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Monday, October 22, 2007


With have only the one girl and three boys, poor Trinity finds it pretty frustrating at times when she doesn't have a girl to play Barbies and Bratz with. Yesterday was a quiet day with the weather not nice at all. It rained and was windy and cold and her friend wasn't able to come over and play with her so after watching the poor little thing wondering around the house looking sad and lonely my husband went up stairs with her and helped her get her Barbie dolls dressed and played Barbies for quite some time. I think he was really enjoying himself. I know Trinity really appreciate him doing this for her.


texas_sweetie said...

Hay Carrie,thanks for the visit.firstly,I already voted she's winning huh.

secondly, lucky you for u finished your opps on PPP early today.I still have to sit here and wait for them.i only got 2 this morning lol..

thirdly,wow quality and bonding time with dad and daughter..such a sweet pic of nice...tell ur hubby i admire him taking his time playing with his daughter...

Petula Wright said...

That's so sweet!