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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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Finally we are back home from trick or treating and with many pillow cases full of treats. The kids really enjoyed themselves this year and we got to meet lots of wonderful people around our neighborhood. It was a great way to get to introduce ourselves to the area and they just loved the kids. Most houses we went to I had to leave Matt and Blake behind and go on ahead with the other 3 kids. Blake liked to make himself at home at every one's house and carried on many and I mean many conversations. He was so adorable. So now being 9:00pm, the kids are eating their supper and heading off to bed. We had such a great time at the last house we went to that we lost track of time and after visiting for a little over an hour we got the kids home. Fireworks have been going off here since 6:00pm and no signs of them stopping any time soon. We were told about how big fireworks would be tonight, but I never imagined they would go on this long.
It was a great night now I have to go tuck my little ones in bed :0)

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No not really, I was talking about the kids. They woke up this morning full of excitement that Halloween is finally here but first I had to get them off to school and I will meet them at lunch time with their costumes. I will be helping out Kohl class with getting ready for their Halloween party and without a doubt I will be taking pictures for his teacher. I am in for a busy afternoon.

Any of you out there wondering how I made out last night (early this morning)?....LOL I did manage to get a bit of sleep on the couch in the living room which is only a few feet from my desk and curled up under my blanket and finally fell asleep. It was a bit chilly but I wasn't getting up for anything not even to check ppp, well that one didn't pay off I missed a $20 opportunity, OOOOOPs! All is well now the house is well lit and I seem to have things under control.

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As most of you already know that I have been posting on my blog to vote for my friend Kim who has entered a scrapbook contest and would really love to win the first prize package, well today is the last day that you will be able to vote for Kim. I know if we all just vote this last time it could make a difference and maybe put her in the lead.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for Kim, I know she really appreciates your help. Let's give it one more try :0)


Well I guess it's officially Halloween! I am still sitting at the computer at 2:30am to be honest with you I think I am too scared to leave the computer room to go to bed. The house is in total darkness and I am down stairs by myself. I was browsing some of my favorite blogs when I came across a post that was talking about different fears and it sent chills up my spine and paralized me with fear. One of my fears is to look out my window and having someone stairing back at me and the other is to have someone jump out or grab onto me. So if reading her post and scaring myself wasn't bad enough.....a few minutes ago my door bell rang, my heart is now pounding in my chest and my muscles are all tight. I am having trouble trying to figure out how to get up to my bedroom to hide under my blankets. I know I probably am sounding like a kid right now but you have to admit it is pretty creepy....I will let you know how the night goes LOL


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Personalized Wedding Favors

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Talk about waiting until the last minute to get the pumpkin carved and squeezing in the time wasn't easy either with my husband working tonight. He called early this evening telling me he was coming home for supper, "well forget supper honey, we have a pumpkin to carve" was my first thought. The kids were excited to finally get to carve the pumpkin and this year Jay (11 years) got to design the scary face to be carved. He was so proud to take my place with the designing. They all got their hands in there scooping out the pumpkin guts as they call it and loved every minute of it except for Blake, he was making disgusting faces at it. They all took turns pocking out the eyes, nose and mouth until they got the finished result. Once again this year his name is Jack...time for a new name kids LOL


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Well here it is the furnace has been repaired and it only ended up costing us $150 not the original quote of $600-800. God does answer prayer. So we will send off the report to our insurance company and hope that they don't need or want anything else done. Now I can get back to concentrating on my Christmas shopping. It's just too bad I can't get the shopping done that cheap LOL


We all spend or have spent so much of our time wanting and waiting for that special someone to share our lives with. I can remember quite well what it was like for me, I had all these dreams of what Mr. Right would be like and dreams of my wedding day were always going through my head. Then finally I found the man of my dreams. I knew from the first time I saw him that he would be the one I would marry and spend the rest of my life with. His eyes, his smile and yes even his butt all had me drawn to him.We talked for a month or so and then he swept me off my feet. He was such a romantic, he always left me love song ready in the CD player waiting for me when I got home from work and I was always finding romantic poems left for me to find. One of the things that I really appreciated about him was the fact that he was more than willing to be there for my son who was 6 months old at the time. He was so loving and caring towards him and I wasn't about to let him get away. We have been married now for 6 years and have four amazing children.

