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Friday, October 19, 2007


Good morning everyone and a good morning it is turning out to be (not with PPP). The sun is shinning and I am getting ready to go SHOPPING! Matt is getting off work in an hour and money spending I will go (thanks to PPP).
O.k. now back to the reason I am posting I was saying "How does she do it?" I am referring to my friend Kim. She is the one who got me started with blogging and I now have two blogs on the go and I am finding it hard to come up with different things to talk about but Kim I can't even begin to tell you how many blogs she has on the go....8 maybe? I know she has more than a hand full. Today she started another one, yes another one LOL! Although it is new there aren't a lot of post on it but I'm sure if this one is anything like her others it will be awesome! Here she tells the truth...and nothing but the truth! I am looking forward to visiting her new blog ...And That's The Truth.... and will be adding it to my list of favorite blogs.

Remember...Kim has entered a contest and really would appreciate your vote! Help her out by clicking Here!
Thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

What a girl. LOL I only have SEVEN. LOL But, this latest one (hopefully will replace a couple) then I will be down to five. Oh, what fun!!

Jocelyn said...

Man, I can't even keep up with my 3 blogs..2 are the ones mostly active and my other one personal blog, I'll be lucky if I can post once a week.
Kudos to your friend Kim for keeping up with 7! :)