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Monday, October 15, 2007


We just purchased out home a few months ago and we are now going through the renovation process but with this comes so many decisions. For us we need to stop and consider options that will better increase the value of our home since with my husbands job it comes with quite a few job transfers and selling our home in the future is a strong possibility. We are presently looking into adding onto our home and conservatories seem to be a great trend around here. Conservatories really do make a great addition to a home and will without a doubt increase the value of our home especially for us being so close to the water.

Another thought we were thinking about was a loft conversion but after long debate and talking to the realtor who sold us our house, he had suggested to go with the Conservatory if we really wanted to increase the value of our home. So with a little bit of time and research, I found very helpful information from Conservatory Land. Check out the styles, spec, visit the showcase and choose a conservatory that best suits your house. Maybe build it yourself. Hey why not? it's easier than you think?

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Mattyboy said...

It sure is lot's of fun working on our renovation projects. I can't wait to find out what idea you have next. Although it sometimes seems like we are getting in over our head things always end up looking great. Thanks for your great carpentry assistance.LOL