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So we celebrated Blake's 3rd birthday on Saturday with a family Halloween party! All the kids showed up in their costumes and had a really great time. My mom put out her Halloween costume box just in case someone forgot to wear their costume and the kids and a great time trying on different costumes, even my aunt got in on the fun. They kept so busy doing that and coloring the Halloween coloring sheets that we didn't have time to play the party games. They had fun and that's all that matters :0) The costumes stayed on until the end, they enjoyed the hot dogs and fries and not one piece of cake was left over. This year Blake decided he wanted to read his own birthday cards, it was so cute, he loved all his gifts and he made is speech at the end of the party thanking everyone for coming.

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While on our drive back home to Cape Breton yesterday the weather was a bit unpredictable, with the sun, the clouds, the rain and yes mixed with the rain in some areas was wet snow. didn't last long but the kids got pretty excited and spent the trip home looking and hoping for snow. I am happy to say that when we arrived home the sun was shinning and it did not snow! Today is definitely cold enough for snow. BRRRRRRRRR :0(


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I am honored to be giving such great awards from Tammy at Mom Knows Everything. What a great start to my week...

My first award is the Wonder Woman Award and after the busy weekend I just pulled off being away, visiting and hosting a birthday party. This award couldn't have come at a better time, I spent the weekend WONDERING what the heck I got myself into, it was so busy my head was spinning and it's just starting to slow down now LOL

And my second award is the Community Blogger Award! I am so happy to be part of such a great Blogging Community. Everyone I have met is just amazing!

Now I get to pass along these great awards to other deserving they are:

*Anne from My Virtual Journal
*Jocelyn from Hip Mama Blog
*Suzanne from Miss Kitty Fantastico
*And Matt from The Males Perspective, I will pass along the Community Blogger Award .... The Wonder Woman Award just doesn't seem to fit LOL!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Here we are getting ready for the holiday season and with this brings the Christmas shopping. This year don't let yourself get stressed over the cost of buying gifts, it is made a little easier with and great online coupons . These savings will allow you to get more for your money. Couponchief provides a one stop coupon deal and resource and providing up to date coupon codes, promotional deals and discounts for online shopping.

I am almost finished my Christmas shopping and will spend the next couple of weeks getting it finished. Best Buy has a number of great coupon deals that will save me money on digital cameras and MP3 players for my older two children and with the online savings with Target I will take advantage and get the end of my shopping finished and will have time to enjoy the holiday season.


I am looking forward to getting things back on track with the kids and with blogging...I have missed visiting everyone's blog and have a lot of catching up to do. I am exhausted and so are the kids. They have been in bed for quite a while now and I am finishing things up here and heading off to bed myself.


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Yes this was an exciting weekend for me with visiting with my family and all but checking my page rank and finding out it went up to a page rank of 3 was the icing on the cake! I guess all that hard work paid off and with my new page rank I now have a list of opportunities to choose from and will no doubt keep me hard at work. What a great feeling. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit my blogs. So I am back home from our weekend and looking forward to a great week.


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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend with my family. I have missed out on so much, with two of my cousins getting married in the past few weeks and all the little nieces and nephews are growing up so fast. My newest niece Alexis is already walking and will be turning one in December. Where does the time go. The last time I saw her she was just starting to sit up now she is on the go. I am looking forward to seeing them all this afternoon and spending some time with them. Tonight is an adult night out....yippeee! We are going out to my favorite Chinese all you can eat buffet. MMM. Then we will sit around and have adult conversations. I just have to find a sitter first...:0)


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Well this is the big day. Blake is getting ready to celebrate his 3rd birthday with a Halloween family party. Blake just left with his daddy and Papa to go get the last few party supplies that we forgot. The house is looking spooky and the excitement is building. Looking forward to getting lots of fun pictures of the kids.
Once I get my computer work finished I will be good to go!

