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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


If you are already a member of Pay Per Post and even if you aren't then get ready for the biggest thing to hit blogging since Pay per post. Argus is coming! If you don't already now this then I will explain. Payperpost is getting ready to launch Argus into private alpha at So what is Argus you are probably wondering?

Argus just isn't an upgrade to but it's a completely new concept that is a different approach than their current site. Argus is so much more than sponsored posts, with a whole new way for bloggers and advertisers to interact. If you are a current payperpost user you will find the layout of this new site to be completely different with new rules and changes to increase the value the platform can provide. Argus will be launched under a new name and domain.

You are probably as worried as I was about payperpost and it's future but it's not going anywhere. You will still be able to take opportunities like always and once the new sit is open all existing PPP members will have e a chance to go with Argus before it goes live to the public. I am looking forward to this new change and i am sure it will bring great opportunities to the advertising and blogging community. Get ready for the exciting launch of Argus for great and new opportunities for the future. Are you getting excited? I know I am!

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