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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Wow, the time has finally come that we are going to make the journey back home (five hour drive) to visit with our family. Before we moved we would visit every second weekend but now with the longer drive we plan our trips a little more carefully. So here we go, this is going to be the weekend to visit and while we are there we will be celebrating Blake's 3rd birthday with a Halloween party with all the family. It will be a great time and a great way to visit a lot of the family at once. I am so looking forward to our visit and so are the kids, they are running around the house gathering the things they will be wanting for the trip and the things Nana and Papa forgot last time they were here visiting. I guess I should go get some things packed before they leave me behind. LOL


Misty Dawn said...

I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time!!!

By the way, I've already added both of your blogs to my "Regularly Visited" :-)

Carrie Smith said...

Thanks..I've just added yours :0)