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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Our daughter Trinity is in the second grade and had to do send Flat Stanley on an adventure. Well her dad wanted to do something special for her so he took Flat Stanley to work with him for the day. I tell you those two can sure get themselves into trouble....LOL Matt took Stanley to work yesterday and typed up their adventure and emailed it to me to look at...from Matt's story I had a great idea to turn it into a story book adventure. Trinity was pretty impressed with this and couldn't wait to get to school and show her teacher.

I thought I would share this Flat Stanley adventure with you....we had fun putting it all together:0) It's a little rough, we were up late getting it done :0)
Trinity's Flat Stanley arrived at 556 Main Street one cool fall morning. Always searching for adventure Stanley decided to go to work at the local store with Trinity's dad for a day to see what mischief he could get into.

Upon arriving at work we got an eerie feeling that it would be a mysterious day for sure. We began by putting the key in the door, but for some strange reason it wouldn't open, sometimes the lock can be a bit stubborn but today it wouldn't budge, not one bit. This was strange I thought, it was sure lucky that Stanley was here today because without a blink of an eye, he quickly jumped out of my jacket pocket and slid under the crack in the door. He jumped up onto the candy machine at the front door so he could reach the lock-switch on the inside of the door and quickly got us in.
Around the door we saw a trail of crumbs leading down to my office, this was peculiar because the floor is always swept at night. We walked back to the office so we could get a start to the day but when I went to get my name badge out of my desk drawer I realized that is was locked and I couldn't find my key anywhere, I wonder where it went? Stanley wanting to help again was able to slide through into my drawer and get it open it was great to have him here. Looking through my drawer I couldn't find my badge anywhere, weird I left it there I was sure last night, all that was there was a fluff of fur.
Stanley was feeling there was more to this mystery than meet the eye he was trying to put the pieces together and find out what was causing this mischief. Stanley and I decided to continue on our day, we were working on Halloween displays today, this make Stanley nervous as it was spooky seeing all the Halloween decorations and scary music playing. Stanley was walking down the aisle filled with Halloween treats and suddenly he heard a rustling sound coming from the end of the aisle, he rushed down to see what was going on.
He found little bits of paper all ripped up on the floor, strange he thought, what could be leaving crumbs by the door, fur in the desk and bits of paper on the floor? Looking up on the shelf he saw where the paper had come from, there is a hole in the box of cheesy chips. Stanley was starting to figure things out, he looked behind the chips and what did he find?
...........SNUCK..........BOOM.............BANG! Out fell a furry little creature, he stood up on his hind legs and spoke to Stanley. "Stanley, funny to see you here, how are you doing? It's Sam Mousetache, your old friend." Stanley said, "I had a feeling it was you, it all makes sense now, the trail of clues led us straight to you."
Sam began to tell his story, "I smelled the most delicious smell and I just couldn't resist it, so I snuck in last night as they were closing the doors." "When things got quiet I snuck a few crackers from the restaurant, I was cold so the heart from the kitchen warmed me up, I didn't want anyone to disturb me so I snuck some gum into the lock up front so it would be hard to get in, you probably saw my crumbs." After I was done I snuck down to the office and got the bosses badge pass so I could open up the locks, I saw this shiny key on his desk and thought I might need it for something. When I was crawling out of the drawer, I caught my back and pulled out some of my fur." "Then I followed my nose down here to the delicious cheesy smell and you found me."

"Well Sam I guess that solves the mystery, let's go snack on these cheesies, clean up your mess and then I'll head back to Trinity's house to get ready for my next adventure...where will it bring me....we will have to see?

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