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Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my God, where have I been, I didn't realize until I looked at my last post that I hadn't updated this blog or probably my other in that matter since Monday. What a week. I have been working non stop and am now working into overtime hours at work. My next pay check (and last before Christmas) should be a good one but I am looking forward to the break from work over the Christmas holidays!
Well now, on Wednesday I spent the morning baking cookies with Blake (and they are sooooo goood) but we didn't have enough time to put the icing on and we still needing some ingredients at the grocery store. So yesterday before heading off to work Blake helped me put the icing and sprinkles on the cookies so that I could take some to work! I can tell you they didn't last long in there LOL I have a lot more baking planned in the next little while and Jay wants me to try a recipe he got from cooking class at school so chocolate chip cookies will be next on the list. Oh and how can I forget (my fridge and freezer are full) the cookie dough order from Trinity's fundraising came in Wednesday night so we have to get it all delivered and sooooon. I seriously hurt my back Wednesday night getting all the cookie dough organized and carried out to the van and it's only getting worse , not any better GGRRRRRR! I think once I get the kids home from school that will be it for me (well at least until I get called into work for extra hours) but that won't be until the boys are sleeping. Got to love the flexibility with this job! Ok I must go for now

Take care


Tammy said...

I'm starting my Christmas baking this weekend.

jenn said...

I love chocolate chip coolies...they are my favorite! Feel free to send some of your my way! lol!

I was beginning to think you forgot about us. It's not like you to go so long between posts. I'm sure the extra money on the paycheck will be worth it, though.

Talk soon.
Love ya!