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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween is almost here

This week seems to be going by pretty fast. I work tonight then have tomorrow off and will be spending my time getting things ready and packed for our trip to Amherst and Moncton!!! It's hard to believe that my baby boy will be 5 years old on Sunday, Blake is excited to be planning a birthday party with his friends from school!
Last week was of course another busy week. Trinity had an appointment to have her knee looked at last Tuesday, which now results in a cat scan then probably followed by physiotherapy. Another 3 weeks before we find anything out....
Blake woke up the other night, which I thought was another nose bleed but he had a nightmare.... I not sure which one would have been worse????? As I got him settled in bed beside me I asked him about his nightmare...
Blake said "it was awful... I was being chased"
so I asked "what was chasing you?
....get this....
Blake says "it was a MITTEN!...a mitten with a jack-o-lantern face with glowing snake eyes."
My response,"Oh my that is scary.... (trying not to laugh)
So I asked him what was the mitten trying to do to you...
Blake say's ...... "it was trying to ELIMINATE me!
LOL what a kid LOL
So with that nightmare behind him, life went on. Saturday brought Fundraising with the Church Youth Group (bottle drive) so we spent most of the afternoon helping count the recycling bottle that were collected followed by a pizza party. Later that night we all met at the Sunrise Stables for the yearly Haunted Hay Ride. We all went but Jay...he is smart enough to know when something is too scary for him...and trust me he made the right decision. So the hay ride wasn't all that bad...a few scary moments here and there and Trinity, Kohl and Blake were ok with most of the ride. Well at least until the masked men (monsters) with chain saws came attacking from the dark woods. I thought I was going to have a heart attack... honestly I must say that the kids handled the ride better then I did. Now we weren't just frightened by these chainsaws once, it happened many many times throughout our ride. At first the saw came at us from one side so we would all move to the opposite then as it went around to the other we all piled to the opposite side again... well they got us in the end there were monsters and chainsaws coming at us from both side and up through the middle which left us with no where to go.... I thought I was a goner LOL! (now just to let you know that these chainsaws did not have the chain on them but the sound, vibration along with the mask and light effects were beyond scary... luckily we all survived!
Well that's it for now... Have a great week and we will see most of you on the weekend!

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