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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Travelling is something I would love to do and will be doing in the future. I have a list of places that I would love to visit and I'm looking into the different options I have. The attractions to see and the cheapest rates on Hotels would be a help. One of the places I would love to visit and is near the top of my travelling list is Spain but to be more specific Barcelona and Madrid. Fortunately with my daughter's dance convention coming here, two dancers will be chosen to dance in Spain and this has me looking into things a little more with the excitement of the possibility of taking her.

Barcelona would be my first choice to visit and while looking into Hotels in Barcelona or Hoteles en Barcelona, I also came across some general information that was of some help and heightened my excitement. Barcelona is an open aired museum this way the traveller will get to know the many faces of the city. Barcelona has great family activities which include an impressed array of beaches around the city and modern infrastructures at the service of the visitor. There is so much to see and discover while visiting Barcelona.

Maybe you are planning on visiting Madrid. Madrid is Spain's Capital, it's a cosmopolitan city where visitors and residents can enjoy the sun, go for walks or just feed the squirrels in Madrid's large parks and gardens. There is fun for children all year round, enjoy some time at the Zoo-aquarium as well as in the Faunia Theme Park. Visit one of the most spectacular Madrid's Amusement Parks and the Warner Bros-Madrid Theme Park. After checking into one of the Hotels in Madrid there are lots of adventures in Madrid just waiting for you.

Barcelona, Spain

Madrid, Spain

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