Friday, October 26, 2007


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I would like to wish Tammy from Mom Knows Everything a very Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day's all about you :0) What are are you planning on doing on your special day...relax, blog, party. Do you have any plans on going out or do you celebrate with you family.
No one can celebrate their birthday with being sung HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So here it goes...this is for you Tammy:
Have a great Tammy, I will be thinking of you throughout the day :0)


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With the kids home today because there is no school how on earth am I going to get anything packed to go away? I know they are very excited but without packing we can't get on the road and I still have 2 ppp opps to get done. How about some help here kidos! All right I know it's not that bad I just panic every time I have to do this for some reason...LOL Thank G-d Matt is getting off work early so I can get the van packed. It's still early so I have lots of time, I just have to get off the computer and get it done.

Note to myself...check list LOL I can't do anything without one.

  1. feed the kids....ooops
  2. get off the computer
  3. clean the house
  4. get too!
  5. pack
  6. find Halloween costumes for party
  7. remember to pick up cake
  8. wrap birthday presents
  9. cut boys hair....Matt's too
  10. camera...don't leave home without it!

O.K that's enough to get me going. Up and at it....


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Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a great way to end the day....and a great day it was!


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Wow, the time has finally come that we are going to make the journey back home (five hour drive) to visit with our family. Before we moved we would visit every second weekend but now with the longer drive we plan our trips a little more carefully. So here we go, this is going to be the weekend to visit and while we are there we will be celebrating Blake's 3rd birthday with a Halloween party with all the family. It will be a great time and a great way to visit a lot of the family at once. I am so looking forward to our visit and so are the kids, they are running around the house gathering the things they will be wanting for the trip and the things Nana and Papa forgot last time they were here visiting. I guess I should go get some things packed before they leave me behind. LOL


With turning our built on garage into additional living space in our home, we will be needing a smaller garage or shed put in the back yard for some extra storage. This is when I found myself looking at some fantastic sheds and garages from Lidget Concrete Garages. Lidget Concrete Garages is a long established company and are renowned through the industry and have built up a reputation for quality build and customer satisfaction.

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Our daughter Trinity is in the second grade and had to do send Flat Stanley on an adventure. Well her dad wanted to do something special for her so he took Flat Stanley to work with him for the day. I tell you those two can sure get themselves into trouble....LOL Matt took Stanley to work yesterday and typed up their adventure and emailed it to me to look at...from Matt's story I had a great idea to turn it into a story book adventure. Trinity was pretty impressed with this and couldn't wait to get to school and show her teacher.

I thought I would share this Flat Stanley adventure with you....we had fun putting it all together:0) It's a little rough, we were up late getting it done :0)
Trinity's Flat Stanley arrived at 556 Main Street one cool fall morning. Always searching for adventure Stanley decided to go to work at the local store with Trinity's dad for a day to see what mischief he could get into.

Upon arriving at work we got an eerie feeling that it would be a mysterious day for sure. We began by putting the key in the door, but for some strange reason it wouldn't open, sometimes the lock can be a bit stubborn but today it wouldn't budge, not one bit. This was strange I thought, it was sure lucky that Stanley was here today because without a blink of an eye, he quickly jumped out of my jacket pocket and slid under the crack in the door. He jumped up onto the candy machine at the front door so he could reach the lock-switch on the inside of the door and quickly got us in.
Around the door we saw a trail of crumbs leading down to my office, this was peculiar because the floor is always swept at night. We walked back to the office so we could get a start to the day but when I went to get my name badge out of my desk drawer I realized that is was locked and I couldn't find my key anywhere, I wonder where it went? Stanley wanting to help again was able to slide through into my drawer and get it open it was great to have him here. Looking through my drawer I couldn't find my badge anywhere, weird I left it there I was sure last night, all that was there was a fluff of fur.
Stanley was feeling there was more to this mystery than meet the eye he was trying to put the pieces together and find out what was causing this mischief. Stanley and I decided to continue on our day, we were working on Halloween displays today, this make Stanley nervous as it was spooky seeing all the Halloween decorations and scary music playing. Stanley was walking down the aisle filled with Halloween treats and suddenly he heard a rustling sound coming from the end of the aisle, he rushed down to see what was going on.
He found little bits of paper all ripped up on the floor, strange he thought, what could be leaving crumbs by the door, fur in the desk and bits of paper on the floor? Looking up on the shelf he saw where the paper had come from, there is a hole in the box of cheesy chips. Stanley was starting to figure things out, he looked behind the chips and what did he find?
...........SNUCK..........BOOM.............BANG! Out fell a furry little creature, he stood up on his hind legs and spoke to Stanley. "Stanley, funny to see you here, how are you doing? It's Sam Mousetache, your old friend." Stanley said, "I had a feeling it was you, it all makes sense now, the trail of clues led us straight to you."
Sam began to tell his story, "I smelled the most delicious smell and I just couldn't resist it, so I snuck in last night as they were closing the doors." "When things got quiet I snuck a few crackers from the restaurant, I was cold so the heart from the kitchen warmed me up, I didn't want anyone to disturb me so I snuck some gum into the lock up front so it would be hard to get in, you probably saw my crumbs." After I was done I snuck down to the office and got the bosses badge pass so I could open up the locks, I saw this shiny key on his desk and thought I might need it for something. When I was crawling out of the drawer, I caught my back and pulled out some of my fur." "Then I followed my nose down here to the delicious cheesy smell and you found me."

