you are thinking about getting. My first stuff review was of my prepaid cell phone that I got last year for Christmas, if you would like to see what I had to say about my prepaid cell phone from President's choice check out the link to my cell phone to get the scoop on my opinion. I think this will become a great resource for people all around the world to get and share their thoughts on items that they use everyday. It's a great way to use social networking to find real information and opinions on items before you purchase.

Friday, December 12, 2008


With it getting so close to Christmas I can feel myself starting to fall apart. One of the hardest things for me at Christmas is being soooooo far away from family but I keep telling myself that the holiday will be great and we will be home with family soon. Well I thought I was handling it pretty good until today, we have almost all our shopping done but it's just deciding on the last few things (shopping for Grandma), I can't seem to think clear and I am exhausted with all the extra work and running around. I am NOT going into work this evening (it's my night off) and that is the last place that I want to be right now and that has nothing to do with the team I work with....This afternoon was my work's team secret santa and pot luck party, well I was off today but said that I would go in to participate and ended up going in early to help out with getting things prepared. Oh yeah and it ended up costing me more money running around to buy things that we still needed. So I sent Matt off to McDonald's with Blake before Matt had to be at work and that I would meet up with them as soon as I could. So all was going well then it was time to go get Blake but the party was delayed by a half hour do to the call volume so I made arrangements so that I could bring Blake in with me for about 20 minutes, Just long enough to enjoy pot luck and get my gift! ($20 to the movies!!!!) So in came Blake looking all cute with his new reindeer hat and excited to get to see where mommy works for the first time. Well he was with me not even a minute when human resource (who was invited to join our pot luck)yelled over to me that he wasn't aloud there and that I would have to leave, then she looks at Blake and says" you have to leave so you don't get your mom in trouble"...the person I would get in trouble by would have been her... What a bitch!!!!!! (oh and she is new) Don't tell me that kids aren't aloud in there on the rare occasion because they were aloud in there for Halloween???? GRRRRRRRRRR I was pissed and I was left to be the one to explain to Blake that he wasn't in trouble and I was very very proud at how quiet and good he was while at my work then he started going on how he got me in trouble at work. Anyway I took Blake back to Matt (who was busy working at this point) who was also pissed at the situation and I returned to the party (which I shouldn't have, I should have just come home) by then I was in no mood to enjoy myself and had no appetite to eat, I received my gift, helped hand out the gifts then I left. I all could think of was leaving Blake with Matt upset. Anyway my head is pounding and I still have to return to the mall to pick up the things I didn't have time to get this morning then pick Matt up at 10pm. I tell you that I will be so ready to curl up in bed tonight! Anyway I should go get Jay off to his friends house for the night then off to the mall.
That's enough ranting for now.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Countdown

With less than 2 weeks to Christmas I have found myself running out of time to get all my Christmas shopping done. It has been a extremely busy fall and now that it is crunch time I am finished pretty well everything except my hubby, now he is particularly hard to buy for so I thought this year I would take a different approach and get him things he really needs but won't spend money on. The biggest thing that would be a great improvement is new eyeglasses he has had the same pair of persriptions glasses for 10 years now and they are looking worn out, bent, paint worn off so I started looking for options for new glasses. I was able to find great deals on eye wear online that would allow me to get him his gift ready before Christmas with their free shipping and fast glasses delivery program. Optical4less offers great styles and options and also allows you to use their virtual try on room to get a better idea what the glasses will work for you. I think he will be very pleased with my considerate gift that will allow him to update his style (much needed). I think it will be great to see his excitement on Christmas morning so wish me luck.


What a mess I woke up to very early this morning. I ran to the noise that I thought was Blake being sick, I ran to the kitchen on my way to him crabbed a bowl (he doesn't like to throw up,...gross I know....In the toilet) when I turned around all I saw was blood. He had the worst nose bleed ever. Now nose bleeds aren't unusual for him but nothing this bad. I quickly got the bleeding under control then got him cleaned up but what a mess. Luckily he went back to sleep once we were sure it had stopped and he did manage to sleep in until just after 8 this morning! Needless to say that we had a lazy morning together but it was much needed.
Tonight the Trinity and Kohl have there school Christmas concert so that is where I will be tonight. Trinity got the night off from dancing class for having perfect attendance and I think it will be a nice break for her and I have the night of from work....well at least until the concert is over, I'm sure to be called in for extra hours. I have been working every night lately until 1 am and expect that to be my schedule the rest of the week and possibly next week. The schedule looks good for me over the Christmas holiday so we should be able to go home to be with family after boxing day! Now we just have to hope that the weather co operates! Fingers crossed!
The snow is gone already :0( we woke up this morning to rain and high winds with a temperature of 14 degrees. It looks miserable outside right now!
OK I guess I should go get supper ready and then the kids for this evening.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A step in the right direction

Often wanting to find information on different things I have been searching for a one stop place to find real Product Review information. With working and balancing life with 4 children I don't have time to search all over the place so it was great to find reviewkings where I can find honest reviews of all sorts of things from entertainment, computers, products and much more. I was recently searching for information on spyware for our new computers and was quickly able to access different information to try and find the best value for my money.

