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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


No not really, I was talking about the kids. They woke up this morning full of excitement that Halloween is finally here but first I had to get them off to school and I will meet them at lunch time with their costumes. I will be helping out Kohl class with getting ready for their Halloween party and without a doubt I will be taking pictures for his teacher. I am in for a busy afternoon.

Any of you out there wondering how I made out last night (early this morning)?....LOL I did manage to get a bit of sleep on the couch in the living room which is only a few feet from my desk and curled up under my blanket and finally fell asleep. It was a bit chilly but I wasn't getting up for anything not even to check ppp, well that one didn't pay off I missed a $20 opportunity, OOOOOPs! All is well now the house is well lit and I seem to have things under control.

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Anna said...

Glad to hear the boogey man didn't get you!

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