"Well Sam I guess that solves the mystery, let's go snack on these cheesies, clean up your mess and then I'll head back to Trinity's house to get ready for my next adventure...where will it bring me....we will have to see?


I have put it off as long as I could but now it is time to start looking into getting the kids some good Quality Oak Beds. This search has led me to a great site that is a UK based bed company which currently specializes in leather beds and just recently launched a new collection of Quality Oak Beds. With their collection of oak bed frames you will find the beauty from the contemporary platform bed to high end foot end oak beds, from light oak to a rich deep dark oak finish. With their huge bed frame collection you're sure to find a bed that best suits your need. With all that said now it's time 4 sleep.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This picture was sent to me this morning from my aunt. Isn't it amazing! I love it :0) Can you imagine the time that would have been put into this...


When visiting Europe you will want to experience the fun and excitement of staying at pleasure Beach. Not only does Pleasure Beach have its very ow railway station it has the oldest theme park in the world with Europe's fastest and tallest roller coaster, The Big Pepsi Max One. Yes this all sounds exciting but how are the accommodations. When looking into Blackpool Hotels you should really consider The Big Blue Hotel. This is a unique hotel that is located at the south entrance of Pleasure Beach and consists of 157 very beautifully designed rooms and the over sized space give you a totally contemporary feel whether you are there for business or pleasure. The Big Blue Hotel is located just 5 minutes from Blackpool airport and offers a great view of the Promenade. The Big Blue Hotel is definitely a hotel I would recommend to anyone visiting Pleasure Beach, it is convenient and you will without a doubt enjoy your stay.

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With one week left until Halloween night and need to make sure that all my kids have everything they need. Even though they all have their costumes they are still changing their minds on what they want to be...they change their minds like they change their socks and yes that is every day LOL well guess what kids? Your costumes are picked so put on your smiley faces and get ready to trick or treat!


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Looking for the best singles scene in Atlanta on a Tuesday night? The best comedy on New York's Upper West Side on a Sunday night? You'll find it on, thanks to original content provided by the website's nationwide network of night owls. It's all neatly packaged in a sharp, user-friendly site.

``We started because we were tired of all the clutter and nonsense on the Internet,'' said Paul Broft, the Atlanta-based CEO of ``We knew we had a network of like-minded people around the country, and even the world, and that there had to be a formula that could work.''

One of the five co-founders of Sneaky Sunday is Atlanta's own Dean Roland, guitarist for the multi-platinum rock band Collective Soul. ``Sneaky Sunday is a logical extension of my travels touring with the band for over a decade and it's something I wish had been around long before,'' said Roland. ``Our mission now is not only to grow the service, but also to preserve the integrity of the site and its content as we attempt to revolutionize the way people get access to high-quality unbiased, uncensored recommendations and information.'' launched with 20 cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Jacksonville, Los Angeles (Westside), Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York (Upper Westside), Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Providence, Raleigh, San Antonio, Tampa and Washington DC. Sneaky Sunday plans to unveil an additional 25 cities by the end of October and international content in 2008.

