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Friday, October 12, 2007


With moving one of the hardest decisions I had to make was finding the best school for my children. Well with already having a couple of months in at the new school I am happy to report that it's definitely one of the best schools my children have attended. The school spirit and the close relationship between parents and the teaching staff is great, they really make you feel part of the school. Now with this school only being five years old it has many great features and the safety of the children is a top priority.

Today when Kohl my 5 year old son came out of school at the end of the day he was wearing a hat and had a few treats and students were wishing him Happy Birthday....the first thing I was thinking was oh no he's up to his story telling again....but this was not the case, the school celebrated the birthdays from the summer break so that no student in the school would be left out of the birthday celebrations. I thought this was so nice and Kohl was all smiles because of it! So now you kind of get an idea why I am so impressed with this school.

Now on the other hand it's still not perfect and bullying is still an issue and will be at any school you come across. Today with the rain I picked the kids up at school and waited around for Jay who is 11 years, to be dismissed. He didn't see me waiting for him so he headed home. By the time I got through the traffic and got on the main road I had noticed that he ran out onto the street and almost got hit by a car...he's alright but I tell you we headed right back to the school. The reason for him doing this was because of some bullies who chased him out onto the road...I hadn't realized that the bullying from these kids was that bad. But apparently he felt safer running onto the street instead of dealing with them. The school has a zero tolerance for bullying and the principle informed me that just this afternoon they had an assembly with all the students on bullying and because of this there will be disciplinary action taken. The school theme song for the week has been "DON'T LAUGH AT ME" by Brad Paisley , if you get a chance listen to this song, I love it.... Jay was asked to take a stand on bullying and to not let it go any further. Hopefully after Monday things will get better and Jay won't have to deal with these bullies...


Tammy said...

I hope that those bullies get dealt with. A child has enough to deal with growing up that they don't need the added pressure of bullies.

Tony and Annie said...

what a wonderful family you have... a happy family

texas_sweetie said...

hmm bullies are everywhere.just pray your son is always away from harm whenever he's left home to school.

by the way, I got you tagged,hope its ok. just get it on my blog and let me know when u'r done answering coz i want to read what u have to answer...HAPPY WEEKEND CARRIE