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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well I guess it's officially Halloween! I am still sitting at the computer at 2:30am to be honest with you I think I am too scared to leave the computer room to go to bed. The house is in total darkness and I am down stairs by myself. I was browsing some of my favorite blogs when I came across a post that was talking about different fears and it sent chills up my spine and paralized me with fear. One of my fears is to look out my window and having someone stairing back at me and the other is to have someone jump out or grab onto me. So if reading her post and scaring myself wasn't bad enough.....a few minutes ago my door bell rang, my heart is now pounding in my chest and my muscles are all tight. I am having trouble trying to figure out how to get up to my bedroom to hide under my blankets. I know I probably am sounding like a kid right now but you have to admit it is pretty creepy....I will let you know how the night goes LOL


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