For additional information, visit or contact co-founder Christopher Tuff at or (678) 431-9624. promises: whatever you're into, it's going on tonight, and we'll help you find it.


Sneaky Sunday
Christopher Tuff
(678) 431-9624


I can sure tell you all that
most of my morning are filled with lots of fun with Blake around and do you think I can keep my house clean...forget it. After the cereal was spilled all over the family room floor and was somewhat cleaned up Blake thought it would be a great idea to once again turn my couch into his little cabin. Yah, sure he's having fun but when you have a cabin mess to clean up in almost every room it gets to be too much. Hey who needs toys in this house. As long as my kids are building cabins around here nothing else seems to matter. So even though I am stuck cleaning up the mess they are having a great time building and creating their cabins. I was pretty impressed with the one Blake made today...he was able to crawl in it without it falling in on him...Great job buddie:0) Your brothers will be jealous!


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My good friend Kim who got me interesting in the world of blogging has asked me for some help in getter her some votes for a scrapbooking contest that she has entered. I know that this prize would mean the world to Kim if she wins and with all your help I'm sure we can keep her in the lead. The contest goes on until the end of October so you all have lots of time to vote...and better yet you can vote for Kim more than once. Help me help out a friend.
You are the best! Thanks

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A great and exciting them park is just waiting for your enjoyment. Let me tell you about the oldest theme park which is in Blackpool U.K. and is also one of the UK's biggest tourist attractions with the worlds best rides, The Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion and Big Dipper are all world famous rides and attract 6 million visitors each year?

The Pleasure Beach Theme Park not only has great rides, but when looking for a great Blackpool Restaurant is easy with over 35 restaurants and cafes offering a choice of foods from pizza and pasta at the Italian Job to enjoying a burger at the largest Burger King restaurant in the UK.

There is so much to do and see at Pleasure Beach. Enjoy the excitement of the rides and shows, then sit back and enjoy some fine dinning. Sounds great to me, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for some fun and thrilling rides then book your trip and get ready to turn your world upside down.


In an earlier post I mentioned that we needed to get some repairs done to the furnace for the insurance company and we were first quoted $800 for the repairs with labor. Well you could only imagine what kind of mood that put me in...GRRR! Anyway we had another technician in tonight and he quoted us $150 with supplies and labor and said it wouldn't be a big job. What a difference. So my husband is making the arrangements with him as I sit here at the computer. Let's just hope this isn't one of those too good to be true moments. Yes he can do the work that cheap but the big question is will he be able to issue us the certificate that we need? I will keep my fingers crossed.

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This is just an update to let all you great blogging friends out there that are voting for Kim know that unfortunately she has fallen behind by four votes. I am sure if we all pull together she will come out in the lead once again and be on her way to a great scrapbook kit prize that she would love to win!
Kim got my vote today! Did she get yours? The contest ends October 31st.

Visual Poetry -


If you are already a member of Pay Per Post and even if you aren't then get ready for the biggest thing to hit blogging since Pay per post. Argus is coming! If you don't already now this then I will explain. Payperpost is getting ready to launch Argus into private alpha at So what is Argus you are probably wondering?

Argus just isn't an upgrade to but it's a completely new concept that is a different approach than their current site. Argus is so much more than sponsored posts, with a whole new way for bloggers and advertisers to interact. If you are a current payperpost user you will find the layout of this new site to be completely different with new rules and changes to increase the value the platform can provide. Argus will be launched under a new name and domain.

You are probably as worried as I was about payperpost and it's future but it's not going anywhere. You will still be able to take opportunities like always and once the new sit is open all existing PPP members will have e a chance to go with Argus before it goes live to the public. I am looking forward to this new change and i am sure it will bring great opportunities to the advertising and blogging community. Get ready for the exciting launch of Argus for great and new opportunities for the future. Are you getting excited? I know I am!