Monday, December 8, 2008



We woke up to falling snow this morning and right now the ground is covered! It is finally starting to feel like Christmas :0) The kids were excited to see the snow and were hoping for a snow day but unfortunately the snow had just started so off to school they went! Hopefully when they get home this afternoon there will still be snow on the ground!

When Breigh went out to do her morning business she wasn't too sure of the snow, it took some time before she would go off the driveway onto the lawn but once she braved the cold white snow I couldn't get her to come back in the house LOL Maybe she will go out and have fun with the kids later this afternoon. :0)

I spent the morning getting some cleaning done and will try to get some rest with Blake before going to work at 3pm things are getting busy and I have been picking up quite a few extra hours which will make for a nice last pay check before Christmas!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my God, where have I been, I didn't realize until I looked at my last post that I hadn't updated this blog or probably my other in that matter since Monday. What a week. I have been working non stop and am now working into overtime hours at work. My next pay check (and last before Christmas) should be a good one but I am looking forward to the break from work over the Christmas holidays!
Well now, on Wednesday I spent the morning baking cookies with Blake (and they are sooooo goood) but we didn't have enough time to put the icing on and we still needing some ingredients at the grocery store. So yesterday before heading off to work Blake helped me put the icing and sprinkles on the cookies so that I could take some to work! I can tell you they didn't last long in there LOL I have a lot more baking planned in the next little while and Jay wants me to try a recipe he got from cooking class at school so chocolate chip cookies will be next on the list. Oh and how can I forget (my fridge and freezer are full) the cookie dough order from Trinity's fundraising came in Wednesday night so we have to get it all delivered and sooooon. I seriously hurt my back Wednesday night getting all the cookie dough organized and carried out to the van and it's only getting worse , not any better GGRRRRRR! I think once I get the kids home from school that will be it for me (well at least until I get called into work for extra hours) but that won't be until the boys are sleeping. Got to love the flexibility with this job! Ok I must go for now

Take care

Monday, December 1, 2008


What a great weekend! My parents came to visit Thursday night and we went none stop the entire time they were here. Friday night Zellers (retail store that hubby manages) had a great midnight madness sale, hubby had to work, my dad stayed home and watched a movie with the boys and I went shopping with my mom, my daughter Trinity and my sister, we were there from 5pm until 10:30pm. My mom wanted to get Trinity a 3 piece luggage set that was on special ($100 for $30) but the catch was there was only 6 sets and the sale only started on the luggage at 8pm so I stood there until 8pm to get the luggage and yes I got one, a purple set at that! We got a lot of shopping done Friday and again Friday night, I tell you when we got back we were more than ready for bed. Saturday the boys had dance classes so my mom got to go watch them dance, Kohl is doing so well with his dancing, my mom made a comment during Kohl's ballet class that he didn't get a turn on the music box in their dance choreography, so I told her that he didn't get to do the music box, he got to do all the girls LOL well that didn't quite come out the way I meant it too but his dance teacher got a laugh... Now what I did mean was that he got to have all the turns twirling and holding the girls hands LOL anyway we all got a laugh. Later that afternoon my sister and her 3 girls plus 2 others came here for a visit. What a house full that was. They didn't stay long with having very tired kids so they headed back to her boyfriends parents house and we went over to visit after supper. It was a great night visiting and lots of laughs. I tell you by the end of another busy night we were all off to bed. My parents left yesterday morning so we got ready and went to the park for our Christmas family pictures. I know that next year we are going to get them done earlier when it's a lot warmer so we can take out time and not look so frooooozen! They didn't turn out too bad :0) I will have more pictures posted on my FAMILY BLOG!!!Come check them out!!!!
This is going to be Another crazy week and I am working almost 40 hours. Christmas is getting closer and the shopping is almost done and I will get some more wrapping done later today (if I don't end up back in bed lol)
Anyway I hope you had a great weekend and I will try to get some blog hopping done!