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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching up on my shows

I took a job last fall that makes me work in the evenings until 1:30am, it works out great for me as it allows me to work around my husbands schedule and be there for the kids after school. The one thing I really miss is sitting down to some of my favorite shows in the evening like Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds and CSI. I recently discovered a great option of using Charter on Demand to see all my favorite shows at alternate times when it is more convenient for me. It isn't just a great option for me but for many people that are too busy to catch their shows when they are on network TV but still want to be up to date. It's great for the kids too, my youngest son started school this year and had a routine that he watched Diego and Elmo back to back but they are on in the morning, now he catches them after school on demand and gets to have some unwinding time after a busy day. If you would like to know more about this service you can learn more at If you are on FaceBook you can also

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween is almost here

This week seems to be going by pretty fast. I work tonight then have tomorrow off and will be spending my time getting things ready and packed for our trip to Amherst and Moncton!!! It's hard to believe that my baby boy will be 5 years old on Sunday, Blake is excited to be planning a birthday party with his friends from school!
Last week was of course another busy week. Trinity had an appointment to have her knee looked at last Tuesday, which now results in a cat scan then probably followed by physiotherapy. Another 3 weeks before we find anything out....
Blake woke up the other night, which I thought was another nose bleed but he had a nightmare.... I not sure which one would have been worse????? As I got him settled in bed beside me I asked him about his nightmare...
Blake said "it was awful... I was being chased"
so I asked "what was chasing you?
....get this....
Blake says "it was a MITTEN!...a mitten with a jack-o-lantern face with glowing snake eyes."
My response,"Oh my that is scary.... (trying not to laugh)
So I asked him what was the mitten trying to do to you...
Blake say's ...... "it was trying to ELIMINATE me!
LOL what a kid LOL
So with that nightmare behind him, life went on. Saturday brought Fundraising with the Church Youth Group (bottle drive) so we spent most of the afternoon helping count the recycling bottle that were collected followed by a pizza party. Later that night we all met at the Sunrise Stables for the yearly Haunted Hay Ride. We all went but Jay...he is smart enough to know when something is too scary for him...and trust me he made the right decision. So the hay ride wasn't all that bad...a few scary moments here and there and Trinity, Kohl and Blake were ok with most of the ride. Well at least until the masked men (monsters) with chain saws came attacking from the dark woods. I thought I was going to have a heart attack... honestly I must say that the kids handled the ride better then I did. Now we weren't just frightened by these chainsaws once, it happened many many times throughout our ride. At first the saw came at us from one side so we would all move to the opposite then as it went around to the other we all piled to the opposite side again... well they got us in the end there were monsters and chainsaws coming at us from both side and up through the middle which left us with no where to go.... I thought I was a goner LOL! (now just to let you know that these chainsaws did not have the chain on them but the sound, vibration along with the mask and light effects were beyond scary... luckily we all survived!
Well that's it for now... Have a great week and we will see most of you on the weekend!

Reunion time Made Easier

It is time for me to start thinking about my High School Reunion, with the way the World is today there is so much more moving done over the years that even the most organized individual will lose contact with some of the people in their lives. Using the helpful program from MyLife allows you to search by name which can save a lot of time. I made a number of inquiries to see how it would work to help me find someone from my past life.I was surprised on how many successful hits the network was able to provide me for my classmates. I was even able to recruit some assitance from Barbara and Heather to help find the remainder of our class . I set them up with MY LIFE too so we can get through the list so much faster. One of the loved ones I am searching for is my cousin (Sandy) that moved away right after High School, we've lost contact over the years and using My Life I wasn't able to find her but I was able to find her sister and make contact with her. It will be a very exciting time next summer when we all get together for the reunion.


A New Face Lift

We did some changes to our daughters and sons room a couple of months ago, the first step was a new paint job as we traded rooms it left Jay in a Purple Room and Trin in a Green Room. We painted them a couple of weeks ago and now we are putting the final touches on the rooms. Today was a cool hand painted border around the ceiling, we will add some molding on the top and bottom of the border next week. Here is a sneak peak of where we are right now.

Asia Pacific Booking Sale

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finding old friends

Everyone has those people in their lives that made a differance in their lives but as time has gone by you have lost contact with them. It is just one of those aspects of life you have to accept, people are so transiant these days with many moves over the course of a lifetime it is so easy to lose contact with people. In this day and age there are so many online ways to re-connect with people from your past. I was a very active swimmer when I was younger but lost touch with my coaches and team mates after I stopped swimming and moved a number of times. Using the new MyLife Service I was able to do searches on a number of my former team mates and coach. My coach had such an incredible influence in my life, teaching me great work ethics and organization skills that I have been able to translate into my everyday life. With the "my life" service I was able to find 3 of my former team mates but unfortunetly I have been unable to find our coach yet. 185
We are now starting to work on a reunion celebration and I am using these connections through My Life to brance hou tand find as many of the old team.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Camera Critter: Sibling Love

We have our 2 dogs, Breigh is about 1 1/2 and Riley is 5 months, they are brother and sister and really spend a lot of time loving each other. They will play and cuddle together and they get along really well together.

