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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Auto Repair Plan

I would have to say for sure I am not a great car person, I know how to put gas in and I know you need to get your oil changed and tires rotated but that is about it. I hate taking my Honda Civic into the local shop because I'm always worried that they are going to take advantage of me and charge me too much just because I don't know the in's and out's of vehical repair.

I remember what happened to break me finally so I needed to find help when it came to fixing my car. I had some smoking issues and when I took the car into get checked I was told it was my Head Gasket and that it was going to cost me a lot to get it fixed. A friend that was sitting in the shop waiting with me mentioned I should try out a website "RepairPal" to make sure I wasn't getting gauged by the shop. Repair Pal will help you from it's valuable database that knows how much parts and labor should cost for a wide variety of repairs. It was fantasic and I was even able to print out what it should cost me and I was able to take it in with me and show them that they were charging too much. I got the work done for $200 less than what I was originally quoted.
Repair pal is available for a wide variety of areas and if you find yourself in need of Los Angeles auto repair you can check out the site to see how they can help you out.

Time to move

The weekend we have been waiting for has finally arrived, it's moving weekend. We are not moving because we want to but because we have to but we are going to make the best of the situation and have been working hard getting our new place ready. The moving truck is out front and tommorrow we start loading it up, we will have lots of help on the other end to unload but this end it's a little light so hopefully we can get things loaded ok. Wish us luck.