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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Vacation

I'm getting excited the kids are starting Christmas Vacation this Friday, they will go to school for a 1/2 day and then we will find something interesting to do for the afternoon. I believe I am working in the evening but we will be out getting some shopping finished up in the afternoon. I think hubby and I will get the stocking stuff picked up with a dollar store run on Friday. The kids stockings are done but ours aren't finished up yet so we will take the kids out to get some stuff. The big part of Christmas shopping is all done so that is great. I'm looking forward to a few fun days with the kids before Christmas and we will be going away to visit with family after Christmas for a few days. Merry Christmas to all


jenn said...

I finished yesterday...finally!

Tammy said...

I just have to get the Christmas groceries and I think I'm doing that this weekend.