Riley recently ( last month) has stopped going outside for the bathroom, he would literally go out and do nothing and then as soon as he was in the house he would do buisness whereever he wanted. It got frustrating so we moved onto to the kennel. We are about 5 days into this and it is working well for him. We are hoping to be able to move on out of the kennel soon if anyone has any good suggestions on how to convince him outside is the way to go we would love to hear about it.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

What would your dream kitchen be?

The one thing I missed about our old house was the kitchen, we had this home built and I loved the new kitchen. When we moved there were not a lot of homes to choose from and we didn't have the time to wait for a new home to be build so we bought and older home. While it is about twice the size of our old home the kitchen is a little dated and I don't like the cabinets. I would love to have a kitchen remodel but we just can't afford it right now. I recently found an opportunity that might allow us to get the kitchen of our dreams. There is a new contest exclusive for Canadian Residents from the makers of Casa di Mama Pizza, you can enter the Dr. Oetker Kitchen Makeover Contest by purchasing specially marked packages to get your PIN number. They also are offering many secondary prizes that can have a major impact on your kitchen, new whirlpool appliances can make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. There is also an opportunity if you haven't already signed up for a Savoury Moments Membership that you can recieve an additional PIN number just for signing up today. What would you do with a new kitchen makeover, don't just dream it enter the contest today, someone will win it might just be you.


Camera Critter Fun

I managed to get some pictures of my shy puppy the other day out in the yard. It took me a while as everytime I caught him in a pretty pose Riley would jump up and run away. He really enjoyed digging holes and chewing sticks from our tree shrubs that we were cutting down. The one picture that I really wanted to get was Riley and Breigh (his sister) fighting over the sticks and a bone they had found. Maybe next time I will be able to get the shot.

I got the shot, after finishing the post I caught them outside when they didn't see me.

The puppies were in their glory we finally cut down the old apple tree in the back yard. The trunk had developed a large crack in it and we were worried it would fall and do damage. The dogs loved it because it left them with a never ending supply of Apple twigs to chew on. Of course they are just as bad as the kids because they had a supply but they would fight and growl back and forth over 1 twig.

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Searching for old friends online

Sometimes we all wonder about our younger days and the way things used to be in our lives. It is just a part of life as we grow and things change in our lives we get seperated from the friends we had or possibly the old relationships we experienced. Have you ever found yourself wondering where those people are and if they might be wondering the same things about you. Who might be searching for you online? There is now a online service that can track who is searching for you online and once you are signed up you can see a list of people that have been looking for you. It's an easy service to use you enter your name and age and it gives you a list of people that have searched your profile online. It is a very interesting service to see who is looking for you online. If you are intersted in finding out who searched for you all you have to do is go to to get started on your profile. Once you are signed up you can also use the service to find old classmates from your school days or use one of the many other search criteria.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camera Critter: Apple Sticks

The puppies were in their glory yesterday when we finally cut down the old apple tree in the back yard. The trunk had developed a large crack in it and we were worried it would fall and do damage. The dogs loved it because it left them with a never ending supply of Apple twigs to chew on. Of course they are just as bad as the kids because they had a supply but they would fight and growl back and forth over 1 twig.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Web hosting made easy

Everybody knows how much fun I have with my website and although I haven't had as much time as I would like to spend on it lately with the kids going back to school and projects finishing up around the house I will be working on adding more consistant content everyday. So many people ask me how to get started on their own site and I always have to tell them how easy it really is. The first step is to find a good web hosting service. It is so critical to have an idea what it is you are planning to accomplish and find the best service for you to meet your goals. The site is a very good place to start, they review all the top web hosting services and gives you a very detailed breakdown of the features each of those services offers.145 Whether you are a beginner or not you will find a lot of benefits in using this site. It provides a quick comparison of price, space, traffic limitations as well as a list of bonus features that are provided by the service. Personally I do a lot of communicating through my family blog to update family on all our activities, if you are interested in starting a blog of your own you should check out the best blog hosting providers to get a better idea of what providers would be best suited to blogging. I find blogging to be a lot of fun and a great to virtually scrapbook my families daily adventures.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is really here

Although it has been fall for a week now it has still been fairly warm out. It finally hit today and as it is now October 1st I can really say that it is fall. I will soon be reaching for the heaters at night to keep the house warm. One great thing I look forward to this time of year is all the fresh vegetables that are available...yummy.