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Friday, October 12, 2007


I came across a post over at Stay at home dad, geek style, where Mike was telling about the different things his little girl Alex does, you know, those "crack up moments" and it got me thinking of all the times I stop and just take in all the funny little things and comments my kids come up with. Each one of my children are very loving and affectionate and they really know how to use this to get what they want, but come on they are just so darn cute, it makes it hard to say no...Yes I know SPOILED! But I can say no!
Kohl my 5 year old, he is our little cuddle monster...every morning when he wakes up he needs a morning cuddle. This is one thing he looks forward to everyday.
Jay he's 11 years old and getting pretty goofy. Just check out his comedy act video clip with his drums at Jabber Jaws to get a better idea of why all I can do is laugh!...
Trinity she is 7 years old and my little princess, being the only girl in all, I think it's so cute and yes funny when she asks her dad to play Bratz babies with her.
Oh and that leaves 3 year old (almost) Blakie and what a character he is...he is a good one to remind me that I can be a "pain in the butt" in his own words. Oh and when it comes to having a shower in this house, good luck going it alone with Blake around, he just loves the shower! Last night when I thought all the kids were in bed I got a surprise visit in the shower. No not my husband LOL It was Blake! He was so excited because he had waited all day fro this...and so was I because I wanted the shower all to myself (maybe someday) but the joy and excitement was to much for me to kick him out. Why does he get so excited to play in the shower? Anyway these are just a few of the "crack up moments" from my life with kids. Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite "crack up moments" or hey you could just do a post about them like I did. Have fun!

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