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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have been tagged by Tammy from Mom Knows Everything to do a " 5 things about me MEME! So here it goes.....and I will try not to bore you with the details LOL!
  1. First of all my life revolves aroun my 4 amazing children! That's the way it should be right!? :)
  2. Righ now I am trying to lose some weight...not a lot just the 5-10 pounds :( I put on with moving this summer. ( the company paid for all our meals for a week so we ate well - I love take out!)
  3. I live 5 hours away from all our family and friends. It can get pretty lonesome at times (holidays)
  4. With Christmas sneaking up on us...some of you already know how much I love decorating for Christmas! (day after rememberance/veterans day in respect for them) if not I would have already started!
  5. If I don't get my 3 PPP opps for the day I go crazy! Really! Just ask my husband and son or the other kids for that matter...(getting opportunities has become a family thing now...they all take care of me :) and with us working together I'm bound to catch a few opps!

Well now wasn't that I will pass this along to 3 others to share in the fun!

Get've just been tagged!

  1. Matt - The Males Perspective
  2. Jocelyn - Hip Mama Blog
  3. Anne - Virtual Journal


texas_sweetie said...

haha same here Carrie..even when we go out with my husband,can't concentrate with it because my mind is always on PPP..really makes me insane too was ur ppp today? me i missed lotta big offers grrr and it cuts my heart..ok I am going to get ur tag now but gonna post it tomorrow for interim post.. see u

Jocelyn said...

Hey Carrie..I'm trying to lose some weight too, just liek you. Maybe we could motivate each other. :)
BTW, thank you for tagging me again, I have posted mine too..check it out when you get a chance. :)

Carrie Smith said...

Thank you both for doing the meme tag...I will check them out...

Anne yesterday was o.k. however I did miss some really good one. Didn't get my three done, just two! :0)

Jocelyn I hope you have better luck with your weight loss, I just can't seem to get the weight off, Last time I lost weight is just melted away but this time G-d help me but I do have to admit that I lost 3-4 pounds in the past week or two. Will I keep it off? Darn Thyroid :0(